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  1. PTBlues

    UC Review - PC Gamer (US)

    Take a careful look at the newsticker column, it sez SC is refusing to support UC, which is of course garbage.. Pg 34 "....Meanwhile, Smart refuses to provide technical support to customers who paid only $20. Stay Tuned" WTF? Then again this mag prolly went to press shortly after the game was released
  2. PTBlues

    RC6/RC7 Patch Comments

    I am also Grateful, and will NEVER post about a crash etc.. It runs very well, and I planned on an upgrade anyways, once I manage to find a new job. The all powerful Wife would never let me blow 200 bucks, and I don't blame her! If I do post about something, it will be strictly gameplay related, so please don't roast me cause of my card, when all im trying to do is get my gammulan raider to a friendly abse with no hyper space fuel left!
  3. PTBlues

    RC6/RC7 Patch Comments

    To the dude with the craft moving in circles..um make sure your Joystick is set to off in the config.
  4. PTBlues

    Problems with stutter

    roger that, thats why I said I knew im on the bottom edge, I know that card is crap. Once my 6 month long search for a job ends I am all over a new card
  5. PTBlues

    Problems with stutter

    Hi derek.. I'm a noob and scared to post this.. Im having the same issue but I freeze completly with reboot only option. This only occurs when I ALT-E to jump out of my craft. Space or planetside, and it happens iregularly. Before I get slapped (j/k) i know my system is near bottom and I know its me, my question: My HD like to goto sleep after a period of time, so just opening explorer to look at a file causes a stall while the HD spins up. Could this need to spin up cause my game to freeze? (it doesnt always need to spin up everytime) Thanks..
  6. PTBlues

    Planetary Egress

    I was able to get my Megaron off mars today by using the 2-3 degree method, then when i was just below 15k I gave it a yank upwards and as soon as 15k was breached I jumped on the Shift-9 keystroke, and got the enter space prompt..hit Y and off I went..
  7. PTBlues

    UC Review - Games Domain

    Honestly I really think a lot of these guys are younger and were brought up on console games. Its obvious he never really played it. These guys can't handle more then the number of commands that can fit the buttons of a gamepad. IMO of course!
  8. PTBlues

    Planetary Egress

    ooo dogfights on planets..never thought of that. that sounds very interesting. So in MP would that be player verus player? Havent tried MP yet.
  9. PTBlues

    Planetary Egress

    I'v only been able to egress a shuttle using the return to base command. When I use that the AI has no trouble egressing, Iv even tried to copy what the AI does to no avail :-) I havent tried a CC yet. But I would like to know how the vets are able to do it.
  10. PTBlues

    Better way to Save games?

    Alt-G,name your save, then resume works pretty quickly
  11. PTBlues

    Ship name in TacOps and space color

    aahhh superb. PSP, even an old version works great on them.
  12. PTBlues

    Ship name in TacOps and space color

    I would love to try and edit the .png files. what format are those? Which program can edit them? Also for darkken, I had read unzipping can help load times, so I went and unzipped all the files, keeping them in the correct folders of course, then moved the zips to a second drive. Very easy. and I feel stupid regarding the asset name.. DUH! Edit... Darkken what I just tried to see is I took the skybox00 files (Sol) and backed them up and took skybox26 (place i havent been) renamed them to skybox00 and copied over the originals. Worked great so far. [ 02-15-2004, 10:28 AM: Message edited by: PTBlues ]
  13. PTBlues

    Ship name in TacOps and space color

    I must have skipped by the asset name, I remember seeing a _ there. Thanks. Ill keep looking for plutonium, I docked at galcomHQ and they had lots of sportsware, but no plutonium lol and thanks bandus, thats what I thought. there certainly lots of colors in space, i tend to have hubble shots as wallpaper most of the time
  14. First im a total noob to BC, and am LOVING UC. in the tacops system as I'm zooming in and out looking for my CC I noticed all the other ships have names on the bottom of the ID square. My CC has "NONE". Is there a way to name this or have it use the name of my AE for easy identification? Also I was curious why there is a multi colored "cloud of gas" in space instead of just blackness of space. I like it but was just wondering. And do I need to mine plutonium for my shields or can I buy some? Thanks for a super cool game...im hooked...
  15. PTBlues

    UC Pixel and Vertex shader requirements

    man, that is like a guy buying an electric car, then complaining that he cant seem to put gas in it.. btw I am the one with a MX440 with vertex shaders..lemme know if you would like any info on it. Be glad to help [ 02-10-2004, 06:18 PM: Message edited by: PTBlues ]