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  1. Lestat9

    Veteran Advice

    I am very new to this game. I am not new to this type of game, or games that are like some parts of this game. I am curious what some of the verterans have to say about playing. A couple questions. 1. How do you approach the conquest? Do you just attack Stations and try to capture them or do you start on the planet? 2. How does the planet conquest play in the overall game ? Is it a factor?
  2. Lestat9


    If one see's and orbitable defense system in SOS mode how should one react? Should they tow it ? I actually tried to dock or board it. Im down to blow it up or leave..any hints?
  3. This is the fastest way to reproduce this error 1. Start a roam game 2. Commander /Super carrier/firestorm (Should work with any combination) 3. Once the game is loaded select a hyper space target(something over 1000 miles away) 4. Hyper space to it when you see HS and see your speed starting go to Logistix / Power. 5. Turn off the power to the engine. 6. Log off 7. Still in Hyperspace go back to logistix/Power and turn it back on(to 5) shouldnt matter though. 8. Everything looks fine but when you come out of Hyperspace, the Hspace indicator will be -1 and when you slect that and turn on engine it will crash to windows.
  4. This problem happened by chance but i was able to reproduce it ,Using RC7. In hyper space if your engine is damaged and its a long trip if it dies in the process,while in hyperspace, when you stop and get it back up before you turn it on you will notice in HSPACE meter on the screen it will say -1. When you click on that and turn on the engine it will crash to windows. I was able to reproduce this by turning off engines(in Logistix/POWER) in Hyperspace,enabling them before finishing hyper space trip, then you see -1 and when you finish hyperspace trip , when you turn on the engine on the screen it crashes the same way... [ 03-02-2004, 09:17 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  5. Lestat9

    RC6/RC7 Patch Comments

    Just one comment about RC7 I noticed because I use the command alot. (G) is used to designate a target It doesnt appear to be working in RC7 yet was working in RC6 any ideas?
  6. Lestat9

    Whose fault was it? Romans Or Jews

    Actually no one killed Jesus because he stated simply. I have given myself freely, which means he had /has the power to stop what they were doing to him but he didnt... So really the only power the jews or romans had was the power he gave them, or better yet, They did what he let them do. I saw the movie and actually its not about jews or romans or even people.. Its about the time a diety came to live among us.. thats what its about not people.
  7. I am not certain if this is an error but I am finding it very hard to make any sense of this. I noticed when I approached a station that in RC1 you could park under a station and not move, Now you drift, and i messed around and realized you need to be going about 200 to counter the drift.. (To sit stationary under a station you must maintain 200) The really bad thing about this is if you have a super carrier that only goes about 350 anyway you are actually only going 150 because you have to go 200 to be standing still... Im using RC7... Doesnt anyone know what im saying? Is this an error or a planned attempted to see if I'll sit here and go 400 miles against the current to a base at about 150 MPH in a super carrier..
  8. Lestat9

    Intruders Tip

    When you get the message Intruders onboard and you have a CC that has shuttles or fighters you should go to logistics/Power and turn off the launcher power, this will eliminate the chance of them stealing your million dollar crafts...eventually your marines will search, kill them or catch them and you wont risk any damage except craft or equipment damage instead of craft loss
  9. Lestat9

    Drones destroyed on extract

  10. Lestat9

    Marines get stuck

    "If this is a wild goose chase, you'll pay." The problem seems very weird maybe intermitant even, which would be a nightmare. On the other hand maybe you just forgot to rem out a line Anyway you look at it, Them there marines are stuck... Let me know my fate and i just saw RC5 is out,Ill install that and try to reproduce the error. P.s. Do you ever eat or sleep? LOL
  11. Lestat9

    Marines get stuck

    "I'm NOT going to type up all that crap again." No please dont go to any trouble. I happen to have alot of time on my hands and I have a good save game of the stuck marines. So its not they dont listen to commands they are literally stuck. You were right though(as if) its not the ocean that makes them stuck My guys are stuck on clearly solid ground.It seems they attack fine but maybe after they get some exp or kills they freeze,they keep moving but in place. No matter what command i give them they look like they are doing the command but they dont move( as in distance. They do physically move .) In this save game All i did was tell them to attack an enemy marine. They did and started fighting then the last 2 alive started to run away but before they got to far they just stayed in 1 place.So i have 2 of them stuck/running in place right near eachother on solid ground. Im not trying to show you errors in your game as much as helping you to make this the best game ever. I was a direct x programmer myself until some tragic stuff happened..So really this is just kewl to mess with.I really dig the AI!! I hate to do this. You mentioned Vehicles wont attack soldiers, do soldiers attack vehicles? Do soldiers attack buldings? Cause it doesnt seem like mine are.. That's another issue..grin "Wise men have something to say, fools, have to say something." Plato
  12. Lestat9

    Marines get stuck

    Im apologize for leaving some info out.. I am updated to the latest patch. To clairify. My shuttle was right next to them when i gave the RTB command. In fact i tried to land on top of them in case they didnt see me.. I tried to reproduce the situation but it seems my marines are all getting killed and not running away now...the 3 times i tried. That makes me wonder why they ran away at all . Are they supposed to run away if over powered or whatever? I hate to waste your time Derek cause i know the more time you spend reading this petty issue your not spending time making the next release RC or whatever... Do you think they ran away because they were "shocked" or beaten back? Granted they are very low IQ like about 20 ish.That could be why they dont return, or they are scared or i treated them bad by sending them in. The one thing that has me curious is this.. I let a medic out and put him in their away team SC1 and then told them all to RTB and only the medic returned.The ship was right there landed next to them when i did this. I was in control of the SC1. Im not about to question you in anyway. Im just saying the fact the medic returned and the marines didnt might mean something... Thanks for your time..and a great game.
  13. Lestat9

    Marines get stuck

    I kind of had the same problem with troops but i also read if you treat them bad they wont take your orders... Here is what happened to me...In some ways I think my problem is the latter but im not certain... I landed 10 marines near an enemy city, I also noticed the enemy marines dont come outta there "bases" until your troops actually walk on the city square, I made them go to the enemy main base, then the fighting started, eventually 5 marines were killed and the rest ran away. Well they ran like 5 miles away. I landed a craft near them and told then to return to base (SC1) the craft they left from, they are Away team on SC 1. They just sat there. So i let a medic out and assigned him to there team. Then i say return to base and the medic did but none of the marines moved... I tried several things...(The marines were not injured much maybe 95 percent healthy) No luck, they just sat there, they did react to escort orders but they would never get back in the SC1 or the CC. If it was becausae i treated them badly , i wouldnt think they would take the escort order but they did. So i am starting to think its an error. P.S. This game is the BEST game i have ever played, and I started with Sentinal Worlds on Commodore 64. The only problem is I wish i had a 3.5 MHZ system, but that has nothing to do with the game. Its not dereks fault if your a broke ass fool. In 5 years with the systems then, you will be able to load 5 copies of this game at the same time and have no lag... So its not an issue...The game is a 10.
  14. Lestat9

    Crates/Cargo pods

    Once in a while you will see cargo pods floating in space usually from a ship that just got destroyed.. Even if they are far away they are usually worth the effort to pick up. Sometimes they are a trap, same with disabled ships..You show up and enemies uncloak and waste ya.. It is still worth it when you find a crate with a couple SDM in it and you can sell them for about 3 million each.. It can really make the trip worth while...