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  1. Miserable Onions of Oblivion
  2. Personally I would cancel Total War. The simple reason being that I prefer and rpg/adventure over yet another rts. Sure, I guess you could say that there are just as many bland rpgs as there are the same old rts games. But I've played a number of rts games, and they do not hold my attention as long as an rpg. Generally, I think this is due to the way that story is presented. And what Fable will have over many other games of all genres, is a good story and an immersion factor that will be much higher. A long time ago, I think I posted about UC and the reason why I got it. For me, games which have a high immersion factor in a detailed and complex universe and present things in a realistic manner for that universe are the best. The list of such games for me is short, but they do exist: Universal Combat, Morrowind, Gothic 1 & 2, Arx Fatalis, Omikron, Shenmue 1 & 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I am looking forward to adding Fable to this list. After all, from everything I have heard of Fable, it is much more than an RPG, just as Morrowind is more than that, or Gothic, or UC for that matter. It is an immersive environment with detail that makes its universe more realistic. Of course, only time will tell if this is actually true. But those are my reasons for why you should choose Fable over Total War. I cannot give you an rts title which has ever presented me with an immersive environment and a highly detailed universe in this way. That's all!
  3. I have redownloaded the patch and it worked the last time I did it. I also compared it to the previous "invalid" file, and noticed that the size was off by about 7MB. The new one worked fine however.
  4. Yeah, I looked through all those and couldn't find it last time. I guess I better check if my drivers are current.
  5. Well, it would appear that I can't do that on my card. Oh well, I'll get a new one someday .
  6. Oh, okay. I thought you meant the game options. I am using an older card and it's also an NVidia one. So I am not sure whether I will have that option available to me. But It's certainly good to know that there is now a remedy for this issue. Thanks!
  7. Hmmm? I guess that must be a new option. Didn't realize it was available! I'll try it. Thanks!
  8. Okay okay...settle down everybody...I just meant that I DOWNLOADED it to my desktop. I know full well where you have to place the exe when you run it. ...how long have I been here now?
  9. quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: I had the very same problem the first time I downloaded the patch, the point is that I don't have linux, I only use WINDOWS XP..... Yeah, me too. Just an XP user here, too. And I don't know if this matters, but my filename was uc2[1].00.11.exe after downloading in XP. I just threw it on my desktop, and I sure didn't have any of the other patches there. Could the filename be the problem then? ...and would changing it make any difference?
  10. I am sorry if I am making an obvious mistake, but I haven't been able to figure this one out, and I am experiencing the same as above: When executing the patch program, I get a message saying "Invalid Patch File C:..." and gives the location. I am trying to upgrade from version 2.00 (I guess I may have missed a few RC's). Yes, I did read through the VCF, but did not find anything in regards to preliminary actions for patching (other than the version prerequisite). Anything that I am doing wrong here? Thanks in advance!
  11. I'll be curious to see whether the new cards will still have this problem (i.e. ATI's X800 and the GeForce 6800 - I think I got those models right...?).
  12. yes it really is nice. I got two WD 7200 drives in Raid 0. I'm also running them on serial ata adapters. I for one am hooked on raid.
  13. Hey man, it's all good! Oh and stay away from Paxil...nasty stuff. I tried it way back during my depressing highschool years, and after three days of paxil induced general really bad sickness, I decided I'd rather be depressed than feel sick as a dog. Bleh. I didn't know you were a Morrowinder, I myself am too. Though I haven't played for a while since the game has lost it's challenge for my main character. And a new character just isn't the same. Wish they'd come out with another expansions .
  14. Good point. I myself care somewhat what happens globally because I consider myself a human being. Meaning, I am not from this country, and since my birth I have lived in six countries and four US states. I also speak three languages. I am not saying this because I'm trying to toot my own horn, but because it means that I don't really buy into a smaller fragment of the human population as viewing itself in the right. I have no allegiance to the social constructs of governments and nations. My allegiance is only to one thing: the world. I care about humanity and the planet that humanity has decided to consume. In my travels, I have learned that history is not history is not history. The history books in each country are not the same as those in another. Each country's history is focused and biased towards itself. Each newspaper and newstation is geared towards the congealing mass of people it is trying to influence, or is influenced by. So you're right. I have stopped watching TV a long time ago. I care not about slanted views as such. In fact, and I believe I have said this in this thread before, after watching TV I feel like my brain is being numbed and I have gotten a whole lot stupider for it. It's an awakening experience in a way. Anyway, that's my position in this time and space.
  15. DUUUUDE!!!! That's awesome! Megaman rules!!!
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