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    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Greetings back and thanks for your friendly salute, Commander Wubbema. See you soon out there.
  2. SC, all the fighters are mine, I`m sure. I can dock all the fighters back to my CC, but only three of them at the same time. If I want to return back fighter No.1 (for example), I have to launch first one of the others. The slot color from the TLM is white for the fighter, which is just outside. Its the same with replacement. With three fighters on board, I get a "no bay free for replacement". If I launch one of them - one bay is free and it works!! But when I try to get back the one fighter outside, all bays are busy. So I need 4 bays, but available are only three. Believe me, there is a cloaked intruder asset, which must have docked at my CC in an unnoticed moment.
  3. SC, I┬┤ve tried it several times in different environments: Launched all the crafts in space to dock again...Nothing! I destroyed all the fighters, docked at a star station to replace them. But no success...
  4. SC, thank you for your personal support!!! Yes, I`ve tried this: - Landed the CC on a moon surface, - started my AE with a fighter, - put him down on a moon surface, - ejected myself and go back to CC. Finally tried to tractoring the fighter back to the CC. But no different result!! Same with a shuttle, towed the fighter and docked back. Do you have more ideas?? But I don`t want to waste your time...thanks again!!
  5. Yep, that`s exactly my business now! Is there anybody out there in space who can help me, figuring out that situation? I`ve tried to pull the asset back - in orbit, - on the surface of a moon, and - also on towing by a shuttle. Flying with my AE and pilot! But: No Success!!! I┬┤ve destroyed the fighter, bought a new one, cloned the pilot and tried to replace the fc asset. Result: "No bay free for replacement"
  6. Do you have done everthing exactly described in this thread?: Tech Support ┬╗ General Issues ┬╗ Copy Protection Schemes & CD-Key Issues. My experience is that Tech support works fine.
  7. Hello Commanders, since a few days roaming through space, there is a problem to dock my last fighter asset back to the CC. The message from the bridge is: "No Fighter Bays Available". All FC Bays are pretty good, not damaged. So, I can return three of the fighters, but not the last one. I`m not sure, but I think, I docked sometimes with a craft, which doesn`t belong to my CC. And the bay is now occupied. Is that possible??
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