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  1. I was patrolling Sol, when a SunFlash jumped into the Pluto region just as I did the same from Earth. I had a couple of fighters out, and they engaged it while I followed behind in hyperspace. Coming out of hyperspace, I lashed it with a sustained volley of IOD fire while it was thinking about FC-2. At about 200 meters, just as I'm about to pull up and let my PTAs rake the cruiser at short range, it gives up the ghost and explodes. Range 150 meters, and I haven't pulled up yet. No problem. It's gone and the initial shockwave washed over me, and I fly my Mk1 pretty much through the spot where the SunFlash had been a second earlier. Big Mistake. My officers start screaming. I glance over at my status displays and notice that my reactor output is down to 12%. Shields are gone and hull is down to 72. Damage reports are coming in from Officers who rarely speak. I didn't know that if Medibay was destroyed and your MO survives, she calmly tells you that there will be some delay... Anyway, I manage to squeaze about 50 units of power out of the solar reactor, and size up my situation. Transporter room: gone Operations: Gone Troop quarters: Gone Officers Quarters: gone Personnel Quarters: gone Medibay: gone Main Computer: Gone Engine: Gone Shuttle bay, Fighter bay, Missile Bay, IOD, PTA, Mine Launch Bay, Cargo Bay 2, Aux Life Support, Tractor Beam, EMD, Reactor Coolant System, Tactical Computer, Logistics Computer... All Gone. I figure I took a Nacelle across my upper hull. Fragments from the explosion. I'm speechless at the carnage that my ship was just exposed to. One fighter is pilotless, and the other has 4% hull integrity, and judging by the slow decline of the pilot's health, Life support is offline. I manage to call for a tow. (Yes, somehow, Comm systems survived, and had power) I settle down to wait the 15 minutes until the tow shows up, and hope nothing hostile arrives. I don't wait long. Static ripples across my displays. My Tactical officer informs me that there's "Something out there," although with the damage we've take she must be using intuition to detect the cloaked ship. Next I'm informed that I have intruders aboard. I didn't think he could do a lot more damage without blowing up the ship, so I switch on Perscan. With Tactical offline, my life is in the hands of Resnig, who sends 2 (TWO!!!) Marines to investigate. After a few minutes, I notice something odd. The intruder has beamed into my troop quarters. His health is down to 35 and there's no one near him. Suddenly it hits me: Troop Quarters has a new bay window view of deep space. The area was destroyed, and the intruder can't get out any more than my troops, who are all waiting just outside, can get in. Slowly he suffocates from the lack of Aux Life Support, while I laugh mercilessly. I think they heard me. The Firestorm uncloaked next to me and laughed mercilessly as well. I made a good run for the Earth Jump point, only 30 km away, but it only took one or two hits to put me out of my misery. [ 12-13-2001: Message edited by: Badgerius ]
  2. To those who have seen the GBS-II: How similar is it to GBS-I? Is it worth learning the ins and outs of GBS-I (noting that I am a software developer, so the basics of scripting languages in general are not new to me) or should I wait for GBS-II?
  3. Emmm...Right. So you did. Very well then. Good work. Carry on, Commander.
  4. Yeah, once GBS-II is out, I'm planning to put together training scenarios along with Papi. They will include ground operations, no worries. In the mean time, Simparadox, you should check in at the RollCall thread in Gamma Wing's area of Prime's private forum. Go to www.primefleet.com and click COM NET to get there. You'll have to sign up, but it doesn't cost anything.
  5. And who says you can't clone yourself? LOL!
  6. I had a sudden and utterly hilarious thought: "Nova" is latin for Newbie!
  7. Same at Prime. I guess we'll just have to wait.
  8. Does anyone know what drives that? Is a friendly station more likely to help you than a neutral one? Does a station of your caste help? Does your launch point station treat you any differently than other stations? Just curious.
  9. Good luck Jaguar. We'll no doubt be seeing you.
  10. I like the Newbies. You're right, they're trying things I've never even considered. As for Vet status, here are a few: You know what TAC stands for. You played asteroids in the officers lounge on the old site. You remember what the entry page on the old site looked like. (Ah the shuttle bay...) You remember when there was only one fleet. (and the... Oh I can't quite recall, RDF, SDF? fleet)
  11. That sounds like something I'd like to read. What's the source?
  12. Wolferz, you are MY redshirt. In Prime, we call them Expendable Tactical Assets. Oh I'll do my best to bring you home in one piece, but if Beta's 1st Squadron is all that stands between Galcom HQ and the Gammulan Diplomatic fleet, I will not hesitate to order you between a rock and a hard place. For the record. Prime is committed to keeping the spacelanes clear of scum and villainy. We will assist police and local militaries where appropriate to save the bacon of the LRT-10 just doing a days work. Be warned though. If we find contraband on that LRT-10, you'll be thrown in jail faster than you can say "but officer!" Any indie's wishing to use Prime fleet stations (That's GalcomHQ, Genesis, Starpath, and Velari)as launch points in Multiplayer on a full time bases (ie make it your home port) can send me an e-mail [email protected] and I'll send you a ship registration form. Also, Prime is putting together several storefront sections on our website. Anyone interested in renting an office (it'll be a link to your site) send Remo Williams an email [email protected] The offices are open to law-abiding individuals and corporations and are opening soon. Here are screenshots of the office complexes. Right now they are bmp, so they're big, but once they're in flash, they should drop to less than 100k. Genesis Water-Garden office complex Starpath "Starlight Tower" Office Complex Velari "Crystalview Walk" Office Complex Note: Images may differ slightly from final flashed image, as I'm still tweaking them. Galcom HQ's office complex is under construction and should be ready some time in the new year. [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Badgerius ]
  13. Permission granted. A Questar it is.
  14. Chapter 2: Consciousness returned to ONeil in stages. First came the sense of smell. She smelled summer rain and lush plants, familiar but with an alien tinge. Then sound came back. Rain pelted on something hard, and thunder rumbled in the distance. Some time later, sight returned to ONeil. She opened her eyes, and was looking at soft rain falling on shards of glass on a cold, grey metal floor. Finally, touch returned to ONeil, and she realized that she wasnt in the most comfortable of positions. Actually, she was jammed under the sensor console. Moving slowly, still dazed, she began to extricate herself from the tight space. Some time later she stood, and took in her surroundings. The bridge wasdestroyed. Every window was shattered, leaving the entire forward half of the bridge open to the elements. The ship had come to a rest with a 15 degree down angle, and a slight starboard list. Rain was pouring onto the exposed bridge, not only through the windows, but also through the several meter-wide gashes in the roof. Grey mist swirled outside, concealing the terrain. Still numb and dazed, she walked to forward edge of the bridge. Warm rain fell on her, and she was quickly soaked. Looking down, she saw that the Calypso had reached her final resting place. The entire forward hull from the bridge forward was submerged. Black, brackish water lapped gently at the base of the bridge column and many bubbles farther forward indicated that the water wasnt limited to the outside of the ship. The starboard nacelle had been ripped away during the descent, and the port nacelle was battered and covered with vegetation. Fog obscured the far end of the lake, but it looked like the Calypsos aft sections might be on land behind her. A low groan brought her to her senses. She turned around suddenly to see Commander Badgerius standing up from his command chair. She quickly looked about to see who else was on the bridge. Lt. Peterson was sprawled on the floor, still clutching his rifle. He wasnt moving, but he appeared to be breathing. The Comms officer was slumped over her console, which had been smashed. As she approached, Allison realized that it had been smashed by Lt. Arquettes head. There was no pulse. There was no one else. No sign of the sensor tech or any of the other bridge crew could be seen. Badgerius was looking around as well. Finally he said, Well, these chairs can certainly take a lot of punishment. He shook his head. ONeil, are you ok? Feeling had been returning to Alisons shocked nerves for a few minutes now. A throbbing in her left elbow and a bump on her head told her shed been lucky. Yes, sir, she replied, amazed at how steady her voice sounded. Arquette is dead. Peterson seems to be breathing, and theres no sign of the others. Badgerius looked at her for a moment, and then nodded. And the ship? he asked. ONeil shook her head. Were not going anywhere except on foot, sir. At that moment, Peterson moaned, rolled over and came to one knee, wristlaser at the ready. Then he stood, a little shakily, and said, I take it weve landed, sir. Badgerius smiled. He was attempting to activate the console on the side of his chair. Nothing happened. Personnel Scanner is offline. He looked at ONeil. See if you can contact any survivors using personal comlinks. He turned to Peterson. Are you hurt? Peterson had retrieved the rifle. He was examining it for damage. No sir, he said, Ive been in worse shape after shore leave. Badgerius gave him another quick smile. He pointed to the holes in the ceiling. Get up there and get an idea of our situation. Peterson nodded, and began climbing. Allison had been trying to reach the crew using her personal comlink. After a few minutes, she gave up. No response sir, she told her commander. Just then Peterson jumped back down onto the bridge. Hows it look, Lieutenant? asked ONeil. Peterson looked out the front of the bridge. He said, Weve come down in thick jungle. Right at the edge of a lake. The forward half of the ship is submerged, but some of the aft section is on land. Armorys almost certainly underwater, as is the shuttlebay. The cargo bays might be ok though. He shook his head. The hulls in bad shape, sir. Badgerius sighed. Ok, people, heres the drill. We search the ship for survivors, salvage what we can, and move ashore. Lets see if we cant get this turbolift door open. Using the rifle, Hans pried the doors open. He peered into the black abyss below him. Allison went to a panel on the wall, and removed three emergency hand lights. Then, carefully, they stepped onto the ladder of the turbolift shaft.
  15. Positioned at a waypoint? I don't follow you. I dock at a base 30 degrees south and 60 degrees west, and when I come out of the base I'm at 0N 0W. Several Thousand kilometers away. In a different planetary region. Different Time Zone. Different Terrain. If the terrain on the equator at 0W happens to be ocean, I'm going to get wet. If I land my CC next to the base, transfer to the shuttle and dock at the base. I'm going to have to go to space and back to get back to the CC. If I am positioned at a waypoint, then it is the waypoint of the Planet, not the base.
  16. Ok, I've got a bug here. Problem: Planetary Coordinates reset after leaving a starbase as a Commander Steps to Reproduce: 1. Start New Game: Commander 2. Send your AE to a shuttle 3. Set appropriate waypoints to get yourself to a starbase (planet surface) 4. Set down next to the starbase. 5. Note planetary coordinates 6. Dock at the base 7. Leave the base 8. Note planetary Coordinates (0N 0W) Notes: This is just an annoyance, as long as you've docked in a shuttle. If you're in an OC and this occurs (Note: I haven't tested it in an OC. I'm at work now. Could someone give it a try?) you could easily end up in the middle of an ocean, which would make it a game ending bug. I know that in BC3K you would leave a starbase at the same point you docked at it, so I'm guessing this is incorrect functionality.
  17. Prime's a good choice to start out. We're a generalist Fleet, meaning you get to try a lot of different things and decide what you like.
  18. Sorry, that transmission was garbled. What class of Super Cruiser was that?
  19. Ok, Gamma. Listen up. We've got some new recruits, and some old hands who haven't been heard from in a while. There's a roll call thread in the Gamma Wing section of the Prime fleet forums (www.primefleet.com and select Comm Net, for those who haven't made it there yet). Go there. Post. Now. [ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Badgerius ]
  20. Of course, those items have no doubt been moved to a secret Wraith dirtside facility by now. If they haven't, then as Prime Fleet's Wraith liason officer I highly reccommend they do now.
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