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    Drone ops! I did it!!

    I have no problem deploying drones, but i always have to go down in a shuttle myself to pick them up. By the time an AI shuttle gets to the extract drone waypoint, the drone has moved so far off the shuttle doesn't pick it up; I beleive there is a way to directly order the shuttle to pick a drone up, which i tried also, but the shuttle just kept swooping back and forth over the drone it was supposed to get. None of thses shuttles were damaged or anything; anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
  2. Mariner

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    This is my first post so, hello everyone! I am a complete n00b, I got the game two days ago and have never played anything in the Battlecruiser series. Except for the demo to the last one, but I suppose that doesn't count. I've been really enjoying myself so far, pretty much just flying around shooting stuff up, trying to get the hang of controlling everything. I expected a much steeper learning curve; the interface is rather intimidating. So far though it's only a matter of taking a couple minutes to track whatever I wat to do down in the manuel, and then its pretty straightforward from there. This game has better documentation than anything I've seen in a while. From what I've read in reveiws and around here there seems to be alot of debate about the graphics. I think they're quite good, but I also think people are looking at them in the wrong way. I fought my first large multi-ship a couple hours ago(Very intense. Bravo. I was destroyed.) and I remember that when I went into TACOPS to try to keep a handle on everything that was going on, the scene reminded me of nothing so much as an extremly complicated RTS. The graphics in this game are at the very least comparable to this, you never hear anybody complaining about the low poly-count for the units in Warcraft, even though when you zoom in you see that they're pretty darn low, and up close the units really don't look all that great. That is not the case in UC. I do wish that there were more sound effects; when I get into a space battle and my ship is being pounded, I'd generally expect my sub-woofer to be shaking the whole room. Oh well. I have crashed to desktop a couple of times, and in two days I guess thats not insubstantial. I don't know if this the game or some driver issue or something, when it comes to technical support im fairly inept. The crashes were really random, I tried repeating them, but I couldn't. Also, I can't for the life of me get my ship back into space once it's entered into a planet. I hit the engines and go up, but no matter what I do once I get to about 15000 on the altitude my ship inevitably comes falling down about 5000 feet (meters?) I keep thinking there's something I'm doing wrong, but I can't find it anywhere in the docs. And is there some time when you all are hosting multiplayer servers that I just don't know about? I'd think this would be great over the net, but no one is ever playing when I check. Well, thats about it for my complaing. Cya all around.