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  1. Almost preorder it... Looks like I've to wait a while...
  2. quote:Originally posted by Grizzle: quote:Originally posted by $iLk: quote:Originally posted by Commander Shih: Try to set them all to MAX,and 1280*1024 or above,you can see what happen~ Seriously though... what is the point of playing a game at that resolution? My LCD monitor has a native resolution of 1280 x 1024 so I need to run all my games at that res. Granted with my sweet Sony LCD it's not too bad at 1024, but it just looks so much better at 1280 and once you get used to playing games at that res it's hard to go back. That's the point!My LCD is BENQ FP91G+,at 19` LCD,set resolution at 1280*1024 and 2AA 4AF,games just look great!Never came back to 1024*768 or below~
  3. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: I'm seeing this as more common amongst gamers nowadays. My system is still a 2.0a Ghz P4, and 1 GB of DDR Ram. My videocard is a 9800 Radeon Pro. I have no problems running any game that I have ever installed - including the F.E.A.R. demo. No laggy framerate, nothing. I don't know whether it's because I keep my system clean and my background processes trimmed - or because the newest iterations of Pentium chips are inherently unstable when playing games. I've noticed that people with higher "on paper" specs are having poor performance in newer games that I am not experiencing. When you have the rig that you think it can handle it,natually you will set all options to MAX. Well!of course we know what will happen next,F.E.A.R. IS a resource hunger. I think you can run F.E.A.R. demo with no problem,must be in video option settings.Since 9800 PRO didn't support SM3.0,your video settings either in Min or Normal. Try to set them all to MAX,and 1280*1024 or above,you can see what happen~
  4. quote:Originally posted by Cruis.In: im sorry you said 2 gig of ram still can't make it run faster? Yap!I've set all video options to high,to see if my rig can handle it,still no go. I think I need to upgrade another MIGHTY CPU...maybe AMD 64 X2 4800?? Gee!
  5. Got this game running...barely~ See My Rig... I think even 7800GTX couldn't handle it well,but 2G RAM still cat make it run smoother~
  6. Yap! Even back to they announce CrossFire early this year,the R520 90nm design problem is make quite some discussions in Taiwan. I think ATI got a solid product line this time,but "Paper Launch" still not a good sign,even we got X1000 series reviews pop up,some cards are going to come a month or 2 months. By the way,the 7800GTX ROCK!!!
  7. Too bad I already buying a nVIDIA 7800GTX~ ATI should release R520 product line early,because nVIDIA is prepare to fight back with G71 in Q1 2006.
  8. SC says your Audigy2 sound card is the source of problem,which means you can disable sound acceleration in DXdiag~ Maybe that could solve your problem.
  9. Just imaging play UCAWA in this BIG SCREEN...
  10. It looks like he is living in his own world...
  11. KnightBlade will ship at 2007,when that time DX10 will be more popular,will we see KnightBlade use DX10 ??
  12. quote:Originally posted by Aperson: quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Here is why our next game (KnightBlade) is coming out first on the XBox360. Finally!! A console with the power to fuel my insane ideas. All I get from the link is "No News". Same here~ Maybe they remove the news...
  13. It support SM3.0,the HDR effect looks fantastic! But on my machine,it didn't got very good framerate,if shadow quality set highest,only about 20fps... and speak about havoc engine...hehe~
  14. Yes,Myst~ type too quick thanks Eclipse~ Their last game is Myst V: End of Ages,looks like limited edition has bonus DVD,since I has the hobby collecting game soundtrack,it will be on my shopping list~
  15. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Ninja Gaiden for X-Box sure as hell isn't... Ya..that game is crazy hard...
  16. RIP.. MYTH is a great adventure game ,too bad Cyan can't survive~
  17. Read that article,can't agree more~ Can we call this trend "Consolization"??
  18. Got my copy yesterday Install Meet Starforce Input my CD key Running Reboot Running UCAWA Everything look awesome,planets,ships,fighters,Everything! But when I quit UCAWA,everytime I try to use Updater,it got "Can't connect to server" message~ I've set my firewall allow updater to connect to internet,is server down??
  19. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Republic Knight: Is the printed UCAWA manual A5 size? Its the same size as the UC manual. Well,then I think I have another reason to use my credit card.. GOD!this month is insane!place the order to UCAWA,UCG,and Lock On:Flaming Cliffs. I can feel my credit card burning~
  20. Thanks SC!! I've order both UCAWA and UCG,just received BMT order confirm email.Can't wait to get them!!
  21. A new FS game~ That's what I think "important news"... But SC has spare time to do FS3?? I mean UCAWA and UCG must keep SC busy right now...
  22. HA!I've place my order~ What it means "The first 300 people to pre-pay for their copy, will get a free copy of Battlecruiser Millennium CD at the cost of $2.50 for first class shipping and handling."?? I live outside US,can I get a free copy of Battlecruiser Millennium CD??
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