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  1. I bought brand new sealed UCCE from canada (the only place that ships it to Finland) just few weeks ago. Its still unopened because I have other games to play first. But then I read this new info: Just to be sure what exact email am I suppose to show if I bought it using ebay/paypal? Is the paypal receipt enough? Its pretty normal to buy new games from places like ebay. Or do I have to ask a receipt from the canadian seller (its a store that sells in ebay I think)? Does this mean that if I change hardware the game ceases to work? Its just somthing Id like to know before I update my hardware. The UCCE didnt cost full so its still its worth with the manual, map and nice box. If everything fails I could pick up a digital download to replace the disk version if its not more than twenty bucks. Still it would be good to tell others that you propably should not buy this game from ebay even if its new and sealed. I have bought lots of new games through places like ebay (mostly because they were not available anywhere else) and I have never received any original receipts.
  2. Zakhal

    project sylpheed PC?

    You might get more votes by telling more about the game itself first. I have never heard of it and I know pretty much all space games (mostly pc)
  3. Zakhal

    UCCE available boxed in Canada

    There is som person in canada who has several brand new UCCE and is selling them through ebay. I bought one from him few weeks ago. Just search "universal combat" in ebay. Seller is entertainment_center(7873).
  4. Zakhal


    Sounds great! Well finally get to walk inside the ship.
  5. Zakhal

    HR 5405

    Datamining out of the biodata. Racism reborn. Or is it?
  6. Fighter vs Fighter combat Last I played was ears ago but I did try the SE demo and free version recently: 1. Use windows properties to max your roll speed (possible atleast with ms ff2) 2. Press j for jam incoming missiles 3. Select your target 4. Match speed with m 5. Close with w and s and use q and e to yaw fast if needed 6. Use joystick yaw for precise aiming to kill the target I got 3 kills (all) in short session in the demo using these tactics. Its not easy but its definetly possible. Just needs training. EDIT: My biggest problem in the demo was occasional lag. My pc is E6600/2G/8800GTS but still I couldnt aim at times due to the lag even if graphs was in low settings. It was only a demo though.
  7. Zakhal

    Universal Combat CE is now shipping!!

    There are still factory sealed boxed versions left in ebay. I picked one for 19 pounds.
  8. Zakhal

    One way to "fix" joystick roll/yaw axes

    I dont like flight sims much and the constant use of twitch on my FF2 makes my wrist ache. This has always been one of the bigger issues I have had with bc3000ad since the beginning. Today I tried almost everything to switch the x axis but havent yet found anything. The faq says -j command line parameter (and ctrl+j ingame) should help but it doesnt seem to work atleast on UC SE and UC free. I was planning on buying UC CE - I guess theres a tiny chance it might work in that. I tried a gamepad too (xb360 for windows) but CTRL+J doesnt work with that either. Next Im going to try pinnacle game profile (I just tried joytokey but the control was sluggish) and then Im gonna quit working on this issue atleast for now. If anyone finds anyway to fix it - apart from buying a logitech joystick (I much like my FF2) - then please share the information. I hope atleast ECHO SQ SE has a workaround for it.