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  1. Oh great! Now I can play video games while riding my bike to work! Stay off the sidewalks!
  2. Where the heck is New Yrok? Is it near New York?
  3. What would happen if you tried variant 2, but used the shuttle to tow your CC back to base? Could you force a reactor restart by parking the CC right next to a station, boarding it, and docking with the station?
  4. I tried this just before Christmas. A little bit of Black Ops for the holidays. I landed on Midae's second moon, with a SpaceStar Cruiser. I transferred all 7 of my marines into shuttle 1 and went there myself. Then we took off for Midae itself. I put the shuttle down on the nightside, in the pouring rain, about 50 klicks from my target, a raider missile base. I shut down the radar, and flew as low as I dared, with nothing but the altimeter and the occasional looming shadow to go by. At 15 klicks out, I landed, and deployed the troops. Then I got out myself, telling the shuttle to stay put. Then, using TacOps, I gave all the marines orders to take out a single structure on the base. A landing pad. I figured that the last thing I wanted was the raiders launching fighters against my shuttle. So, the troops set off at a full run, with me right behind them. It took about 20 minutes to get close enough to the base to see it. I switched on the nightvision and zoomed in. No enemies. It seems that the shuttle went unnoticed. Excellent. I used a quick burst from the jetpack to move back up to the troops, and we closed in on the base. Well, as we approached, it became apparent that all of the structures were floating about 30 feet in the air! My marines just stared at them, and couldn't figure out how to hit the landing pad. Fortunately, all of the SAM sites were on the ground, and I gave the marines SAD orders. Just then, then bad guys woke up, and we had marines everywhere. I spent several minutes killing a lot of marines, and then checked to see how my marines were doing. I was down to 1 marine! I gave the poor guy RTB orders, and he turned to flee. I moved to cover him, just in time to see him cut down by enemy fire. I popped one or two more enemy marines to vent my rage, and then checked to see if the enemy marines had targeted me. They had not. Instead, they had decided that my ride was a better target. They've targeted SC1 and were hustling on foot to take it out. I check my ammo, and decide that I can't stop them. I fire up the jet pack and hotfoot it back to the shuttle. I make it there, through the darkness and rain, and check the enemy marines. They were still 7 klicks away, and rather than risk the shuttle, and face a long, long walk to a point safe enough to risk an AI landing of my CC, I get in the shuttle, and take off. The missile base offers no resistance (and I resisted the urge to fly over the base), and made it home safely. All in all, it was an awesome experience. Trekking through the rain on an alien planet, the night firefight in an enemy base, and the run back to the shuttle, all heightened the immersion factor of the game. I love this game.
  5. Good call. I missed that completely. 'Fraid the quotes will have to go, but if you have suggestions for a wing motto, I want to hear them.
  6. In light of the recent events regarding the future of this board, Prime Personnel Officer Williams has called for an all-hands Roll-call for Prime fleet. I know you just finished one for Gamma, but go to the General Communications area of the Prime fleet forum and report in again. Thank you muchly. BTW based on recent rollcall information, Gamma is once again the largest Wing in Prime. Good work!
  7. More like: "And so the Gammulans broke the arms of the terrans, and the Terrans did then reciprocate using nuclear weapons, and as Gammulans settled down in their kerchiefs and caps for a long nuclear winter nap, there once again was peace."
  8. Note: the accent imitated below is that of Disney's Goofey, and not that of any large southern US States associated with Yellow Roses and Bowie Knives... [RP] Awww...Shucks fellers. I ain't got time to spend what I's earning now. [/RP]
  9. Talk about getting outsmarted by the AI. Here's the story of "The One that Got Away" I was in the Pluto region on my way to blockade New America. I get into a fight with an Aestrom. As I polish it off, a Mk-3 decloaks near me and attacks me. I manage to disable it, and get it under tow. During the fight, Gazer-1 had been destroyed, so I was heading back to Galcom HQ. After jumping into Earth space, I switched to external view to get a closer look at the new Mk-3 paint job. Just as I get it into view, I notice energy arcing over the hull. I shake my head in disbelief as the ship, still in the tractor beam, cloaks! I'm laughing my ass off, since I've still got it in the tractor. I got a screenshot, which I'll post later, of me tractoring nothing. I wondered how long he'd stay cloaked before he gave it up. I switched back to forward view to check the jump engines, and when I switched back to external, the tractor beam had disengaged. Sure enough, with no target to lock onto, the tractor had lost its lock on the Mk3, and I was sitting with shields down with a hostile carrier in my immediate vicinity. I had no choice but to raise my shields and hope he'd attack again. He never did though. I got a Mk1 as a consolation prize, but the wily cap'n (I can't think of it as an AI when it pulled that off) of the Mk-3 escaped capture not two minutes from Galcom HQ, and got away absolutely clean.
  10. Wow. I stay clear of the boards for a few days, and missed all the excitement. Firstly, I must say that my heart was in my throat as I was reading of the demise of the 3000ad boards. While I am relieved to learn that it will survive until the new year, I'm glad to know that contingency plans are being put into place to ensure the survival of the community. That said, I'd like to say, for the public record, that I support Derek in whatever choice he makes. SC, you've always stated that you create these wonderous games because you enjoy it. If you're not enjoying it, then something isn't right. I don't know you personally, so I'm not going to try to glean insight into your private life from your posts on the board. If you're not enjoying this, take a break, and figure out if a change is in order. If it is, MAKE IT. We are just a community of gamers who like you and what you've created. We are not important compared to your well-being. Finally, to the members of the Battlecruiser community: For a long time, we've held together. We've survived public scorn, and private battles. We've come through thick and thin, and it has made us a stronger, tighter group. The SC has always been an integral part of this group, and he always will be. If he decides that he doesn't want parties at his place because he is tired of stepping over bodies the next morning, that does not mean this community will fall apart. We can have the parties somewhere else. And I'm sure the SC will still attend. Maybe not quite as often, but then, he's got universes to build, and he's having way too much fun doing it. I offer my help in creating a new home for the battlecruiser community. I'm a web programmer, and have HTML/Flash/JavaScript/ASP/PHP/XML/Perl/Java experience. Contact me at [email protected]
  11. No need to submit for GalCom approval. The names are "unofficial" and they don't go in your sig. Wing leader approval is all that is needed to name the squadron. That name can be used on the web site, or anywhere else, except your 3000ad sigs. I don't even think there would be a problem putting it in your primefleet sigs. PS. Gamma Wing 2nd Squadron (Now inactive) is called "No Quarter" to give you more ideas. [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: Badgerius ]
  12. I was patrolling Sol, when a SunFlash jumped into the Pluto region just as I did the same from Earth. I had a couple of fighters out, and they engaged it while I followed behind in hyperspace. Coming out of hyperspace, I lashed it with a sustained volley of IOD fire while it was thinking about FC-2. At about 200 meters, just as I'm about to pull up and let my PTAs rake the cruiser at short range, it gives up the ghost and explodes. Range 150 meters, and I haven't pulled up yet. No problem. It's gone and the initial shockwave washed over me, and I fly my Mk1 pretty much through the spot where the SunFlash had been a second earlier. Big Mistake. My officers start screaming. I glance over at my status displays and notice that my reactor output is down to 12%. Shields are gone and hull is down to 72. Damage reports are coming in from Officers who rarely speak. I didn't know that if Medibay was destroyed and your MO survives, she calmly tells you that there will be some delay... Anyway, I manage to squeaze about 50 units of power out of the solar reactor, and size up my situation. Transporter room: gone Operations: Gone Troop quarters: Gone Officers Quarters: gone Personnel Quarters: gone Medibay: gone Main Computer: Gone Engine: Gone Shuttle bay, Fighter bay, Missile Bay, IOD, PTA, Mine Launch Bay, Cargo Bay 2, Aux Life Support, Tractor Beam, EMD, Reactor Coolant System, Tactical Computer, Logistics Computer... All Gone. I figure I took a Nacelle across my upper hull. Fragments from the explosion. I'm speechless at the carnage that my ship was just exposed to. One fighter is pilotless, and the other has 4% hull integrity, and judging by the slow decline of the pilot's health, Life support is offline. I manage to call for a tow. (Yes, somehow, Comm systems survived, and had power) I settle down to wait the 15 minutes until the tow shows up, and hope nothing hostile arrives. I don't wait long. Static ripples across my displays. My Tactical officer informs me that there's "Something out there," although with the damage we've take she must be using intuition to detect the cloaked ship. Next I'm informed that I have intruders aboard. I didn't think he could do a lot more damage without blowing up the ship, so I switch on Perscan. With Tactical offline, my life is in the hands of Resnig, who sends 2 (TWO!!!) Marines to investigate. After a few minutes, I notice something odd. The intruder has beamed into my troop quarters. His health is down to 35 and there's no one near him. Suddenly it hits me: Troop Quarters has a new bay window view of deep space. The area was destroyed, and the intruder can't get out any more than my troops, who are all waiting just outside, can get in. Slowly he suffocates from the lack of Aux Life Support, while I laugh mercilessly. I think they heard me. The Firestorm uncloaked next to me and laughed mercilessly as well. I made a good run for the Earth Jump point, only 30 km away, but it only took one or two hits to put me out of my misery. [ 12-13-2001: Message edited by: Badgerius ]
  13. I had a sudden and utterly hilarious thought: "Nova" is latin for Newbie!
  14. Good luck Jaguar. We'll no doubt be seeing you.
  15. I like the Newbies. You're right, they're trying things I've never even considered. As for Vet status, here are a few: You know what TAC stands for. You played asteroids in the officers lounge on the old site. You remember what the entry page on the old site looked like. (Ah the shuttle bay...) You remember when there was only one fleet. (and the... Oh I can't quite recall, RDF, SDF? fleet)
  16. Permission granted. A Questar it is.
  17. Sorry, that transmission was garbled. What class of Super Cruiser was that?
  18. Ok, Gamma. Listen up. We've got some new recruits, and some old hands who haven't been heard from in a while. There's a roll call thread in the Gamma Wing section of the Prime fleet forums (www.primefleet.com and select Comm Net, for those who haven't made it there yet). Go there. Post. Now. [ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Badgerius ]
  19. Welcome, Cmdr, to Gamma Wing. 3-4 posts up are the instructions I gave to the last new recruit. Your instructions are the same. Welcome aboard!
  20. quote: Okay. The little bit about them joining up against the Gammulans with the Syrions basically nulls out any of that "Droidan vs. Syrion" stuff you came up with. That much I do know. I disagree. Galcom and Insurgents came together to fight the Gammulans at the Battle of Jupiter. That hardly rules out GalCom vs. Insurgents.
  21. ROTFLMAO! Your father: PCMCIA!!! We had a pneumonic to remember that in school: People Can't Memorize Computer Information Acronyms. Hmmm. As for personality, how about: Uniformly polite and friendly ATM and Gas Pump Personality: "You have violated Droidan Space. Please lower your shields and prepare to be vaporized. Have a Nice Day." PBS Robot Personality: "I am ASTAR, a Droidan Marine. I can put my arm back on. You can't. So Neener Neener." Microsoft AI. "Droidan Battlecruiser: Yes, we can." Apple AI. "Smile!" Seriously, though. The Droidans are a race of robots, which seem to have been created by the Syrions. It's all very mysterious. Maybe you worship the Syrions as gods. Maybe you serve them as slaves. Maybe they are "The Creator" I'm sure you'll come up with something.
  22. Droooooool... Man that's going to rock.
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