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  1. Okies, got the picture (I think). Not sure how you can do roam mode as a fighter pilot then. Guess I fall a bit short in the imagination department. I think roam might be a bit to free for me then. I don't think I would make a good commander without at least some guidelines from my superior officers. Back to the campaign for now. /mfh
  2. I need to get my asumptions straightened out. Have read the manual, but have not yet connected all the dots. As I understand it roam mode is completely free form. I am however asuming that there will be missions that I can do in this mode. Is this correct? If not, the rest of this post can be ignored. How do I get notified that a mission exists? Periodicaly request ACM missions? Can I ignore a mission? What happens if I fail a mission? ACM stands for Advanced Campaign Mode. Does that mean that a mission once accepted is a long trek with multiple objectives, or is it just one short mission? Any help appreciated. If this is all written down I would appreciate pointers to where I can read about it. If it is in the manual it went over my head and I need to be told what part to read until I understand it. /mfh, who is slowly learning some of the basic things in the game.
  3. Thanks Holliday, First of. Sinec topic got moved I should specify that this is for UC. I had seen the alt+G on teh quick reference, but I guess having played to much Netchack in my days made me assume that save and exit meant that I would be given just one slot and when I died the slot would be gone. Tried it and although slightly cumbersome it does what I need it to do. Back to learning more. /mfh
  4. I'll be the first to admit that I have not read every word of the manual. I did look for it before asking though. Maybe I'll find it when I read all of it later tonight then. /mfh
  5. I would also prefer a save slot that I can go back to when I oops things. Then again I can understand why this is not an option in a game. If you are really hardcore it does lessen the achivement. Oh, well. If there isn't one, there isn't one /mfh
  6. I'm new to the Battlecruiser series and have two questions (for now) while I'm trying to learn the game. Is it possible to save the game or can this just be done when exiting? Trying to learn the ropes and I die a lot while doing so. When plying an instant action scenario, will I be told if I acomplished the goal when it happens or do I have to wait until the time runs out to find out if I succeded? /mfh
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