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  1. I haven't posted in here in quiet some time and I know this isn't the proper forum BUT I was wondering what's going on with future 64bit support? I couldn't find another forum to post a question like this in either... My copy of UC doesn't work on my gaming machine (Which is win64). Kind of a bummer but I don't expect older games to work on it. But I DO want to play future BC games! So, should I be concerned or will they be able to run on Win64?
  2. I have tried demoting my Win2k server to a normal member server of my domain. Same issue. Tried running the game with compatibility mode (win 95 and win98 on the win2k server, all versions of windows on the win2k3 server). Tried on the main console (monitor and keyboard directly plugged in), Terminal Svcs, and VNC. The only clue I have is that my machine's hard drive will spin, then sorta sit silent for about 2 seconds, then the app dies.
  3. Also, on my Windows 2000 Advanced Server, I have the same issue. It is also a Domain Controller.
  4. I'm having the same issue. Though my server has a GeForce FX 5200 (cheap FX). I see ucmp.exe in the process list but that's it. No errors, nothing.
  5. That was my attempt to hopefully not lose my privilege of being here with sarcasm. And I'll stop being off topic now.
  6. heh, BAH! Who the heck designed this game?!?! KIDDING!! hehe. I've actually bought every BC game since. Ever since BCM Gold have I started to actually to really play. I love the game mister SC.
  7. Yea, it works fine on all my XP/2000 machines. Just trying to get it to work on 2003. It's no big deal really. Maybe SC might be interested in getting it to work but I dont' think many people out there use 2003 yet.
  8. UCSDEBUG.LOG isn't showing up anywhere on me hard drive. ucmp.exe /s /l3 /console ucmp.exe /s /l5 /console *grumble* If this works I'd be able to setup a permanent server at Verio's Headquarters... :|
  9. Oh yea, this is all on the main console (no virtual terminals). Wanted to make sure it wasn't VNC or termincal svcs causing issues.
  10. ucmp.exe is listed in the process list for about 20 seconds... Don't know if that's any help.
  11. The RC3 helped somewhat. When I do a ucmp.exe /s /console it'll start up the UC Splash screen (black background with the white UNIVERSAL COMBAT) and then it crahses. Not showing up in the process list. :/ Fiddling with it some more though...
  12. Ah, never mind. Used the search to find it in the profile. Installing it now...
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