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  1. This game also appear on STEAM greenlight, JAP anime style~
  2. What a chart!! Can't wait!!!
  3. SC, frontpage's link shows error 404 message, but forums' links is correct.
  4. I've signed up BEAT too, can't wait to play LOD!!!
  5. Just saw it,seems like author like the game~ Game32 Review Congrat SC!!! Friday is the day,can't wait!!
  6. It's really nice to see that we can get Echo Squad SE shortly. And also nice to see Gamer's Gate have ES digital distribution.I've used their online digital download purchase which is running very smooth and almost met no problem. Too bad for GameTap....
  7. It's rare to see EA's CEO confess that they destory those studioes they buyout
  8. WOW!!! All I can say is "WOW".... Can't wait to see the HD edition teaser. Surely this teaser will kill those unbeliever
  9. Happy New Year Everybody~ It's already 2008 in Taiwan,so wish everybody have a wonderful 2008~
  10. More and more people will have chance to see how good Universal Combat series are. Great work SC
  11. Although I live outside US,I think I will go for the box copy,cos this is the perfect ending of BC and UC series,it worth collecting!!!
  12. Got this game in Taiwan's retailer~They even included a future free tradtiional chinese edition upgrade inside!! This game even make my shiny nVIDIA 8800 GTS cry!!! Somewhat uninspired storyline,laggy framerate.But combat system is better than Gothic II,still a very good RPG experience~
  13. Uh...I think I can say G80 IS A MONSTER!! Why??BECAUSE I BOUGHT THE LEADTEK PX8800 GTS YESTERDAY!!! Man!It's sooooo heavy... 640MB on board,consume a lot of power,and run UCAWA very fast... But....quiet expenisive....and 8800 GTX has some problems,have to recall. Just wait 11/8 when NDA lifted~
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