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  1. GreyDog

    Intruders Tip

    I dont know if they've learned or what, but it seems that since I started using this tactic the intruders always make a bee-line for my weapons pods instead!
  2. GreyDog

    Gammulan hit by Galcom violation?

    quote:Originally posted by GhostPilot: At what station did you dock? what race/caste? I think each race impose their law to anyone inside their sectors and stationsEradani is a Ves/Mil station at Canaan. oh well...live & learn
  3. GreyDog

    Marine Types When Being Boarded

    Thanks! quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: Please read the Appendix, its stated right there under the combat officer crew information I usually do when I have a question, but that one popped in while I was reading SC's reply.
  4. Wasn't sure if I should put this here or in the nOOb section. ...& this isn't a complaint, I just thought it rather odd. I was playing a Gam/Mil at Eradani (Canaan) & picked up some illegal items from some raiders, now I usually put that stuff in a shuttle & launch it before docking but forgot to this time & upon entering tradcom, got hit for -7000 exp points. I know why the fine was levied, what I dont get is how Galcom can give violations to races who dont either work for them or are allied with them? thanks in advance for your comments
  5. GreyDog

    Marine Types When Being Boarded

    so when the AI(Resnig) assigns a marine somewhere I can assume they've been prepped?
  6. GreyDog

    Marine Types When Being Boarded

    I dont know, but if I were a marine & was sent off duty I'm gonna take all that equipment off I use my SFM's for shuttle duty & shipboard defence...mostly just shuttle duty tho..
  7. GreyDog

    Is Resnig smarter in UC?

    lol! combat officer
  8. GreyDog

    Question on Joystick controls

    for VTOL you just need to slow down below 25kps. the controls are the way they should be ...forward/back for pitch, side to side for roll & rudder for yaw. (I dont know if you can change it)
  9. GreyDog

    Hello, New Commander Here.

    hello Soul App... I'm a nOOb here just like you & I run into the same things all the time, especially with the shuttle ..I've found that if you give it something to jump to then call it back it usually listens, (I think its a low AI thing)...other things to try are to fly to it while it still has the rtb orders or halt it & egress to it yourself. I had to do a tow train yesterday to retrieve one I had sent after a disabled enemy fighter ...he wouldn't even turn his engines on! (screeny) I too think it would be great if SC would slow them stations down a bit, but in leiu of that I have found that if you jump to something on the other side of the station (in the direction its going) then jump back to it, you will be flying to it while its moving toward you which speeds things up immensely cheers mate!
  10. GreyDog

    Is dead forever?

    ahh, ok ...wrong game! doh!!
  11. GreyDog

    Is dead forever?

    hmmm...ye got me then, the patch fixed it for me!
  12. GreyDog

    Is dead forever?

    escaped just means they're still roaming the ship. the Tradcom bug is known & fixed ...read this thread have you patched your game?
  13. GreyDog

    RC6/RC7 Patch Comments

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I have decided to not do the deviceID check - as long as people with those boards do NOT post about graphics anomalies. Fair? sounds fair to me too thanks SC!
  14. GreyDog

    RC6/RC7 Patch Comments

    whenever I set a waypoint on a planet & a/p to it the ship image dissapears, you can see the engine burn graphics ..but there no ship in front of it. from this point on, including after planetfall, f9 & f10 reveal no ship ...egress reveals no ship & I cant get back in because I cant find it. I have screenies if you need em. noship1 noship2 it didn't do this pre-rc7, thats why I'm posting this here. it occurred on both Gamma1, with BCmk2 & Earth with Jenstar, two tests I didnt do (which I maybe could have) was to 1) try & view it from a shuttle & 2) fly in manually. dont know if it matters, but I'm running the GF4 mx 440, I was assured by the salesperson when I bought the system that it was the upgraded one. [edit] I just spent the last couple hours trying to recreate the problem today ..with no success. I can only surmise that what ever was causing it was fixed by shutting down for the night & rebooting in the morning. my apologies for posting to soon, I wont let it happen again! [ 02-29-2004, 01:48 PM: Message edited by: GreyDog ]