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    Underwater base

    Well if you havent seen it, go and see it Theres an underwater base at earth 331 (ter/mil) theres only one and it's the only place you will find submarines.Theres 2 large ones but There are also tiny wraith subs near the bottom which kinda give me deja vu from thunderbirds, remember thunderbird 4? nice little things. Unfortunatly it doesnt look like we can drive them yet, all they seem to want to do is rotate up and down. Its mildly amusing to be wandering round a military base with fish all around. Sc, do you have any intentions of taking this concept further in HI or HTL or was this an experiment?
  2. Gah, i hate to have to do this. I've been playing the game and it has been running flawlessly since i got it, about 2 weeks ago. After running all the patches 99.99% of all bus seem to have been stamped out. So i belive this might just have been a random error that happens unavoidably. But, here goes. I had parked the battlecruiser up near orion station on centris, and decided to have a go at teaching the raiders down on the planet a thing or two. The latest patches seem to have boosted the ai skill and i and four marines had destroyed half the base So i decided to save before packing up and heading home, unfortunatly when i clicked resume, the loading stopped on "cen01" and i got an error that said: "save game corrupt, missing object marker" thank god i had a second save file before i landed on the planet. it reloaded fine. So, would this be an issue, something i can forget about or something that will be reoccuring?
  3. Littlealx

    save game corrupt "missing object marker"

    that could be it, thanks
  4. Littlealx

    Underwater base

    Oops. No it wouldnt be a good idea to swim from the shore, should have been more specific. There actually are djp's down there so if you dont want to swim down you can use one at another base, and teleport down there. But its more practical to use the shuttles, the way SC said. If your lucky on the swim down, you'll see a few sharks As for driving the subs, we cant do that yet, it was answered at the start of this thread mate. Im definatly looking forward to when we can though!
  5. Littlealx

    Underwater base

    Thanks Sc, Rix, im asuming you are on the planets surface, all you can really do is swim down, hit backspace and your character will swim without having to hold any keys. Takes about 4 minutes.... but im thinking perhaps there are djp's there, i dont know ill look.
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    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Oakey doakey, I got my UC from Ebay and im looking forward to join a fleet, Prime looks like the one for me but i'm just asking here before i get too set, Is it ever humanly possible to have a fairly decent game from my location in Australia to a fleet server in America? Im running a 512k brband that usually gives me 250ms to east coast.
  7. And a damn heavy weight too ... have a look at this http://www.geocities.com/universalcombatscreens/index.html (sorry about site... just wanted to show the pics) Flying round earth bases, i was actually trying to land on the roof of the base but forgot to brake... ended up under it and when i tried to take off... it was kinda... ontop of my shuttle? While it was fun delivering it to a nearby enemy base, it was even more fun trying to get it off i couldn't! (This is the demo version im running, so no worries)
  8. Littlealx

    The Galaxian Probe

    quote:Originally posted by Annihilator: Has anybody gotten the Trans-matrix Cloaking Device who can shed some light on the subject? Yeah mate was the first thing i did when i got it. No theres nothing there. However im on a roam scenario, so i dont know if there is anything there on the campaign.
  9. Littlealx

    i am SO lost......

    well actually guys i had his problem at first... dude press alt-c. But tigerclaw is right. you need to add a system spec to your profile... theres an faq to do it somewhere but i cant seem to find it...
  10. Littlealx

    supernova 2

    Hey guys Well, on a roam scenario i have managed to get my crews exp up very high and gotmyself a hsd and a transmatrix cloaking device. So it was pretty simple to poke around all ten supernovas. Well... unfortunatly they are all empty... on a roam scenario anyway. No ships, stations, planets etc, unless you count stargazer but it is empty too. I was looking at this post and wondering if there was anything in snovas... well in roam at least... there isnt.
  11. Littlealx

    Silent Hunter III

    thats just the patch. the full version of pacific aces is on subsim.com, where you get screens thrown at you demanding you donate money before downloading the mod.
  12. Littlealx

    Silent Hunter III

    Wow... im very suprised that so many people have played the silent hunter series... i thought i was the only one. Like everyone else, i cant wait to try the third one out. heh, being my manical self i tried to make my cc make like a submarine. It didnt work >< EDIT: Woah, did anybody miss this? "The interior is modelled in detail with all the control and feedback instruments available to use. It will be possible to access manually all the controls in 3D." Finally, it looks like there is a certain degree of ability to walk the sub. Im suprised they didnt "fully" implement it though.
  13. my radeon cost 89$ AU... i dont know how you managed to find a 100-200 dollard price difference...
  14. Id like to try and suggest some people reconsider their biased opinions... With great difficulty i managed to get myself a decnt system, when i found it had a radeon card i was a little apprehensive because of things i have read in here. After getting the drivers from ATI i have found that there is absolutly nothing wrong with radeon cards. Or at least, the 9200 that i have anyway. Yes, to begin with it did glitch, but after getting drivers the problem stopped. I was happy that i could have a look at Universal combat now, i wasnt able to play it on the old system, a geforce 2. But now i can... its a big step and its evolved even more. My only bloody problem is now im hooked on UC and seems to have sunk somewhere in the Atlantic. (not on sale in Australia) Radeon haters... what problems have you encountered that put you so against them???!!!
  15. quote:Originally posted by Greg Miller: Well, I'd have to say their past driver history still haunts them. Poor bastards Well i suppose they brought it upon themselves.. you know when i first got it it DID have glitches and it screwed around with bc... getting drivers from gigabyte (its a gigabyte radeon) did jack all... then after trying drivers from ati instead it now works flawless. Its a bit confusing having so many different companies or distributers for a card.. there is at least 4 Well, um performance wise the radeon is not the best card but its still decent... i dont particularlly care about one less fps on battlefield or whatever, especially if your paying 150$ if you want the latest and greates card. But hell you guys wouldnt be saying that stuff for a reason so it must have had issues, but you have to be fair... its beginning to look like they're getting their act together.
  16. Littlealx


    - Every other game you own seems small, limited,simple. Not even the best recent releases come live up to the standard you have set because of bc. Whos going to pay money for the new doom?
  17. Littlealx

    it's an outrage...

    um, forgive me for speaking the truth, but your exactly right. The reason people go crazy over games likedoom is because those games are simple... pathetically simple... mmm... If only just a few more people woke up and realised that that is the 3249th head they have blown off a monster in doom. Well as for the sims... its ok... but gets boring quickly I enjoy playing games that require more thought than bashing the "fire" button, AKA battlecruiser. The thing that got me hooked on this was the freedom of it.
  18. Littlealx

    it's an outrage...

    hey, you start a dedi server let me know man
  19. Littlealx

    it's an outrage...

    Hi captain Yeah its a very deep, complex game and its a lot of fun. unfortunatly there are never really any servers for bcmg. You will find that it's kinda overshadowed by Universal combat, all the servers are for that now. But to answer your question, a friend and i played a multiplayer session for a while and loved it. We just hung around farstar, jumping round the system, and collecting any cargo pods. Which of course we fought over because we had to give everything away to afford radine. Basically the multiplayer game is much better because there is someone you can relate to either with you or against you. On multiplayer, NEVER ignore your tactical officer when she says "theres something out there" because it will be the biggest (and last) mistake you ever made. Hey if there is any multiplayer games going, let me know!
  20. Littlealx

    Ways 2 make money

    Its no suprise that when you start a new game you desperatly need money for radine. lots of it. First thing i did was deploy mining drones and start fighting... i destroyed and captured a few ships, destroyed some CCs and captured some shuttles. Actually i dont think i got a whole lot of money out of that... it all came from the miners 3 hours later (btw i managed to drag a fleeing shuttle right out of hyperspace, hehe i was pretty pleased with myself about that, it reappeared out of hyperspace 30 secs afterwards on the end of my tractor) Anyway peoples, list the tactics you use to get money, and some planets that are good to mine on. I noticed that you can check the mineral type of planets but not moons. since moons are sometimes more rich than planets i just guessed. Phobos, one of mars's moons is pretty damn good to ghet resources from. only problem is finding the things again hehe
  21. Littlealx

    Planetside Commands

    Actually... on second thought, it is a bit of fun to actually have the tactics to level a base; unless of course you get killed
  22. Littlealx

    Mining Drone Deployment

    If you want things done right, do it yourself. The AI likes to land your shuttles underground.