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  1. Hi there, im waiting for this one too, but from info i have, Warwick Davis /little guy from "Willow", Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Leprechaun etc./ will play Marvin - the paranoid android. link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0371724/
  2. Happy New Year from one russian in Germany! I wish you all the best!
  3. IMHO the best way to play UC/BCM is using the mouse. I have X45, but only for flight sims like Falcon 4, not UC.
  4. Ahhh infantry, at last /there was no infantry in previous game/
  5. I remember Earth 2150, there was also few other games released using same engine: World War 3: Black Gold, War over Europe... last one sucked badly. Original, Earth 2150 was the best of them all - it was fun to play with russian equipment. Looking forward to this new one.
  6. Ive played already and connection is rock stable, even im in Germany and Street is in Texas Damn, i forgot some keys after a month of vacation...
  7. quote:Originally posted by Shingen: Hell yeah! Now, the MP patch is next right??? What MP patch?
  8. Most of the text on picture is unreadable, and after few seconds looking on it i got headaches lol Get that "green" color off, its too bright, and think again on this "bevel" ot whatever effect you used
  9. I was on the planets, actually right now im sitting on Zilon and im repairing my "Operations" modul. I hit the ground while trying to pilot around on full speed And somebody mentioned about "blue marble" Earth - its blue where should be Pacific but i can see clearly all of the continets on the planet.In FP like the prone feature, i cant remember if i was able to prone in BCMG. I tried too one of the Instant action missions, with plenty of space ships around on the ground. I didnt tried to get in any of them, while i was too busy to shoot and jump around hehe But really liked the trees and bushes. But one is for sure, no CTD's or any other problems so far. Very stable play!
  10. Hi, long time not posted, just waited to put my hands on UC. And i got it today. First i installed it without any troubles, patched to 2.00.00 and then to 2.00.11. Started it, it gaves me error about vertex shader 1.1. Yes i know, i have an old GeForce 2 GTS Prophet II card with 64 DDR RAM running 45.23 drivers, and i was already thinking to go and buy some new card when i just searched the web for some shader emulators. No luck, then i tried 40.72 drivers, no go, i reverted back to my 45.23 and downloaded Control Panel for DirectX 9 in to my .../Windows/System folder. Guees what? Game runs, im playing already 6 hours i even tried multiplayer, runs like a champ And even graphics look great, years better than BCMG. I know it sounds like nonsense, but as long it works ill wait buying new card. Damn, im happy Special thanks to Derek Smart for developing such a great game! Thank you sir! [ 07-05-2004, 01:08 PM: Message edited by: Bob Canteen ]
  11. quote:Originally posted by dat125: After I installed the new 04 patch my Alt key no longer toggled the mouse flight control option and I can't find the new key if there is one. I read the new VERS. CONTROL but no answer. Also new since the patch, does Ctrl+s just save the game without going to the main menu now and if so how do you do full save where you type a saved game name. thankyou DAT P.S. I haven't had any crash problems since I reinstalled and re-patched. For mouse control - go to configuration screen and make sure "mouse" control is selected, it works ok for me. When you press Ctrl+S, screen with save games shows up, if you dont have saves, they are empty - you need to click on one of them and enter name for your save game. Good luck!
  12. I dont have any of these, but ive played Freelancer on my friends PC. Well i bought my BCMG from eBay, and price was only... 7 Euro! Embarassing!!! And this game beats all other space sims i ever played before - X-Wing Alliance, Freelancer, Allegiance, Freespace, Starlancer... [ 03-09-2004, 10:25 AM: Message edited by: Bob Canteen ]
  13. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Reproduced. Thats odd. Looks like I packaged the wrong exe. Damn. brb EDIT: Until I release a fixed version tomorrow, just add /c to the Join MP Server shortcut if you want to use the server browser. Otherwise just use the commandline options if you know the server IP. Roger that! Thank you, SC!
  14. Im still waiting for FF fix for SP4 to be released, so im playing now only "vanila" SP4, and its fun. Just im curious, i dont know if this happends only to me, but when i fly campaign and press "6" i see SAMs tracking me without missiles loaded? The biggest menace remains AAA and enemy fighters
  15. LMAO A bit too much blood, bones and brains out, but i like it... and the song too
  16. quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: HEAVY METAL Blind Guardian Metallica Iron Maiden Helloween Gamma Ray Stratovarius The FATHERS OF ROCK Led Zeppelin Deep Purple Creedence Clearwaters Revival ROCK, POP & VARIOUS Queen Pearl Jam Sting & Police Blues Brothers Soundtrack Red Hot Chili Peppers Eagles Very nice list i see here I can add: Children of Bodom Amorphis Heavens Gate Running Wild Annihilator Demons and Wizards Loreena McKennitt Nightwish OST Howard Shore John Williams Vangelis - "Blade Runner" OST Hans Zimmer James Horner - OST from "Aliens" and "Braveheart" [ 03-09-2004, 12:49 PM: Message edited by: Bob Canteen ]
  17. Hello everyone, i just downloaded 1.01.03 patch, but after patching game and trying to join multiplayer with bcmg.exe, game starts with single player menu, i mean there is no options for multiplayer?!? Isnt it strange? With 1.01.01 ive no problems joining DreadX server, but i always got disconnects when i land on planets. As i know this was fixed in new patch, but now i cant join MP games. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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