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  1. TryGame doesn't have any product news~ Can't wait~ By the way,today is 8/2 in Taiwan...
  2. credit card--check Video card--check joystick--check 8/1 Hehehehe
  3. Some important news coming soon?? Could've it be FS....3....??? Hehe...IF that is true,INDEED IT IS A BIG NEWS!!
  4. But this new distribution has one problem: You need to get online all the time
  5. Yes!year 2007 will be the known as The Year of Battlecruiser!!
  6. So we can expect another new game this year?? THAT'S GREAT!!
  7. All I want to do now,is wait I think I would go for DL version
  8. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Darkling: This is BEEG News!! As for the next Battlecruiser game, hopefully you will be incorporating the inner workings of the ship in that game too... Heck make the minimum req. an Athlon64 Machine, we should all have one by then. The next Battlecruiser game (which will hopefully go into development in mid-2005 once the KB dev is winding down) will return to its roots. i.e. you will only have access to a single carrier and its assets. The biggest feature is - of course - the entire carrier (as well as its fighters and shuttles) are going to be built internally (just like in KB) using a hybrid of the portal engine currently being integrated into UCE2E. By the time it is released (hopefully around Christmas 2006 or thereabouts), everyone would have a Pentium IV 3Ghz or higher machine with which to run it. Ahhh...That's every commanders' dream come true!! We can explore our own SHIP!! SC,YOU should really made a STAR TREK game!!
  9. Ya!I'm right! A FPS that kick ass!! Show them what you made for SC!! God!..now I need a Xbox.....
  10. quote:Originally posted by Extinct_Reptilia: Perhaps itÔÇÖs some sort of legal resolution to the dreamcatcher non sense. Maybe it'll be news on that front...? That would be good news too! It's about time
  11. Let me guess... A FPS that base on BC Universe,bigger than FarCry... Mmmm...can't wait
  12. At least Andy Mahood really know how to review the "simulation games"...not those "reviewers" who thought UC is an "action games".... Way to go PC Gamer!
  13. I hate to see him use this word-"budget game".... Well..reviewer..some good,some bad.. especially for a reviewer that didn't see the manual first...
  14. The BGM especially cool!!
  15. Can I join in? I'm an a part time teacher. I live in Tainan,southern part of Taiwan I'm 32 No wife.. I was served in the Army as a squad sergent for 1 year and 10 months. A newbie here Taiwan=Republic of China,Taiwan is not a Province of People's Republic of China! This is not an authorized sig, please do not put this back in your signature line. Thank you [ 04-16-2004, 11:58 PM: Message edited by: Jaguar ]
  16. quote:Originally posted by Cougar_DK: I downloaded it even though I have the original only to check out which missions is included HeHe..Me too I have UC,and download the demo just for play more single player games
  17. I also used 53.03 WHQL,The clouds just the same,I didn't notice any graphic difference. My Video card is FX5900. A little complain,when video resolution up to 1280*1024,some interface's fonts looks blur...
  18. YA! 3D Gamer's file is working! Looks like GH's patch is corrupt
  19. I just download V1.00.02RC1 patch from GH,everytime I install the patch,it just show some error message--Verify of New File failed.Possible Internal Error I notice it happen at the file name"Pilot_shodow.png".Is my computer's problem,or the patch has error?Because I download this patch from GH's four mirrors,so it looks like a patch problem..
  20. Got those music burn into cd and played in my CD player Great music indeed!
  21. I like Firestorm. Massive,has a lot of firepower,you could not ask for more!
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