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  1. Nevertheless, I am understandably curious.
  2. YEAH baby, YEAH!! Might have even raised the bar above Spiderman. You were right SC. In a perfect world the sequel would come out next month. There aren't many movies that I would do this with but I could watch it again rfn! Hey, everybody. If you have any affinity for action at all then go see this talkie yesterday.
  3. I'm going in about 20 minutes. It had better not be another Fantastic Four. I'll take SC's take as a good initial indicator though.
  4. I just hope this doesn't simply encourage land developers to bulldoze farmland but it is an interesting application for places that don't have a large amount of arable land.
  5. Galaga is great but I meant that I dropped it like a hot potato when Xevious came out. I mean c'mon, did you look at those graphics? And you can bomb the ground too? Sign me up! I hate to be a cliche but those were the good old days. I can't believe I'm saying that these days. Must be because I just turned 40.
  6. After watching a little bit of one show I can say with some relief that I don't remember that show at all. I do remember the games though brother. That's my era. Would I be hijacking the thread if I asked what your favorite 80s arcade game was? I'll go with Xevious. Once I started playing it Galaga was immediately forgotten.
  7. I agree. It's one thing when some punk puts up video on Youtube, but not a gaming website that should have the interest of the hobby in mind. I think that Thompson knows Resnig through the 6 degrees of incompetence.
  8. I certainly defer to your superior knowledge from the other side of things. Part of that was just my personal beef. I'm a little hot at MS right now because what once worked for me nearly flawlessly, now doesn't work as well as it used to.
  9. It may also have something to do with recent problems. There is no point in asking for bigger size limits if they can't get what they have working right. They also have account security issues and according to this quote from the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, "16. WE MAKE NO WARRANTY We provide the Service "as-is," "with all faults" and "as available." The Microsoft Parties give no express warranties, guarantees or conditions. You may have additional consumer rights under your local laws that this contract cannot change. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanlike effort and non-infringement.", they don't even have to guarantee any level of quality in a paid service! It appears that both developers and end users have a problem stemming from Xbox Live. I hope MS figures it out because if they don't the PS3 is starting to gain steam and Sony will surely capitalize on this weakness. I know that I have my limits and I will ditch my gamerscore if things don't get much better real soon.
  10. Actually I think it would be the best thing since Marvel vs. Capcom but I am skeptical that Midway can even make a top notch fighting game. They haven't done so yet but there is a first time for everything. I do have to admit that the mid-air fighting has my interest piqued.
  11. One of the coolest things I have ever seen. Thanks brother.
  12. Very well then. It appears that I have been simply mis-using RF marines. It must be an acute case of Resnigitis! My intelligence is on life support. Pray for me boys and girls.
  13. Yeah, I had already figured I'd send Resnig down with a shuttle instead. I think you have a point about going prone. Perhaps the SC can take a look at it but there are acceptable workarounds for now. If this thread doesn't get any attention I may post a new one.
  14. Tony Stark must have tapped into quantum energy.
  15. Yes you are correct. I noticed it when I just sent some marines down to take out a couple of sams and I didn't set up for a major operation. If you don't designate a target for operations then you cannot give them orders and you cannot transport them out if there is no TTD. I was using the transporter to pop them in and out. This next is not empirical but I have now observed that their TTD disappears when they go prone. Upon further experimentation I got one TTD back briefly when one RF marine went back to a kneeling position, then a few seconds after going prone the TTD disappeared again. Thanks for the info. I haven't used the PLV very much as I haven't engaged in a lot of planetary operations. It appears that it is time to rectify my deficiency in that area.
  16. I have a gameplay quirk that I discovered in UCCE. I am bumping this thread as it is the closest to the problem I am having and I am not sure it warrants a new thread. I have transported down a mixed 4 member squad of marines to take out some ground targets. 2 AF marines and 2 RF marines. After a few seconds the RF marines TTD disappears and they are no longer selectable either by clicking on them or using the Zoom menu. They still show up in Tactical and Perscan. One RF marine is even shown in the Video window in Tacops. I have save games and screen shots if needed. Any input from anyone who has experienced this would be gratefully appreciated.
  17. Yes, I saw this the other day. Absolutely tasteless. That man has serious problems. I am glad he is around to give critics of gaming a bad name!
  18. Yes doctor, he has reasoned it out.
  19. You are the second person in my recent experience who has mentioned the same thing. I am understandably curious and somewhat chagrined that a reasonably smart guy like me hasn't been paying attention until now. Late bloomer perhaps, or just not my time to raise my awareness until now. I have had a feeling that there is something in the wind for several years now. We must evolve or face some dire consequences. Good to see you back even in limited capacity brother.
  20. I am glad for your good news brother.
  21. Brother, your very first BC game could still keep me going til '012!!! Just for the record, all problems are shared responsibility, though I understand (as well as I can) some of the motivations for your change in focus. I've played the GCES demo for the first time and really dig the cockpit view. It did throw me for a loop though because I actually tried to click on the TRS among other things, and was rudely awakened that this is actually an action game! Ahhh anyway, I will always be a fan of the originals. I've said it before and I will say it again: BC/UC games are the games of my dreams. When I played a FPS or action platformer, I wanted to hop in the vehicle in the background. When I played a flight sim or racing game, I wanted to be able to hop out and do other stuff. Then I fount BC 2.0 in a ten dollar bin more than 10 years ago and my life was never the same. I was almost overwhelmed by the sheer power of the play experience. In fact, to a degree I was so overwhelmed and stopped playing for 6 months as I went back to consoles again(I do that from time to time). I never forgot though. I went back to the well again and again, especially when new releases came out. I proselytize to everyone who I think can handle the game(believe me these are very few), and I have even made an abortive attempt at fleet membership. To the inner circle here I probably have fallen short of the promise of these games, but I insist it is only a matter of time, just as mastering any detailed discipling is a matter of time. Of course it's a godlike amount of time which is why I have to pace myself upon occasion . A BC/UC MMO might be the one I actually get sucked into. Believe it or not, WoW, as popular as it is, does nothing for me. EVE Online had the best chance of holding my interest but it is ONLY in space. I will give CCP credit for their dynamic gameplay and compelling attributes such as the economy. Combine the seamless universe of BC/UC and the malleability of the universe that EVE offers and by the gods you'll have something that I would truly give my left testicle for. If you enable the commander career in KB then why would I want to move my PC to my big tv? C'mon, I got plans here!! I need to keep motivation high!
  22. The one in London was pretty cool as well. Great find brother!
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