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  1. Would like to try this mission generator my Email is: [email protected]. Thanks.
  2. Hi Guys Here's another good one: www.lostinflatspace.com very openended and plenty of gameplay all action is top down but the ideas are very well thought out.
  3. Downloaded the file at least four times and got the same result will try a CRC32 check when I get home tonight. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi, maybe it's me but for some reason I get the follwoing error when I try and install the latest patch: Invalid Patch File c:Program Filesdreamcatcher3000adUniversal CombatUc2_00_30RC8.exe This is on a fresh install of UC updated to 2.00.00 as I have just got a new PC. Not had any problems before any ideas. Before anyone asks I am running the patch from the UC directory. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. My personal thoughts on the RP side of BC are that more use should be made of the single player game experience as it is an area where anything can and does happen. Using AAR's and liasing with other Commanders in a controlled environment using basic rules which I have been working on would be interesting and having an exp system would also help keep things moving along. If you have any ideas I would be interested to hear them.
  6. Available for active service. Sorry I haven't been around lately been really busy at work. September to December is our busiest period will try to join in as much as possible.
  7. I've voted and will be available at the weekend to playtest the new ROE.
  8. I'm away all weekend so won't be able to make any sessions Have fun guys should be be available next weekend.
  9. GCV Starlight Megaron Heavy Carrier New crew on shakedown cruise Commander: Patrik Vanda Current Mission: Patrol of Luna engage any hostiles and protect civilian shipping. The craft is currently cloaked and carrying out recon of the region. [RP] "Commander we have several craft in system, sensors report one is an armed transport in need of repair" stated the newly graduated comm officer finally glad to have something to say. So far it had been an uneventful first mission for the crew of the GCV Starlight, after the hustle and bustle of station life space seemed big and very empty. "Decloak and open a hailing frequency, lets see if they require assistance" barked Commander Patrik Vanda and all the staff on station began to prepare for contact. Finally something to do thought Patrik as the Starlight prepared to close on the as yet unknown vessels....[RP] Hi guys I'm new to this so any pointers would be very welcome
  10. My favourite feature is the open ended nature of the game and the fact that whenever I decide to play anything can and usually does happen Another feature is the feeling that I'm actually in command of a living breathing crew and the decisions that I make have real repercussions. Anyway thats all for now suffice to say this game rocks
  11. Should be available for both 2200 sessions and will try to make the 1700. Commander Patrik Vanda GCV Starlight Don't mind but not a fighter if possible.
  12. Ready and waiting looking forward to some action this month.
  13. Hi guys I can't make the 4pm one on Saturday but should be at the other three. Looking forward to it.
  14. Will be a little late joining you guys tomorrow night I'm watching the Beach Boys in concert in sunny Wales Hope to make it online once I get home.
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