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  1. Kronin

    Wrist laser not respondng

    I think the wrist laser only works when your out in space.
  2. Kronin

    RC3 Patch Comments

    Come on now What????
  3. Kronin

    RC3 Patch Comments

    Well i bought the game Feb 10 and started playing, then installed patch 100.02 , had to start over because save games from retail i bought did not work, now i install patch 100.02 RC3 and save games from 100.02 (feb 14) dont work. So every time a patch comes out i have to start over???
  4. Kronin

    RC3 Patch Comments

    Well thats real nice.
  5. Kronin

    RC3 Patch Comments

    I just upgraded to RC3 from RC2, save games are not working. Do i have to start all over again??
  6. Everytime i send my fighters out to destroy enemy targets they just pursue them and cant destroy any of them. maybe once in a blue moon they will kill one. My pilots are all 40 - 50 AI yet they can kill nothing. Also when i send out a SC to collect cargo most of the time they will not pick the cargo up. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. Kronin

    AE does not evac off planet

    Thank you, and thanks for the fast reply
  8. Kronin

    AE does not evac off planet

    yes i zoomed to him and put a X on evac , then i clicked on evac and saw the transport animation , i then clicked exit but was still on the planet and tactical reports me on station.
  9. Hi all, i transported myself down to the planet chalinis, when i evaced back to the ship nothing happened. i was still on the planet in first person mode, i then checked the perscan screen and it said i was on the station. i reloaded the game and it still does it, anyone else run across this problem?