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  1. I suppose I could have written "oneself" or "myself" instead of "yourself". I didn't forsee confusion. So the AE is not to be taken as a first person entity while in crafts. While the AE is 'on' the bridge, I 'am' the bridge. That's fine... I was just a bit confused on how it was supposed to work.
  2. I think the "one copy allowed for personal use" is an urban legend. You never really "buy" the software, or the music, or whatever. You only buy a licence to use.
  3. Hmmm. I guess that's a story you can tell yourself... But I also couldn't use DIE while standing on the bridge to send someone else there? From a strictly first-person perspective for the AE, it's a bit squirrely.
  4. I guess I just have to divorce myself from the first-person mindset.
  5. I just played a game where my ship was pounded heavily. Lots of damage, including the "tactical computer". I wanted to send myself out to the working shuttlebay to go out for some parts. Cool, right? Not so much... The tactical computer, being damaged, didn't allow me (well the AE anyway) to 'walk' to the shuttlebay. I was able to exit the ship, however, and THEN access 'tactical' while floating in outer space. I sent a marine to the shuttle, launched it, and had him come pick me up. Am I missing something? I R'edTFM, but didn't see anything.
  6. Remember how Howard Dean was the frontrunner before even a single vote was cast? Oh, and it's not just CNN. It's ALL of them.
  7. BC noob, I'm an experimental physicist at Brookhaven National Lab and Stony Brook University. I do this for prestige, and this for money. 31, hitched, no kids, just got off active reserve duty in July from the USN (thrilled to be out for good... 8 months deployed in PG... ick) I was here I'm trying to get a job here so far, unsuccessfully. My hobbies are, working on the house, hosting backyard BBQ's, csicop, coffee, and of course, computer gaming. And my system profile is below...
  8. I get the same exact effect as you, but I'm running with a Radeon 9000-m. (different card than yours). I'd guess that this is an effect that only us noobs would see, as who else would bother to fly up close and personal to an empty gas giant? Or try to "skydive" into Jupiter? [ 02-12-2004, 09:05 PM: Message edited by: IntgrSpin ]
  9. I get that too. Flying to the gas giants puts me "inside" the planet model.
  10. What about MAPS? Is it possible (supported or not) to make custom maps for multiplayer?
  11. In my opinion, the best gaming laptops for the price are the current Sager models. You can check them out at resellers like www.pctorque.com
  12. Impressive, from a technical standpoint. I can stare all day at the hanging shark-double pendulum, and try to figure out how the code handles it.
  13. P.S. I forgot to mention the pricing travesty, relevant in the 'first impressions' thread... This is certainly not a budget title. At the VERY LEAST it is an expansion pack, falling in the $29.99 - $39.99 range. Being a (good) niche title, I would even expect to pay a 20%-30% premium. It is an OBVIOUS spite move by the publisher, and is indicitive of everything wrong in PC game publishing today. Lost revenue to this title is the least of the problems, as it has now taken a very unfair hit to the IP by being labeled 'budget'. I am saddened to learn that the UC series is likely dead. Hopefully the BC series thread can be continued in a pay-to-play MMORPG. It sounds like this series is headed in a good direction. I would appreciate a pay-pal account where I could donate my part of the cash that DC has apparantly cheated 3000AD out of. Maybe a thread dedicated to this topic would be appropriate?
  14. First Impressions: Generally good. I like the scale and complexity of what has been done here. I would have preferred an "idiot interface" for C&C, similar to the captain's view in Bridge Commander, leaving the complex flightsim view for when you put your AE in the flight officers' position. I would have also liked a first-person perspective aboard ship, but understand the difficulty in modelling such a thing, given the immense scale of the ships and bases. The graphics are more than adequate for this type of game. I think that most people who complain about them just don't get the scale of what is being accomplished. That said, I have to wonder if gameplay would be seriously affected if planets were made to be a fraction of the size that they are here, but made more interesting. Or alternatively, more of them. I long for that interstellar-immensity feeling that I got from the old classic, Starflight. Another semi-disappointment is the set-up of interstellar travel. When flying about, I get the feeling that I'm not so much exploring, as I am wandering around places that are well-trodden, complete with "jump gates" and all. I would prefer a more freeform approach to travel than just going from one jumpgate/wormhole/flux to another. I'm guessing this has to do with removing 'loading areas' or boarders between space regions, but its a price I'd be willing to pay for the extra freedom. For all these negatives (which I acknowledge are just personal preferences) this is a decidedly unique game, and one which accomplishes what it sets out to admirably, given the limitations of today's hardware. The fp-mode is a huge improvement from BCM, and reason enough to own the title, IMO. I'm impressed by the gameplay and dynamicism of the universe here, and hope to see more games of this genre in the near future.
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