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  1. Joker_SE

    Please help

    No, he is asking how to tow a broken ship to the station with the help of your shuttle, controlling by your memer crew or NPC.
  2. Joker_SE

    Some terms

    I had in view of section of a "rocket and a mine" of the specification, please specify, that these parameters mean with reference to rockets as "best accel" it is given not in m/ñåê and is simple in meters?
  3. Joker_SE

    Some terms

    Greetings to valorous pilots!!! Guys - you could not help with translation of some terms in BCM-demo Craft specs. In particular we are interested with the following terms: What is WAY POINT RANGE - explain that it means, for rockets BEST ACCEL - that it? It is thankful in advance. ------------------ Best regards, Commander Joker_SE, GCV Gwendolen www.elite-russia.net
  4. Joker_SE

    Battlecruiser bridge prototype

    This discussion is very fun, but when we can see the BCM demo? D. Smart talk something about the Christmas ------------------ Best regards, Commander Joker_SE, GCV Gwendolen
  5. Joker_SE

    Battlecruiser bridge prototype

    1st one, IMHO ------------------ Best regards, Commander Joker_SE, GCV Gwendolen
  6. Joker_SE

    Battlecruiser bridge prototype

    Sorry for some criticism, but all, what I see outside the bridge is wery good, but the own bridge is not. Add some depth to the cocpit, please! Make it in 3D. It's my modest opinion. ------------------ Best regards, Commander Joker_SE, GCV Gvendolen