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  1. Going through some stuff today, I found my original BC3K map, manual, and key ref card... LOL! Didn't think I still had them. Which means the CD is around here too.. hmm.. ProX
  2. This makes sense.... Planes have adjustable altimeters for 0ft at other than sea level landing altitudes. Jet engines compress and force air. Rocket engines use lbs of thrust against a surface in an atmosphere. Right? So would it be easier in all cases to get any CC or FC or SC to orbit if at higher altitudes to start with? Rockymountains/Cascades/Himalayas/Andes/Alps. ProX
  3. Hmmm... I suppose your right... asking for help on somethings defeats an underlying facet of the game. As you said launchbay power allocation.. I see now how other I have been playing 'rubbish' for years. The linearity of most games is like a movie, w/ push-buttons.. ProX
  4. Hehe.... I too remember that ad... Gawd... forgot about it until it was mentioned. Had BK3K pre-ordered for like almost a year. Had played Krellan Commander up till then... Oh-My.. The Krellan way!! 'Remo Williams' Hmm.... You on EVE:Online Remo?
  5. Mud eh? LOL! That would make sense. I thought it was a bug not a feature... very cool.. CC is heavy, I too have a hard time trying to get FCs out of a planet that would seem to have ALOT of gravity. I would say if you can't get it out w/ AP, then *I* would start over. ProX
  6. After much struggling w/ deploying drones AND picking them up I DID IT! (It was my own rubbish/idiot/unqualified commander use of the game, not the game itself.) If any other n00bs need help w/ this, I will try to help. ProX
  7. tried RC3. Took FC1 to Earth. Tried to go back to space. Angle of attack at +5 degrees, full thrust. FPI started to fall at 15K ft. FC1 started to stall at 16K. Could achieve escape except w/ autopilot on RTB.
  8. LOL! The depth of this , I won't even say 'game,' more like 'training simulation' keeps amazing me.. Thanks guys.
  9. I deployed a drone on a planet via a shuttle. Later, when I sent the shuttle back to retrieve the drone, I gave the shuttle an 'extract drone 1' waypoint after sending it back to the planet surface. The shuttle just hovered over the drone at a high altitude, and would not extract it. Is it because the drone was moving around? Also, anyone give me some ideas on nabbing intruders before they steal my shuttles? I put most of my marines on search duty and put one on each shuttle, but the intruders still make off w/ one or more shuttles. thanks, ProX
  10. I watch it twice a day, need it or not!
  11. I have seen something like this when running UC on a Radeon 7000 card. The layer of the terrain that has the hills and trees is invisible, and the animals and vehicles seem to be moving in the air.
  12. I haven't been around since the first bc3k release, and am just curious if cockpits and asteroid fields have carried over from the original game. Thanks, ProX
  13. Seriously, it was unintentional. I had a shuttle doing waypoints via 'setpoint.' The last was a landing pad at a martian base that I told it land at. When it took off again, it was caught on the landing pad, and was dragging it all over the base like a dog chained to a brick. hehe ProX
  14. That was simply awesome! Has 'Trailer' written all over it. ProX
  15. by *chance* I deployed at the second waypoint. Was nice to see the shuttle set us down, and while looking up, watched it proceed to the next wp. ProX
  16. Every time I start a new game, and send a shuttle down to a planet, it always seems to be night time (dark.) ~22:00 I searched the forums, and found a thread concerning a certain command line extension to enable time compression, however, I don't want to use that particular extension to re-enable the (CTRL+T) function. Can someone tell me how I can start a roam from earth and set a shuttle down in day-time on earth? Do I have to circum-navigate the globe 180 degrees? Thanks, ProX
  17. BTW: I am having a blast w/ the game! Everthing works! ProX
  18. Please don't strike me down to planetfall in a rage of furry from yer MK3s. Am I just not finding the tutorial mentioned in the manual via the career option? Is the tut a WIP or is there one out? tanks, ProX
  19. "I saw Derek Smart making a cool game! I saw Derek Smart standing on a soap thing! Ooo -Eee OO ahah, ching chang walla walla bing bang!" This one gets a gamers elbow and a sore trigger finger up!! If right now I fumpling in the cockpit as a blind man. The book of knowledge will open something much greater for me! *manual time* L8rs! BTW: No Probs. Steady code for what I have done so far, good dx effects, and frames/sec. ProX
  20. Seems like forever since I been to this webpage.. Think it was a 1988 or 1989 issue of Computer gaming world that I first saw BC3K (eh pretty fuzzy at this point.) Didna have internet, so didna take much to get me started, just a few pics and a big article. Supprised to see it in a silver box when I picked up in 96, was it? Yeah, again.. Lovely publishers.. Everyones best friend, pushes product out the door.. A game, however, so far out from the 'mold' that when played, you could just sit there and go 'duh.....' Go anywhere, do anything? Gaming up to then had been a mouse in a maze. Even RPGs like ultima would not allow entire map access w/out progression. BC3K was like really being the commander of a highy advanced arsenal, and everyone listened to your orders. If you didna have a directive (the maze, the mouse just sits there,) and you just did cookies in orbit. If a new genre of game could be created, it should be called, real-time simulation, and BC3K would be its grandpappy =) In about a couple hours, I am going to call EB over at PV mall. I hope they have at least one copy in the store. I am taking a break from eve online and all 'the evil that men do.' Plus I am jonsing fer that 'savegame' button again. If your wondering about buying this product let me just say this: Mankind in space is a technical situation. Being boss of that is not an easy job, but can be rewarding. Can you just jump right in? I couldn't back in 95', and probably not today. If you like simulations and are willing to invest some time into the manual, have a little curiosity for the universe, and some patience, you will have a rewarding experience. Mr. Smart had a great game framework back in the day, and since has the experience to be one of the 'greats.' I, for one, can't wait to see how far it has come this time. I only wish I had Mr. Smart's determination and vision despite others' critisism and banter... Me....
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