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  1. Another month in this empty desolate space quadrant. I AM STILL HERE!!!
  2. I missed September. Luckily I am the only one here so I will only give myself 10 lashes instead of the customary 25!
  3. A fleet of one is better than a fleet of none! All Vanguard Fleet members report!
  4. How the hell did I miss the June Roll call. Oh, I know, super busy with rl. It happens. Vanguard Fleet, check in if you dare!
  5. All active fleet members check in just to make yourself feel good! Spoooooooooooonnnnn!!!!
  6. Holding the flickering forum torch aloft again! Vanguard Fleet check in
  7. I wasn't in the original cast but i might do some light work.
  8. I wasn't in the original cast but I might do a little light work.
  9. Better late than never! Happy Valentine's Day
  10. Pretty colors! That's all I can say as I'm not smart enough to truly comprehend the awesomeness.
  11. I hope all you BC/UC diehards had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a great new year. LOD!
  12. Rock 'n Roll....woooohoooohoooohooo!! Yes, I just went and did it. So great to play that again. I will admit I wanted to get the scenarios that were dropped so you will be getting a forwarded email from BMT Micro where I requested new keys for the Ultimate Space Combat Bundle. I was really Jonesing though so I downloaded UC and BC Millennium free versions. When I get my SATA DVD drive though I will try to install every version of BC/UC I can. I like them all. UC is the most advanced but BCM and BC3K have that added character in their HUD I'm getting some artifacting with BCM so I may cobble together a XP computer with spare parts to run it some time. I've checked out LOD a bit but it makes my PC huurrrrt! You wouldn't want to give me a key for UC:AWA would you, or is that just trying to circumcise the mosquito?
  13. Teknocack Prime reporting back in after a long absence I'm looking for possibly the only other fleetmember Emylights to come back! I don't know if Quazar is still sniffing around. The last time we talked he was telling me he was out indefinitely.
  14. Bam! Bringing the Prime, Teknocack Prime. Reporting in for the new year.
  15. I have scattered many times but I show up form time to time. I would love to see a modern remake. I just skimmed the topic as I am in the middle of something else so If I missed a point I apologize. I am not sure if there is enough interest among the general PC gaming community for this but if you start this, I will be along for the ride for sure!
  16. Leave it to Derek Smart and 3000AD to finally make it worth my while to check my fb account more than once every 3 months or so. Kicking and screaming into the 21st century social webiverse!!
  17. Reporting in, back from the freaking dead!!!
  18. Wow, fb is just another form of webcrack. Give me traditional websites any time. Cripes, I must be getting old!!
  19. Teknocack Prime reporting in. Thanks Emy for keeping the home fires burning. I am an AV installer and this time of year is just freaking crazy!! I should have said so before.
  20. Thanks again Emy. Was on Vacation with *gasp* no internet. Teknocack Prime reporting in!
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