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  1. 1. No. 2. Yes, it is ridiculous. 3. Yes, the AI has more fuel than you. 4. 5000 XP is lost when a diplomat ship is destroyed. You only get 50 XP because it's so easy to kill marines in a capital ship. 5. Don't know. I would recommend playing a commander instead, since you get to do everything the other classes can do combined AND you can actually do something about those silly diplomats.
  2. Yay! The Megaron has MK1 Shuttles! The game is definitely running faster now on planets with the new model format. There is less loading when new entities are created too. The planetary textures also look clearer. The new Intruder and Marauder are nice, but are still of little to no value in roam since you can't really put AI troops or vehicles in them (they end up on top), nor can they operate the crafts' guns. Will the AI ever be allowed to use them in UC?
  3. Eh? The title of this thread is now UC 1.01.00 Patch Status? Is the game regressing?
  4. quote:Originally posted by Scratch: Saw many of the enemy buildings turn to blue neutral tags wonder why that is? That usually means it blew up. It is now under reconstruction. You get EPs for blowing up stuff, of course, so your loss was most likely due to the presence of a diplomat in the region. Note that diplomats DO exist in roam mode. And even if a diplomat is destroyed by a party neutral to you, you still lose EP's. In the event you come across neutral parties, you could target the diplomat and click the tractor button. The neutral parties will then ignore the diplomat and let it go on its merry way. Note that this is a bit tricky when hostiles are in the area. A good practice to maintain, therefore, is the immediate evacuation of your forces from a region in the event you come across a diplomat. So long as your forces are not in the region, you will not be penalized for the destruction of the diplomat's ship.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Cc: Are you playing the same BCMG the rest of us are playing? He is. In BCMG, the ZS10 (available to the Commander career in addition to the MI marine, as you may recall) is blessed with the power to repel buildings. The blessed bl-assault rifle cannot be touched by the evil ones.
  6. quote:Originally posted by dreadx: No, the missiles as they are now in the game are not that easy to use effectively. It's too easy to jam them. The OTS is the extreme of easiness at this moment because the STO's aren't operational. Go figure.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: Go to the planet, and attack the base WHILE uncloaked. Trust me it's a challenge and a good learning experience for you're own men (my officer's went from 20 AI to about 37 AI after assaulting 3 base's) I'll have to try that; my officers could use a boost in AI, especially that stupid Combat Officer that ordered my marines to help the Gammulan intruders barricade the path to the turbo shaft. Quite annoying to have all of my 20 marines in the Deck 1 Fore corridor. I noticed they only got stuck there AFTER I put Combat Officer on duty...
  8. quote:Originally posted by dreadx: But when you consider game-play, using a missile is actually letting the computer do the thinking and aiming for you and this is probably not what you want in the long run. Compare using a OTS to "getting down and dirty" to take out a base. Letting the computer think for you... that is an interesting way of putting it. Yes, using an OTS is a million times easier than actually assaulting a base. Which would lead me to the real question... Are STS missiles that easier (as in the OTS vs ground assault easier) to use than the IOD/PTA? Or is the OTS just the extreme of easiness?
  9. quote:Originally posted by DeepFreeze: I haven't really played any multiplayer UC but it seems like any non-handicapped commander knows where the J button is on his keyboard, which would thus render missiles useless. So am I correct in assuming that missiles arent worth much in NP? This also one of my major concerns regarding the usefulness of missiles. In single player the EMD does indeed render missiles useless. I remember reading that the EMD was toned down in multiplayer, though, so FATAL overkill and such might work there. quote:Originally posted by MIKE113: When a Cap ship is jumping to your position set half or all your missiles to FATAL and watch. I use mines in the same manner. Lay a mine field while he is jumping in and move away a little. Still, FATAL overkill costs money, and the best time to hit a ship with the IOD is when it is coming out of hyperspace. And SC... I took your advice and asked a Gammulan Military Warmonger where I could find massive fleet battles in which I could use my fresh stock missiles, and he responded by teleporting 10( ) intruders on board my ship, all of which barricaded the Deck 1 Fore Corridor so that all of my marines got stuck up there (they were ALL trying to intrude on the Gammulan ships using the transporters, believe it or not), and then proceeded straight to my Weapons Pod to set off all of my new Vagrant missiles. This was all only minutes after I had asked a Gammulan Military Solnar where I could find the aforementioned battles involving missiles, which responded by boarding me with eight intruders that took out my tractor beam and stuffed half my CC and the kitchen sink into SC1. I just can't get a clean IOD fight going with these Gammulans today... I may have to use the cloak + FATAL trick just so intruders can't get on board!
  10. quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: Cloak + FATAL is a pretty good use of them when you are outnumbered badly. Yes, and Fractux makes a similar point: use missiles when the battle isn't going well. However, I have yet to find myself in such a situation, and I've traveled to the far corners of the galaxy. Do you all know of any means of picking a massive fleet battle fight, such that I am forced to use missiles to live? What missile do you all generally use? When going to Gammula, do you all horde them like the player I mentioned earlier?
  11. Question: Why use any missiles other than the OTS missiles? Certain surface installations have been hardened against IOD fire (enter the OTS missiles), but the CC is perfectly capable of handling anything else. In fact, let's review our CCs' weapon systems: 1. The IOD, otherwise known as the main gun. Originally of a decent caliber in BC3K, the fire rate of the IOD has increased exponentially (and then some) throughout the series since its introduction. With the introduction of slower crafts and the aforementioned increased IOD fire rate in UC, the IOD spells death like it did in UC's predecessors, but ten times faster. It's not much use against fighters, although the IOD CAN hit them at point blank range. 2. The PTA system. At one point, your PTA only had three turrets, which you could control manually. These days, ships generally come with six to ten turrets. The PTA system destroys fighters and missiles with ease, making up for the IOD's main weakness. The AI even uses it to destroy larger objects. It requires that you orient your ship so that the target is in a sweet spot, but once that happens (which it does), it's all over. Plus, if you want to hit something with the PTA, you aren't going to hit it with the IOD anyway. Seriously, what more could you need? I visited Cowzilla's website in search of answers (in the context of BC3K, of course, but that can be adapted to). Scrolling through the tips, I found a tip from a person that said you should stock up on lots of Vagrants (80 Vagrants PER SHUTTLE was the recommendation) before leaving the Terran quadrant. That's 320 Vagrants, not counting what was probably loaded into the CC's weapons pod (2500/5=500 Vagrants), the ICs (10*4=40 Vagrants in all) and (god forbid) the ATV's (possibly another 40 Vagrants), hypothetically bringing this person's CC loadout to a total of 860 or 900 Vagrants ! That's insane! Heck, even the concrete 320 Vagrants from the shuttles is insane! Who could need so many missiles when the IOD works fine? I read on, but there was no solid reasoning behind any of this madness; just something about the Gammulan quadrant, which wasn't nearly as bad as suggested by this quantity of missiles in BC3K. PLEASE enlighten me to the usefulness of missiles; given the sheer volume of these things at starstations (and in some peoples' CCs, which at times exceed that of starstations), sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on an important part of the game.
  12. I command a Megaron called the GCV-Executor, after the infamous SSD Executor.
  13. Ok, so I'm not going completely crazy. As I said, this occurs regardless of career (or what you do in that career, for that matter) but I will post a series of steps to reproduce my problem with medkits in the interest of good form. 1. Start a new MI Infantry career(for testing purposes only; smacking the ground with a jetpack is faster than heading to a hostile MZONE with any other career). Leave everything else at the default settings. 2. When the game loads, hurt yourself (fly up some and hold down Z to hit the ground hard). 3. Press M to activate a medkit; the counter should go down. 4. Press M again; the counter should go up. It is within the limits of my experience with UC that you can also do this: 1. As an experienced and most wise Commander with Fleet C&C, you decide beam down from that shiny Megaron (yes, yours.. or mine ) into a hostile MZONE to test out that now working wristlaser. 2. Within 10 seconds of your stay, a squad of EF marines spawns and starts taking pot shots at you with deadly accuracy (how do they do that?) 3. Not thinking straight, you don't go to TACOPS and evacuate yourself, and instead decide to use a medkit. Of course, the medkit doesn't work, and you die. If you ALT-Q'd in a prior RC patch and resume last, you might find yourself back in that enemy base, with a concrete saved game from 12 hours ago. Oh the pains of a new UC Commander.
  14. Hello everyone, Coming from the crazy universe of BCMG in which one could raze countless bases with a mere ZS10, I would think that using medkits would still be as straightforward in UC as they were in the previous game; if you get hurt, you press M, and gain 10 LF points. However, my attempts to use these rather straightfoward items in UC have been met with dismal failure. When I activate a medkit, the sound cue plays, the counter goes down, but I am not healed. Then comes the odd part; if I use a medkit again, the sound is played as usual, but counter goes UP! Successive taps of the M key trap my injured marine in a cycle of losing a medkit and gaining a medkit, without gaining any health. This happens to me with every career in the game, and I can't fight anyone without dying a quick death myself. I read the manual, reinstalled the game, tried various RC patches, and found that I could only use medkits with a fresh install, without any RC patches (I tried patches 1 and 7 to no avail). So... Could anyone give me advice as to how to use medkits in the RC patches?
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