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  1. Would like to try this mission generator my Email is: [email protected] Thanks.
  2. Hi Guys Here's another good one: www.lostinflatspace.com very openended and plenty of gameplay all action is top down but the ideas are very well thought out.
  3. Downloaded the file at least four times and got the same result will try a CRC32 check when I get home tonight. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi, maybe it's me but for some reason I get the follwoing error when I try and install the latest patch: Invalid Patch File c:Program Filesdreamcatcher3000adUniversal CombatUc2_00_30RC8.exe This is on a fresh install of UC updated to 2.00.00 as I have just got a new PC. Not had any problems before any ideas. Before anyone asks I am running the patch from the UC directory. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. My favourite feature is the open ended nature of the game and the fact that whenever I decide to play anything can and usually does happen Another feature is the feeling that I'm actually in command of a living breathing crew and the decisions that I make have real repercussions. Anyway thats all for now suffice to say this game rocks
  6. Tried Mission 2 again last night this involves a patrol of the Alpha Centauri system starting with a 30 min patrol of Nevuela. All started well I was keeping well away from Destiny and monitoring my local space for hostiles. About 5 mins into the patrol a few neutral craft attacked the starstation which launched about 6 fighters in response. They made short work of the attackers then once the station was safe. I got multiple acquired messages and all 6 fighter craft headed my way. No problem I thought and got weapon systems online and set FATALS on all 6 fighters. They moved into range and all seemed to be going well until I got a message "there's something out there". Suddenly a Firestorm uncloaked and bombarded me with fire and at the same time all the fighter craft seemed to coordinate there attacks. I have never taken any serious damage since buying UC but this attack ripped through my shields and the computer started reading damage messages like no tomorrow. I targetted the Centris gate and jumped by this time my PTA had taken out half the fighter craft and managed to slow down the Firestorm. On exiting hyper I raced to the gate with 3 fighters still chasing. At this point I checked TACOPS and noticed the station had launched more fighters which were heading my direction. Somehow I managed to survive but the challenge and experience was incredible I now realise why the upgrades are available. So if anyone wants a challenge try sitting for half an hour in a hostile system with a vanilla command craft and see how long you last. The new patch has brought a new lease of life to UC but from now on life is going to get harder much harder.
  7. Here is the latest AAR from Commander Patrik Vanda and the crew of the GCV Starlight as the adventure continues. Mission 3 Commander: Patrik Vanda Craft: GCV Starlight (Megaron Heavy Carrier) Location: Centris Region 4/5/3030 01:51 Orders received to proceed to Galcom HQ decided to go via Pluto and pick up mining drones deployed on Charon. On checking TACOPS noticed one hostile a GAM/RAI Firestorm decide to clear region then head for Pluto. All weapon systems armed and coordinates of Firestorm entered into Navigation computer. 01:53 Closing fast and Firestorm seems oblivious until it's too late and nothing more exists. Sent Shuttle 2 to retrieve cargo pod then headed towards the Sol wormhole. Location: Pluto Region 01:58 Entered Pluto region proceeding to orbit Charon. 02:02 TER/DIP LRT-10 entered system and has been targetted by two VAL/MER Templon's. Readied two fighters and gave them intercept orders on the Templons hoping to keep the mercs busy while Shuttle 1 attempts to tow the diplomat to Gazer 1. 02:08 Diplomat has docked sucessfully and on merc destroyed the other has decided to make a run for it. Recalling fighters and preparing to retrieve drones. 02:10 Gave orders for repairs to be carried out on fighters 2 and 3 due to minor damage from the engaement with the mercenarys. 02:14 In orbit around Charon and all shuttles launched and proceeding to retrieve drones. Just received message that we have intruders onboard gave orders to shut down launch control. 02:15 Its not good five intruders and three hostiles in the region. Proceeding to engage TER/INS Battlecruiser MK3 as it is the greatest threat at the moment. 02:19 Battlecruiser destroyed still four intruders onboard. One marine dead and seven badly injured just received message that Shuttles 1 and 2 have recovered there drones. Gave them orders to halt while we get on top of the intruder problem. 02:21 Another marine dead three intruders still loose. Nearly all marines in a bad way decided to send the critically injured ones to Medibay for treatment there no good to me dead. 02:24 Only two marines in fighting condition and still two intruders this should be interesting. 02:26 Need fuel desperately gave orders to head towards Gazer 1. 02:29 Acquired by TER/INS S Fighter this better be quick. Stayed close to Gazer 1 and let the station defenses protect me. 02:30 Still two intruders and Medibay is been pushed to the limits and now we've got a GAM/RAI Battlecruiser MK1 closing fast. 02:32 Battlecruiser disabled as soon as it came within range of Gazer 1. Only one intruder left. Status: 2 System Engineers badly injured, 2 Flight Engineers badly injured only 3 marines able to carry out normal duties and Radine down to 319. 02:33 Finally clear of all intruders and all shuttles have extracted there drones time to dock and refuel then proceed to Galcom. 02:52 Launched from Gazer 1 with two new marines and a shiny new fighter set course for Earth. Location: Earth Region 03:01 Arrived in Earth Region to the message intruders onboard. No hostiles visible in region. Checked PERSCAN only one this time thank god. Orders received to dock at Galcom and await further communication. 03:07 Intruder terminated with only minor casualties. Galcom is 42 Klicks away. 03:09 Docked at Galcom HQ and received orders to deliver a Top Secret cargo to the Velari Starstation in the Polaris-2 region. Orders stated that we must proceed straight there and only engage hostiles if they pose a direct threat to ourselves. Also if we are acquired the hostile must be destroyed so that any possible scan information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. This includes all escape shuttles. 03:11 Opened up Navitron and calculated flight path to Polaris-2. First jump region is Jupiter. Location: Jupiter Region 03:17 No problems so far Jupiter clear of hostiles just a GAM/TRA passing through moving towards the Sirius Wormhole. 03:18 GAM/RAI Viper entered system as per orders proceeded towards the Wormhole. Location: Lyrius 03:22 Entered Lyrius region. Viper has been destroyed by TER/MIL Starfighter and a new threat has appeared a ZEL/CRI X22 Aurora which is targetting the Gammulan Trader. 03:25 TER/INS Alininx has been engaged by a GAM/ASS Infiltrator right next to our next jump gate. This could be tricky. 03:27 Seem to have slipped by unnoticed only 44 Klicks to the jump gate. Location: Lennen 03:30 Entered Lennen. What a lovely system will try to keep clear of Pixan it's a known raiders hang out. All seems quiet so far but systems show we are been tracked. 03:31 Knew someone would show up and take an interest. DRO/RAI S Fighter shouldn't be too much trouble and guess what intruders as well only one we should be ok. 03:33 S Fighter disabled but two ZEL/CRI Infiltrators also want a piece of me. 03:36 Intruder still loose seems to be giving my marines a bit of a run around. We have now been acquired by a TER/INS Interceptor 1. 03:37 Interceptor destroyed by PTA. 03:39 Intruder has manged to get into Shuttle 1 but the three marines already onboard are making short work of him. 03:41 Intruder taken prisoner again with only minor casualties. Launch control is back online and two fighters have been launched. One Infiltrator disabled by PTA the other destroyed by Fighter 2. 03:42 No targets engaging hyper to Polaris wormhole. 03:44 Acquired by GAM/MIL X22 Auror whilst in hyper best be careful when exiting hyper thats when the craft is at it's most vulnerable. 03:46 X22 destroyed by two FATAL missiles proceed full speed to Polaris wormhole it's time to move on. 03:47 SYR/CRI Starwarrior closing fast although a scan of the craft shows both hull and shield are badly damaged PTA should take care of it. Theres no way we'll make it to the wormhole in time. There all after me know DRO/CRI Quester also moving to my position current range 120 Klicks. We have decided to stand and fight. 03:48 Starwarrior destroyed as it exited jump Quester now 87 Klicks and closing fast. Two FATALS engaged. 03:51 Quester also taken out but diplomat destroyed while I was busy command won't be impressed. Location: Polaris-2 03:53 Entered Polaris-2 region heading towards Velari to deliver cargo. Waiting for jump engines to recharge. 04:00 43 Klicks from Velari and we have five intruders beamed into the shuttle launch bay. Time to get the marines out of bed. 04:02 One marine dead and four in a bad way. Five still preparing for combat. One intruder killed still four to go. 04:04 This must be a joke four more intruders have beamed aboard straight into Medibay. One medic has already been killed. Made the decision to dock at Velari and let the station marines help out I could lose alot of crew otherwise. Hope you enjoy this will post further adventures soon including a covert night recon of a hostile base.
  8. Does the threat assessment work two ways i.e. do friendly stations also launch depending on level of threat? If so it should be safer in regions controlled by friendly nations. Will have to play tonight and get myself into some trouble One thing I've always wondered do stations send reinforcements when craft that have been despatched are destroyed if so I can envisage some pretty tense engagements now that stations are able to launch craft to deal with the level of threat present. Great work SC this game just gets better and better. Played multiplayer last night found it to be really smooth and the community really seems to be taking to the whole online fleet thing.
  9. Just did a clean reinstall of UC then moved my saved games back into the save folder. After installing patches 2.00.00 and 2.00.11 all the saves have been deleted. Guess when I patched yesterday I made some kind of mistake. Sorry if I caused any confusion it's only because I care and want to catch any problems before they become too serious. Anyway now everythings ok I'll start a new game and practice my skills for all the multiplayer mayhem thats coming up shortly
  10. I did run the patch from the game folder as I have done for every patch released for UC. Maybe I made a mistake if so I apologise and won't bother you with any problems I have in future.
  11. My save games were not deleted but when I tried to restore them the game seemed to lock in the startup phase. Again it's not a serious problem as I enjoy restarting after each patch and experiencing all the changes the patch brings about.
  12. Sorry to say but I also experienced the problems Map and Bad Habit are having. When I got to the section which involved towing the shuttle which was towing the disabled craft. After targetting the Centris jumgate the speed locked at 50 the distance to the gate was certainly high enough to engage hyper. To solve the problem I had to disengage the tractor from the shuttle as soon as I did this the CC jumped to the gate I then ordered the shuttle to jump at Centris. Then followed in the cc and once in Centris gave the order to the shuttle to deliver the disabled craft. This allowed me to continue the tutorial. The second problem was after exiting from the Wildcat which was designated as TER/MIL and trying to enter the Gunship which was designated EMP/MIL pressing / had no effect and the gunship was targetted using the TDU I double checked this in the DIE. Also tried ALT D still couldn't enter the craft. Decided to continue the tutorial without this section. Had no other problems and even after plenty of experience with Battlecruiser games I learnt a few tricks which have saved me in difficult situations since. Hope this is clear enough and if I was at fault in anyway please let me know.
  13. Know i'll probably get crucified for this But this captains log thingy sounds really cool i've been doing some pretty indepth AAR's just lately and been able to see details in commlink would be a useful reminder especially in the heat of combat. I've lost track of the number of times my pen has flown across the room Maybe something along the lines of the messages you get when a probes present in the region. That's all for now while I go and hide just in case.
  14. That was one of my main objectives to show just how individual the game experience can be using the same basic game parameters i.e. same launch base, same patrol route etc Each player would have there own individual experiences and also there own ways of dealing with whatever the game throws at you. My bigger aim is to create a kind of pseudo rpg using the UC game. Heres how I think it might work. One player is a kind of gamemaster who keeps track of where each player is via reports from each individual commander and from these reports the next set of orders can be created taking into account each individuals current status. I'm at the stage of designing a form which will allow players to inform the game master of the current status. Any ideas or encouragement would be appreciated. Also keep checking for the next thrilling installment from Commander Patrik Vanda and the crew of the GCV Starlight Who knows whats going to happen next...
  15. Here is the second AAR for Patrik Vanda and the crew of the GCV Starlight. Mission 2 "Patrol Of Alpha Centauri System" Commander Patrik Vanda Craft GCV Starlight (Megaron Heavy Carrier) Date: 04/04/3030 Location Centris Region (Alpha Centauri) 2252 No rest. Orders received to carry out a patrol of the Alpha Centauri system and maintain a prescence in each region for 30 minutes. On leaving Orion station we decided to have a quick check of TACOPS all seemed quiet. Gave orders to target the Nevuela jump gate and set course. A known insurgent outpost this should be fun. 22:59 All weapon systems brought online entering gate. 23:00 Entered Nevuela region patrol required for 30 mins. Monitoring region through TACOPS all quiet so far. 23:03 TER/TRA MRT-15 entered region and was immediately targetted by two VAL/CRI Zodiacs gave orders to defend trader. As we moved closer the Zodiacs decided to target us and both entered hyperjump. Decided to stand ground and wait. 23:06 As the first Zodiac emerged gave orders to attack, moved ahead at full speed with all weapons bearing down. First Zodiac disappeared into a cloud of spacedust. Second Zodiac had slipped to our rear but the PTA system was causing massive damage it didn't take long to disable the craft. Heard klaxon and noticed a MAN/RAI Battlecruiser MK2 moving to engage the trader. 23:09 Battlecruiser destroyed by two neutral fighter craft that had entered the region. 23:13 Region clear keeping a safe distance from Destiny starstation don't want to stir up a hornets nest. Orders are to patrol but not create any undue tension. 23:20 10 mins to go before the next patrol region. Crew are getting restless at the current inactivity. 23:23 Gave orders to move closer to the Varan jump gate. 23:25 Still quiet 5 mins to go space really can be big and empty. Location Varan Region (Alpha Centauri) 23:30 Arrived in Varan no other craft visible. 30 minute patrol commenced. 23:32 FAL/MIL Vandal entered from Cronus on it's way to Galcom HQ hailed and gave update on status of known regions. 23:33 Two hostiles entered region one ZEL/CRI Defender and one EMP/CRI Sentry decided to target the Sentry. Both craft began moving closer and our systems showed we where been tracked. Without warning we had incoming missiles. Activated the EMD and quickly moved out of harms way then backtracked and managed to get behind the Sentry. At this point we had no idea what had happened to the Defender. Sent two missiles towards the Sentry which turned and began bombarding us with laser fire we just kept a straight course and increased main laser intensity to 100% to do maximum damage. The Sentry soon exploded. Now it was time to find the missing Defender. TACOPS showed it was 30 Klicks away but closing fast moved into position so the PTA system could acquire the target and watched as the shields then the hull were reduced to zero. 23:37 No sooner had we recovered when the scanner showed a CRE/RAI Warmonger targetting a ZEL/WOR LRT-10. We set course to defend. The Warmonger didn't seem register our position and we managed to get into a good firing position but before we could finish the job the Warmonger cloaked. 23:50 Checked local vicinity and noticed a cargo pod close by. Sent Shuttle 1 to retrieve but pod self destructed before we could take it on board. No sign of Warmonger or any other hostiles. 23:54 Moving towards Cronus jump gate the patrol of Varan almost complete. Need to refuel fairly quickly. Watching the clock tick down. The last few minutes of a patrol are always the worst. 05/04/3030 Location Cronus (Alpha Centauri) 00:00 Entered Cronus region and set course for EMP/MIL Centauri station to refuel. Sensors show no craft in the region. 00:04 Intruders onboard not sure how many no visible hostiles. Checked PERSCAN showed three intruders went to TACTICAL and deployed marines. 00:06 Status update medic has been caught in the crossfire and injured also two marines are in a bad way. All medical personnel put on high alert. 00:08 Radine and Plutonium both low will need to sell spare parts to increase cash if we want to have enough to continue the patrol. Good news only one intruder left and the marines have him cornered shouldn't be too long now. Also noticing interference possibly from a cloaked ship in the region wonder if it's our old friend the Warmonger? 00:10 Intruder in a bad way trying to make it too Medibay not a good move the place is teeming with marines. Another intruder has boarded and beamed straight into the Medibay guess our friend must have got a message out. 00:11 One intruder taken prisoner the other one still at loose. All squads given orders to shoot on sight. 00:13 Second intruder taken prisoner. Finally managed to dock at Centauri. 00:14 Damn illegal goods onboard received a violation need to make sure i'm clean in future. Not too sure how illegal goods got onboard though could it have been the intruders? 00:18 Refueled and launched from Centauri. 00:20 Still receiving messages about a possible cloaked ship nothing showing on TACOPS. 00:26 Two SYR/RAI Zenstar fighter craft have emerged from Varan and targetted a DRO/TOU LRT-10 proceeding to give assistance. Decided to send two fighter craft on intercept missions it's about time they had some fun. 00:29 Both Zenstars have decided to make a run for it and have left region via the Treas jump gate. Heading towards jump gate to follow gave fighters order to defend. Location Treas (Alpha Centauri) 00:32 Entered Treas region no sign of Zenstars although there is a FAL/RAI X22 Aurora targetting a ZEL/MIL Corsair. Moving to give assistance. 00:33 Just as hyper kicked in a FAL/CRI Sunflash decided to enter the fray. X22 destroyed by both interceptors which are now targetting the Sunflash. Gave orders to recall interceptors due to a DRO/RAI Megaron heading our way. 00:35 Interceptor 1 destroyed by Sunflash Interceptor 2 has managed to make it back onboard it was a close thing though.Both Sunflash and Megaron closing fast set two FATALS on each craft and turned to face the Megaron. The missiles streaked towards there target and we followed on behind all the while lowering there shields opening the soft underbelly which was no match for a third and final missile. Now it was the turn of the Sunflash we needed to avenge interceptor 1. 00:36 Used the tried and tested strategy of targetting the jump exit point. As the Sunflash emerged we all took great pleasure in the firework display. 00:39 All quiet now ZEL/MIL Corsair is disabled moving to protect will tow to safety later. 00:40 Klaxon sounded and message that we have been acquired received. No hostiles on scanners. Still 20 minutes to go in this patrol zone. Need to check if there's a station in Tramis. 00:43 Despatched Shuttle 1 to tow Corsair and jump to Tramis. Suddenly from nowhere a Battlecruiser MK2 appeared we took evasive action and managed to survive. Then it was our chance to turn the tables but before we could cause any serious damage the Battlecruiser cloaked. 00:46 Just checked status of Shuttle 1 pilot has been killed and shuttle is floating in space still trying to tow the Corsair. Will have to keep an eye on the situation but need to clear area of hostiles first. 00:47 First things first we have a VAL/DIP disabled by a FAL/MER moving to defend. Damn too late diplomat destroyed and now we've been acquired by the mercenery and a FAL/RAI Starmonk. Starmonk not in range yet so lets sort the merc out first. Getting good at this took out the merc without a single retaliatory shot it just seemed to curl up and die. Wasn't quite so lucky with the Starmonk due to a second one showing up to escort still managed to survive the skirmish and both Starmonks were destroyed. 00:55 Area now clear of hostiles. Sent Shuttle 2 out to collect cargo pods on checking the scanner realised there where six in the area. Thats not a bad salvage well worth the battle. 00:57 Turned attention to Shuttle 1 gave order to RTB and to my surprise it responded on checking status after docking it was in a bad way needed to get spare parts. 00:58 Not long left all feels quiet too quiet. Then intruder alert and interference picked up from a cloaked ship in the vicinity which started decloaking and taking potshots then cloaking again. Carried out evasive maneouvers. Then we saw it a VAL/MIL Starstorm straight ahead it had made a fatal mistake. Checked PERSCAN five intruders onboard. 01:00 Headed for the Tramis jumpgate taking out a Firestorm on the way still five intruders onboard. Checked crew status two marines dead including the one killed in Shuttle 1. Only four intruders left still 43 Klicks from jumpgate. Seven marines in Medibay. Location Tramis (Alpha Centauri) 01:06 Arrived in Tramis three intruders still onboard one has been taken prisoner. No hostiles thank god!!!. Decided to dock with Aleri and get some spare parts for Shuttle 1. 01:08 All three remaining intruders are in Shuttle 1. 01:10 Only one intruder left. Closing on Aleri Shuttle 2 in escort due to launch control been powered down. Acquired by CRE/MIL Aestrom taken out without any problems only 10 Klicks from Aleri. 01:17 Finally docked at Aleri six marines still in the Medibay. All systems onboard Starlight repaired. Grabbed the spare parts required and refueled. 01:24 All engineers assigned to repair duty on Shuttle 1 and marines that are able put on station. Entering the final leg of quite an eventful patrol. 01:32 Heading towards Centris jumpgate all onboard looking forward to a well earned rest. Location Centris Region (Alpha Centauri) 01:34 Entered Centris region and gave orders to dock with Orion. 01:41 Docked at Orion station carried out repairs and recruited two marines. Shuttle 1 fully repaired. To be continued who knows what will happen next!!!
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