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    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    I'm starting to feel bad for being quick to judge UC. There are so many things that you start to realize after putting more than a few hours into the game. So far: 1.) Way better fighter combat in space. Millenium used to end up looking like high speed jousting matches. AI would just fly away from each other, turn, and burn right at each other guns balzing then repeat the whole thing. The slower speed of UC's fighters gives combat a "Homeworld" type feel with twists, turns, and evasion. Controlling the fighters manually is far easier too. 2.) Ground combat is growing on me. If you put the time into planning a strike it looks really cool. But I'm still wondering why all the screenshots show characters riding in the jeeps while in the game you can't see your AE in the cockpit. But that aside, its still fun. 3.) Love these new ship designs, I'm a sci-fi artist myself and have produced artwork for some indie titles and a television pilot script-pitch. The ship design in Millenium was one of the things I didn't like so much, but the new ones are a lot more solid and polished. You can see the same basic design as Millenium but they are far more refined and detailed. The texture work is seriously impressive. I still have a bone to pick with the a few minor details but I'm starting to see where UC surpasses the previous titles. Good job as usual Smart, don't let a bunch of publishers stop these titles from coming.
  2. nexusmind

    Lo M8s! - long old mans ramble

    Smart vs. Jesus a la Thunderdome, I'd pay to see that.
  3. nexusmind

    Naval Assets

    Mangaed to get into naval units, use weapon systems, give orders, etc. I can't seem to move them though. Also, whenever I go to a naval base all but a couple of the aircraft fall through the carrier's deck into the sea and just sit there floating inside the aircraft carrier. When I get into a small gunboat it tends to bounce up and down a lot too, 2 feet submerged then 2 feet above surface.
  4. nexusmind

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    You seem to get the impression that I didn't like the game. I LOVE these games! I mean, I spent the time learning the interface in the other BC games and I DID notice the odd change in UC. The amount of time that must have gone into this thing over the years is staggering and I wouldn't even begin to think that I could do better in any area of this title. I simply pointed stuff out that I disliked or had hoped for. The game rocks dude, it just doesn't feel like a big step up from Millenium. 1.) I've had problems with my Radeon in the past so if that's whats going on, sorry for the criticism. 2.) The Box- UNIVERSAL COMBAT: LAND, SPACE, SEA, AIR. I don't think I'm nuts for thinking I'd be able to jump into a naval career of some sort. The back mentions "fierce naval engagements" and I'm still looking for a boat, sub, mini-sub, or ship that responds to the / key in the same way that the SAMs and turrets do. 3.) Maybe I was a little quick to judge the interface, I played Millenium for an hour or so followed by UC and there is a little less hassle. But I have to be honest, I still get a little upset when my shuttle responds to a "land" waypoint as a "crash into the ground at full speed repeatedly until I blow up" waypoint, especially after spending 20 minutes in tacops setting up the invasion. I don't recall this ever happening in Millenium but I've lost half my brave marines in UC to shuttle crashes. Honestly I'm impressed that you responded so quickly, not to mention personally. Any lead designer that cares that much instantly earns my respect. So I was wrong on a few points, but I'll stand by some of what I said.
  5. nexusmind

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    Ok, although its just an opinion here's what I think about the game. It has the complexity I love about the other titles. After a steep learning curve the game is quite rewarding. The graphics, although not of key impotance in a title like this, have problems. I have a stable system, the latest patch for UC, and the latest drivers for my radeon 9000 pro and I still get wierd flashing on the terrain and the joints of objects in space (only sometimes though). I've changed every setting in my video options and the game options to no avail. But all in all, I can get past this. The sound is pretty good, not mind blowing, but the the background chatter and combat sounds keep me pleased enough. The music is pretty solid. I was glad to hear a little more sci-fi epic stuff going on but there's still the odd beep-boop'n song that makes me throw in a CD instead of listening to the game's tracks. But here's the important stuff, gameplay. Am I the only person who realizes that nothing has changed? I mean, when a game developer says the next title will have a more streamlined and intuitive interface, I expect a little more that a square HUD being replaced by a round HUD. It still takes the same 10-20 mouse clicks just to send a fighter out to attack a planetside base. That's assuming it makes it there without crashing upon re-entry, stopping in mid air, or just crashing to desktop. I got used to this in 3000 and Millenium but come on, after a decade of programming I expected a slight improvement. The other two things that bothered me were naval combat and the first person mode. The Naval combat, how shall I say, is lacking. It sort of... well... ISN'T EVEN THERE! I saw "Naval Combat" on the box, said "that should be cool", and just shook my head when I couldn't find that "naval commander" career in the roam mode. And as for the first person mode, I think it actually got worse. It's more fidgety to control than millenium, the frame rate on lowest detail is still choppy, and the lack of stuff to fight in the marine career is sort of disapointing. Unfortunately, even though I'm a fan of the series, the bad suff in UC is really getting to me. The screen shots show guys sitting in those cool jeeps and ATV's, but I get the feeling that my AE must be driving from the baggage compartment cause nobody's in the driver's seat in my copy of UC. I want to say that UC is an improvement, but until Mr. Smart patches the hell out of it I'm going to stick with BC Millenium Gold and Freelancer. UC just isn't living up to the previous titles and it certainly isn't anything more than a visiual improvement. P.S. I'm sorry to hear about that crap with Dreamcatcher. I may have my issues with UC but nobody should have to deal with a bunch of slimy execs, especially when they butcher your profit margin without telling you. I'm from Canada I'd I felt kind of bad picking it up for $19.99