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  1. Whapow! Reporting in. Alert all ships! The emoticons are missing!!??
  2. Teknocack Prime reporting in! Thanks Emy for taking up my slack. Yer one of the good ones, man!
  3. Thanks Emy for taking up my slack . Sgt. Major Teknocack Prime reporting in!
  4. As did I. This list could serve any company, no matter what the size. Good read.
  5. Hey, Eve is very cool, and GCO will be very cool also. So say we all.
  6. I had not expected to see any more of the 'Ancient Ones'. I had thought ShoHasi was the last. I am happy to be mistaken. [rp] A strange trilling sound fills the air. [/rp]
  7. Sound off! Sgt. Major Teknocack Prime reporting. Nice to hear from Emy last month. Still looking for the return of Quazar one of these years. That man is just an enigma.
  8. While I am the defacto fleet leader, and I started the rollcall thread, I did not report. So, after giving myself a stern reprimand I am now reporting in to myself. Imagine my complete surprise to find that they still use lashes in the 31st century. Man that smarts!
  9. Holding the torch in the darkness cuz it just feels good!
  10. I am understandably curious.
  11. Of course you are emy. [lowmenacingvoice]"No one leaves Vanguard, he he he he!"[/lowmenacingvoice] Hey, thanks for reporting. Nice to hear from someone. When I get my XP machine back up and running I am going to invite anyone to play MP with me.
  12. YEAH, baby! YEAH!! Sweet, I'm reading my own topic!
  13. YEAH, baby! YEAH! On time two months in a row. Vanguard ho!
  14. Yes, happy birthday echo
  15. Happy Birthday echo

  16. Happy Birthday in 2011

  17. Brother, if something bigger is cooking, I can snack on plenty of stuff 'til then.
  18. OK, is that your real picture?

  19. Ahh, sweet. I read the announcements on a couple of gaming sites who shall remain nameless, like this nameless site, or this nameless site. In response to most of the comments on these sites, may I say the majority must not always rule, because the majority is not always right.
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