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  1. I was playing a few minutes ago and just for fun I landed my CC on the surface of the moon, transported myself and 5 marines to the surface, and then put 2 cargo pods on the surface to give them some target practice. We destroyed one cargo pod and when I targed the other I noticed the marines had an option of docking with the cargo pod. I figured why not (I think I know now why) and when I did it they ran over to the cargo pod and then disappeared. After that I couldn't get them back. They were listed in perscan as being on the moon, and I could see them the tactical computer, and when I looked at their stats I could see that they were getting pretty hungry where ever they were. I even looked at the contents of the cargo pod and all that was there was the 1 nutripak I had put in it. Is this just something I shouldn't do if I ever want to see my marines again, because I've had the same thing happen if I tell them to dock with a gunship on the surface too, and I have yet to find a way to use them afterwards. Please use descriptive post subjects or the thread will be deleted next time. [ 06-19-2006, 07:19 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  2. You think you're being fired upon by the enemy and realize it is actually YOUR pta system firing at them instead.
  3. Matchoo

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Bioware. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27311504/
  4. Matchoo

    Game Features

    Sounds like you may have misunderstood the SC (I could be wrong). In Echo Squad you don't have the ability to roam, but in BCM, UC, UCG, UCAWA, UCSE, and UCCE you have a roam mode along with the compaign and instant action modes. This roam mode puts you into space with a ship, a crew, a few supplies, and basically lets you explore the universe to your hearts contents. If you want to be in the military and protect the universe you can fight battles in space or send you and/or your marines down to the planet for ground ops using the transporter and/or shuttles, all the while having your fighters backing up the troops from the air. If obeying the law really isn't your thing, you can be a pirate and attack ships for their cargo. If you crave freedom to do what you want give BCM, UC, UCG, UCAWA, UCSE, and/or UCCE a try. (p.s. watch out for intruders on your ship )
  5. What is the secret to hosting and playing on the same machine. I can get the console version running and initialized correctly but when I attempt to start the MP client it says I can't have 2 copies of the application running at the same time? Update: A different error was preventing me from patching to version 1.00.03. I was finally able to get the patch to work and that fixed this issue.
  6. I thought it would be fun to list some of the crazy things we have tried, whether they worked or not. Last night I was playing UC and I noticed that at 50.0km from earth your ship automatically planet-falls. I took my megaron to 50.1km from earth, gave it a halt command, then took my AE out for a little spacewalk to see if my AE would planet-fall. I could picture the little guy entering the planet and falling to his doom. SC thought of everything, though, because as soon as I hit the 50.0km mark, the game ended and it was reported that I was KIA.
  7. SC, in reference to your first comment in this topic, are you planning on releasing the original UC as freeware in the near future? (I know I posted this in a different thread but it was a sticky and and the new post indicator on those can be easy to miss sometimes)
  8. Matchoo

    Universal Combat - Product End Of Life

    (Hopefully this is a good topic to put this question in.....) SC, in reference to your first comment in this topic, are you planning on releasing the original UC as freeware in the near future?
  9. Matchoo

    Posting And You...

    quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: I have the answer to the burning question..... "How do I orbit?" Easy. Just step into that little cubicle marked AIRLOCK Then one of us pushes this little button marked OPEN OUTER DOOR Et joila' That's the one thing this board is missing: An instant gramemlin that is an animation of a graemlin having the airlock closed on him and then being sucked into space, slowly fading off into the distance. (for an added effect, when it's in space maybe it can grow bigger then BOOM!)
  10. Matchoo

    Ok dudes..

    quote:Originally posted by HorseloverFat: Unfortunately, the smart people on the forum were banned.So what can we deduce from the the combination of the above sentence and the fact you're still able to post here????? (sorry, couldn't resist )
  11. I love around 3 minutes in where he says 'I don't need help'......Guess again.
  12. When I opened this it said 0 users had voted and after I voted and refreshed it said 3 had. Right after I made my selection I clicked the submit button (or what ever it was called to save my vote) but I may have clicked it multiple times. I don't know if this would have registered multiple votes but if it did please disregard the additional ones. (I don't think it did because in a different thread I read before voted Marvin said he had voted. I'm just trying to make sure I'm not accused of attempting to rig the election.)
  13. quote:Originally posted by Marvin: For the position of Leader, Prime Fleet, I nominate Commander Kalshion D'Dragon. I'll second that.
  14. Matchoo

    To SC and all forum members.

    Ok, I think giving us that mental image deserves a temporary ...
  15. Matchoo

    computer game controllers

    I've used an Axis game pad I got from Walmart for $15-$20 that was similar to an x-box controller. I used with a super nintendo emulator, which took some trial-and-error to get it set up the way I wanted it, but afterwards it worked really well.
  16. That makes sense. I just didn't know if there was a way to get them back into the 3D world, but it sounds like currently there isn't. Also sorry about the original title. I thought it might be good to have a spot for those questions that might be valid but also might just be so ridiculus that it might be safer not to ask. Next time I'll make it relevant to the issue. Thanks
  17. Matchoo

    Deploying units I bought

    It would be cool if you could load a bunch of stuff into a cargo pod, send it down to the planet, and then unload it. If the item in the pod had a model tied to it it would spawn in the near proximity of the cargo pod. You could then move the stuff around using a shuttle and tractor beam. Be great for setting up your own bases. Maybe someday...
  18. Matchoo

    Playing Catch-up with some older movies

    You could always buy a metal detector and go into treasure hunting. (Just don't do this )
  19. Matchoo

    Server Problems (Private server)

    I was at CompUSA yesterday and I noticed they had some jewel-case copies of Universal Combat. I've wanted to get another copy of it so I could play it on a LAN with my brother-in-law (maybe bring another UC convert into your fold). Is this possible using this jewel-case version or will the multiplayer authentication fail when playing on a LAN also? [ 06-07-2006, 11:13 PM: Message edited by: Matchoo ]
  20. Matchoo

    friend or foe?

    quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: Red River, /stretches fingers in front of the airlock controls. "One more pointless post without your system profile in your sig and I'm gonna space you for awhile" Comprende? I thought he could make all the pointless posts he wanted to as long as he wasn't requesting tech support....
  21. We had another little girl Monday afternoon and took her out home on Tuesday. They had us put her in her car seat and checked to make sure she was fastened in properly. They did the same thing to our first daughter a year ago. I'm sure 99% of the time the parents fasten the child in properly, but I think I would prefer them to check everybody so they can catch that 1% that is going to mess it up and put their child in danger. If they make sure the child is fastened in properly, then they have a better chance of avoiding a lawsuit if the child get injured on the way home due to a carseat that is used improperly. But back on topic......Congrats again
  22. Matchoo

    UCAWA 1.00.14 Patch Released

    I got my verson on CD from BMT Micro. Would you still like me to try it?
  23. Matchoo

    UCAWA 1.00.14 Patch Released

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Matchoo: Both singleplayer and multiplayer are running great for me now. Thanks. Please complete your profile. Done
  24. Matchoo

    UCAWA 1.00.14 Patch Released

    Both singleplayer and multiplayer are running great for me now. Thanks.
  25. Congratulations and good luck.