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  1. I usually try to keep my mining drones away from mountains and hilly areas. It seems that my pilots are more incompetent/crash prone in these areas. If they do end up in these areas, try to get your shuttle to tow your mining drone to somewhere flat and then try to retrieve it on flatter terrain.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: hehe, its getting there. Things just take time. We had a blast last night....until I crashed the server (I used the HSD cheat to spy into the region clients were in. I forgot that I hadn't tested that since I change the mp server model back in Feb) trying to save Kyle from an Empirian Police cruiser trying to ruin our pilgrimage to Galadran. God Gun SC, God Gun. Forgot HSD cheat, God Gun is the way to go.
  3. Well let's see... less CTD, less corrupted save games. ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA, ALLE-LUUUUUUUUU-IAAAAAAAAA! Amen brothers.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Lord of Lugies: no, because i dont know how, and where, to get it http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...c;f=27;t=000549 Just a thought, try the forum search engine.
  5. Captain's Log - Sol, Moon Jumpgate to Earth, 00:17. After a small engagement between FC1-4 and an earth ins MRT15, I've recalled the FC's for rearming and reload. All seems quiet though, a little quiet. *Klaxon Klaxon* rang through the hull of my brand new Firestorm. Well brand new minus the new reactor/engine/shield/armor upgrade plus 55mil in galcred. "Alert, we have intruders onboard." Quickly, I took a glance at the radar. I didn't expect the enemy carrier to uncloak right now, but I checked anyways. Nothing. Pressing a few buttons, I switched over to PERSCAN to locate the annoying pesks onboard my ship. No sooner had I done that, the chief engineer reported, "Warning FC1 charger has been damaged." Dammit, they transported right into my flight deck! First things first, shut down power to launch contorl. "Resnig, get those damn marines to the flight deck. If any of my crafts or engineers get hurt, I'll push you outta the airlock myself. Nav officer, set a course for Earthstar, we don't the parts necessary to fix that charger." As I watched, the boarders tried to leave deck 3 but was getting pushed back by the marines. Good. Then the pilot sitting inside FC8 started to lose his LF. Damn, the last intruder boarded the FC but couldn't get off the ship because launch control was disabled. "Get that pilot to medbay immediately! Resnig - " *Klaxon Klaxon* Great, I checked on my radar screen and lo and behold, there was a GAM/MIL Violon holding position at the Earth Jumpgate, exactly where I had been 30s ago. With no fighters, that would have been a bad engagement. There was nothing I could do now, I would revert back to real space in two minutes and with that boarder in my FC8, I couldn't dare turn launch control back on. "Resnig, I want that a$$hole off my ship right now!" Two minutes later, and with 2 more limping marines to the medbay, the flight engineers began scraping the remains of the baddie off the inside of FC8. "Alright flyboys, let's see what you got. Launch FC4-6, engage the violon at will." The fighters departed quickly, and being their new commander, I wanted to see what they were really capable of. After watching the engagement with awe, (they destroyed the violon in 3 passes with minimal damage to one fighter) I recalled the fighter to a holding position near the EarthStar station while I docked and purchased additional supplies. When I undocked, I found an enemy StarWarrior was taking potshots at the ODS. The ODS was almost disabled, so it didn't really matter how fast I got there. Excellent. Time to plan my attack accordingly. I ordered my NAV officer to HJ to the StarWarrior and began to assign 4 STS-FireStar to FATAL. But I had forgotten about my gung-ho FC4-6. They of course HJ at the same time I did, but being smaller, their HJ transit time would be far shorter than mine. Just like their lifespan would be too. I set orders for them to retreat, hopefully, they would back off as soon as they transitioned to normal space. I would not get my wish. "Sir, FC6 reports medium damage to most control systems and main gun." "Get him outta there now! FC5 and FC7, take potshot runs at the enemy ship and get FC6 clear!" I was still 2 minutes away. While I love the firestorm for it's big guns and big fighters, it was slow to do anything. Sigh. There was nothing to do but wait. This is the worst part as I checked and rechecked every system on the ship. The enemy commander, had of course acquired me as soon as my fighters backed off but I hadn't cloaked. Besides, I was wanted get a test run of those new shields my CE put in. There was nothing like combat to test out new systems. As I was nearing my transit position, the 4 firestars cleared from my weapons pod and flew straight at the enemy ship. All was fair in love and war, and whoever got off the first shot would have the upperhand. As luck would have it, the enemy commander didn't find my unshield ship dropping out of hyperspace in front of him, but instead found 4 big missiles coming straight at him. All 4 missiles found a new home in his shields. The enemy shields buckled but held, barely. At 300 points, their shields were good as gone. "Get FC5 and FC7 back in the engagement, tell FC6 to dock at his convenience. Set a head on engagement with the enemy ship." I set 4 more firestars on FATAL. I didn't honestly think this missiles would work, but any distraction from him launching missiles would work to my advantage too. As the range closed, the commander let loose with everything from his IOD. Time to put those PTA turrets to good use. I manuevered my ship up and around, knowing that my firestorm had a huge cone of fire. I could basically rake him at any angle and use his large forward speed against him as he tried to manuever to keep his front guns on me. He would not get his wish. Within moments, it was all over, my shields fell to 15% but charged back up to 100% in less than a minute. The StarWarrior was drifting away, while his SOS beacon was ringing through every radio frequency possible. At the corner of my eye, I saw FC7 streak by, making the final run on the doomed ship. It exploded spectaculary in front of me. Bastard, he stole my kill!
  6. I can just see you people getting wearing wireless glasses that project the computer screen to your retina. Like those things they have on the Jem'Hadar ships. Next, get a set of VR gloves to boot. Slowly close your grip around Resnig's neck....
  7. 1. Your marines and pilots are the few, the proud and the brave to the point that they will throw their lives at your mercy so you can order them to do just about anything. Personally this is much more gratifying than trying to train Resnig to do anything right. Commander: You there! hand to hand fighting with that intruder! Marine: Yes sir! Commander: And if you die, the next one can do the same thing, if you're the last one, then you can shoot him! Marines: Sir yes sir! Three bags full sir! 2. Graphics are pretty damn good already for a game of this scale. Get out of the mud and back into the com chair 3. Capturing ships - this one I think is for a couple of reasons. One for balancing the ships. Two, I don't think you can really do this in real life. Your engineers are trained to work on your crafts only. You can't imagine the Russian stealing an American fighter and start flying it the next day into combat. It just doesn't work that way. What you can do, is let your secret Area 51 base strip it to pieces to look for improvements but that's a little beyond the scope of this game. 4. Brigs - something to give your diehard marines to do and for your AE and engineers to scurry underneath their chairs.
  8. quote:Originally posted by WetWare: I use the Windows key to get out of games that have frozen.....And to train my crew....Simulated Tactical Meltdown.....Helps them to know what to do when Resnig spills his beer..... Look, just ditch the windows key, edit it out of the registry, hack it away with a program. You don't need it to do quit frozen program. Use the task manager, press Ctrl-Shift-Esc. If you want to lock your computer, press Ctrl-Shift-Del and lock your computer that way. Works for win2k and winxp. If you're using an older windows you can't crash nicely anyways so forget it. Get rid of the damn key and play the stupid game. Now SC, about porting the game to DOS...
  9. Okay, first things first. Installed, load up, and get my n00bish butt straight into a fighter scenario. Keep my finger on the afterburners... whee this thing flys fas(BOOM)t. Damn didn't even last 2 seconds against that capital ship. Sigh, I guess I should drag my sorry butt into the comfy chair of a big bad Aestorm CC. Roam mode was very exciting. Learning to land my CC was a frustrating task until I got the hang of doing waypoints. All in all, a very nice and wide open game. I haven't even tried any of the scenarios or campaign mode. I suspect I don't really want do after I'm enjoying myself so much in Roam mode. I can do anything I want! I can beam Resnig down to the middle of an enemy base and OTS his sorry ass! (Resnig deserves it, he always reloads STS missiles when I'm in atmoshpere... dumbass) Alright, before I turn this post into a run of the mill south park episode of "OMG you killed Resnig!", I would like to congrats SC for doing a great game. He obviously had great foresight on what a true "Simulation" really means. I've been looking for a sim with depth and anything-goes for the longest time. I think I just found it! Now I think I should reinstall my OS to get rid of those annoying CTD's....
  10. quote:Originally posted by Andrew Presby: So I *CAN* get hit with an STO!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! I'm gonna go try it out! Later all! Just make sure you order Resnig to go outside and sit on the hull and then try it.
  11. I saw the same thing in Universal Combat... I flew my shuttle into the station and it vanished on my screen but it was still visible on the radar. I exited the system and came back in and the Wraith station was just plain gone. Had to reload the game from a previous game to get the station back. I've tried to repeat it but no luck... so far I've been bouncing back from the station.
  12. Last night I tried upgrading my Aestrom carrier. I clicked on upgrade the reactor once and then assigned engineers to "repair" the reactor. I then clicked on the upgrade button a second time to check on the progress. Lo and behold, my experience points fell through the ground... -4900. Ouchies. Anybody else lose xp while upgrading? Or am I just dumb
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