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  1. No cockpits is really not much of a problem for me. They would be nice, and given the option I would use them, but as the BC/UC series proves they are not required. I'm much more concerned with wether or not the pirate fighters have those stupid 'Vader Helmet' cockpits still. That was my ONLY gripe with X2, because it turned the Bayamon, my favorite fighter in X-T, into an ugly piece of junk!
  2. Check Egosoft's site: X3 just went gold. Estimated ship date is 28 Oct for the English version. This deserves a woot... woot
  3. Well, the axis is not reversable, however if I wanted to I could change the throttle do a band and assign 0-9 to it. I have the little slider control on the throttle set that way right now, so I can change the governer settings without touching the keyboard.
  4. Ok, something wierd here happing with my X-52's throttle. I hit 9 to set full governer, shove the throttle forward to the stops, and find that my throttle on the HUD is set 0 (flashing). As I start to pull the throttle on controller back, the throttle jumps up to full, then drops off as I slide it back. So I did some experimenting. It would seem, that at the 90-95% point on my throttle, the game seems to think it is zero'd and drops the throttle setting down. Just to rule out the possibility of my throttle slider going bad at the extremes, I went and added dead-zones to the top and bottem 3rd of my throttle's range, so the center third is 0 - 100%. And, even like this, when I get to the new 100% point, the throttle zero's. I've made sure to do a ctrl-alt-J to make sure the in-game calibration is set, and that does not seem to help. I would try updating the stick drivers, only Saitek doesn't have any new ones. Is anyone else with a throttle controller having similar problems, is it a bug, or am I just unlucky? EDIT: Before anyone asks, I did the tests both with an FC, and a CC, and in the CC I tried with engine power at 5 and 10.
  5. I wasn't able to even try to download it until recently. I'll check that out once I get the time to download it. EDIT: Nothing to do with your system, of course. I've had military stuff and ISP problems going on. It's downloading now.
  6. I read the product description, and did not see it mentioned. Now, I know EVERY BC/UC game to date has had a roam mode, and I know that it may be a stupid question, but seeing as it is my favorite feature in the BC/UC games I must ask (and risk a trout beating in the process). Is freeform roam mode included in AWA?
  7. quote:Originally posted by Spindoktor: Whatever happened to that bomb that the Carter administration wanted to develop. The one that just killed people, but left buildings/infrastructure intact? Thats what we need for the Fullujahs of the world. Ahh, here we go Neutron Bombs? I know the theory on them. More a big blast of high-intensity, short half-life radiation that pretty much kills things from radiation poisoning. (I think it's something like 100 years-worth of exposure to Plutonium in the expance of .05 seconds) Dont know if any are opporationally deployed.
  8. Uncle Sucker gave me a 4-day weekend for turkey day...am I going to waste time playing games, or waste time and money buying more stuff for my AK...
  9. It'll all make even more sense when Micro$oft buys out EA, after EA buys out everyone but Lucas Arts...
  10. Damn, and here I thought I found something interesting. Oh well, the email traffic that carried that to me has the name of the Sgt. that originally sent it. I shall take my revenge in him owing me beer!
  11. As I dig around through the news, I find that alot of these islamic groups that are mad at us, use religion as an excuse for hostilities. Well, if they were so big on religion, they should have noticed this from their own bible, The Koran... Chapter 9, Verse 11: For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; and there was peace. Just something that was pointed to me by a coworker, that I thought atleast someone would be interested in. Hopefully noone feels like flaming me for this.
  12. I think most of their creative processes were expended with KOTOR. Either that, or George is slippin with keeping the quality of his licenses in check.
  13. I'm with this Derek on this one. NOE A-6 raiding, tree and squirrel dodging, flak baiting goodness!
  14. I spent the first 20 years of my life in florida, and I swear this is as bad as I've ever seen it, quantity wise... Thank god my family lives in a Cat5 evac area, with a house build back when they gave a shit about home construction.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Kazinar: Any ship is vulnerable for the 10 seconds or so it takes to fully emerge from Hyperspace and start moving. As soon as I hear 'Warning, Acquired' I point the nose of the ship and the incoming attacker and so soon as they emerge from Hyperspace blast them with three or 4 STS missiles and follow up with the main guns.Am I the only one that likes to use crab mines in this situation? Nothing like disposable gun emplacements to ruin someones day.
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