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  1. Jaguar spare me... are you going to debate facts or are you going to spew? You attack me for basically calling out a guy that says he doesn't have the time to post because he runs a business yet, he posts every day. You wanna debate the facts Jag you lemme know. I have been very civil, not resorting to your kind of ridicule by emoticon and the liberal use of the word moron. You do a good job of jumping in to help others but you don't do much to serve your own argument... anyway I think I said I was done with this argument... and crushing your thin skull is likely poor form. You inspect houses... good for you. I won't tell you about faulty electrical systems or bad roofs and you can spare me some BS about how healthy it is to run up amazing amounts of debt in government. As for being lobotimized thank you for not dissapointing me... and posting yet another nasty retort. I could comment on why I believe a guy that was recently unemployed and inspects houses should keep his mouth shut on the economy but why bother? Oh and if you want to nuke my posts go ahead I'll consider it a victory especially given your nastiness... this is the court of ideas if you can't handle it just ask me to stop I'll let up on you. This is a political thread if you can't take the heat then why don't you just bow out or close the entire thread? Ciao Ciao Ciao. [ 03-19-2004, 10:14 PM: Message edited by: Takvah ]
  2. Oh so you have an ability to post everyday but you have to differentiate posts because you run a business? So I'm less than you? You have to be kidding me.. I've seen you post here almost every single day... you're a regular... please spare me the building yourself up BS. Later on.
  3. Good grief.. I can hardly contain myself when reading some of the PUKE that these worshippers spew. IT'S ALL ABOUT DECEIVING IMBECILES.. of which I am no longer a member http://www.drudgereport.com/flash60.htm THEY DONT WANT OSAMA! If they wanted Osama we would HAVE Osama. Thank you.
  4. Darkling I suppose you have a problem formulating a point... otherwise why all of the posts? Thanks for playing anyway, your Rice-A-Roni and your LazyBoy are at the door. I suppose I somehow overlooked the post where you magically address that the dollar is in danger of losing its place as the most stable of currencies... *sighs* Please spare me rebuttals like this. Self serving idiocy is still... well you figure it out. Ciao
  5. ROFLMAO... uh huh... it's all about the democrats hating. I didn't say that I wanted homosexual marriage legalized, I said I don't want a constitutional amendment. As for the comments about morons and whatnot, don't hate the debate. I guess when you throw your spam against a wall Jaguar and it doesn't stick you get uppity. Listen, you're talking to a guy that was Republican before it was "cool" or "macho". I don't need to be abused by some guy that does who the hell knows what and told that I don't know the economy. Clinton didn't inherit anything but a major recession. So let's see... hmmm, the middle 80s where it was yuppie time and junk bonds you know the time of Trump math... that was great, I agree and then the economy caught up with Reagan's spending and our spending on BMWS and the like and we had to balance the budget and get it together under WHOM? Who really dealt with the deficits? Who paid off the Reagan era debt... and yet SOMEHOW the economy flourished. Sure the Republican Congress was a part of all of that but the President had to put the budget on the table. I don't give credit to Clinton alone but he did have the BALLS to deal with it. Look, I don't need to be insulted. I gave you facts and figures and you give me supposition and some kind of BS you got off of Rush or Hannity. I used to listen to them too but got sick of the hate... it's all hate but it's all on the part of people like... well you. Hate Europe, hate the poor, hate anybody that dares to form an opinion. It's all hypocritical BS that I've learned to ignore. Abortion is bad, but then when it comes time to EDUCATE the once fetus they don't want to do it. This is the stupidity that I can't abide anymore. Democrats want babies dead... I believed that BS for a while, then I figured out who the hell did what for the kids that were here. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND? MY ASS. As for the title insurance and deed argument that is so ridiculous that I cannot believe that you are actually doing searches and or anything dealing with liability on the part of the underwriter. NOBODY, not The Fund, not First American, NOT BUBBA'S TITLE would EVER assume anything if there was a question concerning chain of title. Corporations own property, several individuals might own property and be listed on a deed, trusts own property... the list could go on and on. Nobody assumes marital status especially if the bloody thing is homesteaded. *shakes his head* God help your underwriter. Anyway, I've been insulted enough on this thread. Try to play it nice and you get it between the eyes from zealots. *Snickers* With the new MP patch I suppose we can duke it out in the cosmos... guess I'm off the Gammulan Christmas Card list.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: quote:The loss of 3 million jobs, WTF are you talking about? From when Clinton was in office to now, there are now MORE jobs then there were. Unemployment is down. Loss of 3 million jobs, HAH, check your facts before spouting off. And Plunging dollar? WTF are you talking about, the dollar is doing fine, there have been corrections because of the BS that went on during Clintons watch, but so far I see the stock market at or above where it was, interest rates WAY down, the job market is going up and is going to stay up, according to 99% of the analysts. The economy is recovered, is recovering, and is going to stay recovered for a while, Until the Democrats get in power again and raise taxes, then it will take a dive again. Quit with the propaganda and get facts to back up your BS please. I am a constitutionalist, and until there is a REAL third party, I will continue to vote republican, because they are MUCH better the Democrats, and if I agree 70% of the time, it is enough for me to vote for them. If you are willing to NOT vote for them because they don't agree with you 100% of the time, you end up putting someone in office that disagrees with you 100% of the time. I am NOT happy with everything that Bush has done, but I will vote for him, because Kerry is FAR worse.... And puhlease, Moveon.org is the best you can do? Do you know who finances that organization? I doubt it, look to Kerry's wife, and you'll get a clue. Yeah, they're not partisan......Get a grip, You are a Republican? I don't think so... Just one article about Moveon.org Yeah, that's an organization that ANY republican would be proud to spout from....NOT.... Jaguar, settle down, no need to burst a blood vessel. I am a Republican if you want me to scan my voter registration card I'll be happy to. Now you mentioned Moveon.org and my point is, "WHAT IS THE POINT?" Did they fabricate that piece or did it run just like that on CBS? Rumsfeld said it and stammered like an idiot. End of story. Did someone fabricate the fact that Bush has had to admit there were NO WMDs? Well he has admitted it. Did someone fabricate the fact that both Bush and Powell have had to say, "There is no connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda."? Now let's look at the jobless rates of Clinton (who I hated and thought was a LYING BASTARD) to that of George H. W. Bush and G.W. Bush. Civilian Unemployment Rate - Bush 1 v. Clinton v. Bush 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1991-01-01 6.4 - President George H. W. Bush 1992-01-01 7.3 - President George H. W. Bush 1993-01-01 7.3 - President William J. Clinton 1994-01-01 6.6 - President William J. Clinton 1995-01-01 5.6 - President William J. Clinton 1996-01-01 5.6 - President William J. Clinton 1997-01-01 5.3 - President William J. Clinton 1998-01-01 4.6 - President William J. Clinton 1999-01-01 4.3 - President William J. Clinton 2000-01-01 4.0 - President William J. Clinton 2001-01-01 4.2 - President George W. Bush 2002-01-01 5.6 - President George W. Bush 2003-01-01 5.8 - President George W. Bush 2004-01-01 5.6 - President George W. Bush Do you notice a trend under Clinton? It is always going down... to a very respectable LOW of 4.0%. Under Senior and Junior you see increases in the unemployment rate and FURTHER, the 2004 jobless rate is bolstered by 21000 jobs that were recently created. The problem with these jobs is that the majority of those jobs are TEMPORARY. Oh and one more thing, these jobs are not technical or manufacturing in nature either. I suppose if you want to work for MANPOWER it's a great day in America. Now the dollar. I would send you here: Currency Markets The dollar is almost universally down against the upstart Euro (which is a new currency)... and don't even get me started on the BP. I am getting married in Scotland in June and I'm getting CREAMED on the exchange rate. Now, let's discuss Cheney's speech. More bluster from these guys is what I saw Silk. The split screen of Cheney speaking while the hotel in Baghdad was burning was a priceless moment. Talk about dicotomy. We could also discuss the oil markets and how Bush's affiliations with oil companies are slowly being exposed as detrimental to the nation. We are being gouged. Oil companies are INTENTIONALLY storing oil in a way that ARTIFICIALLY CREATES SHORTAGES. How? Well the oil companies knowing demand is increasing refuse to build more refineries etc. So eventhough the oil is available we have no way to store it or refine it. Any other business in this situation would build to meet demand but not the oil companies. Nope... why build more refineries when you can just charge more? I hope you aren't going to tell me that drilling in Alaska would alleviate this problem either because that is EXACTLY the kind of picture they like to paint while our SOLDIERS sit on the second largest oil reserve ON THE PLANET. What do you expect from a guy that bankrupted his own oil company... or was it two? Buyer's regret, you bet your sweet ass I have buyer's regret. I voted for Bush and for his father before him and DOLE in between. I don't vote on one issue, it is MANY issues that I speak on. Being a constitutionalist Jaguar I would have thought you would be more concerned by the proactive nature of the court recently. Amendments to the Constitution are also typically made to INCLUDE minorities not to EXCLUDE them. I don't have to appreciate the gay lifestyle or condone it to know that suggesting amending the constitution for this is scandalous at best and pandering at worst. Add to the long littany I have already addressed the fact that this administration is closed door in its operations and at the same time at the center of the latest censorship hysteria and I think I make a pretty compelling case for why ANYBODY BUT BUSH is where I stand. I wish someone challenged Bush from OUR party but nobody did... I can't help that. I'm in the financial field. I have had great years with interest rates so low. The problem is I don't abandon my fellow man for the sake of my wallet and I don't want to see the standard of living degrade in this nation. I might also add that the debt being carried by people in this country and by the GOVERNMENT ITSELF is cause for alarm and financial markets are even questioning Greenspan's lacks take on this. Anyway I made my point and I didn't even need to post one hokey trout hitting your head to do it. You like to throw around the word propaganda... if Propaganda were a magazine you'd be a subscriber. THINK. Later
  7. Hey let's all watch Rummie do the tap dance of idiocy. If you're WRONG, say that you're wrong... don't parce your words so that we can all pretend you were right. LOL, what does he call it... FOLKLORE... "the President didn't say it, I didn't say it." DUH! Rumsfeld comments on "folklore" I'm a Republican but I've been lied to enough. These guys are toast. They've robbed the Treasury, made sweetheart deals for corporations in which there is a NON-COMPETE clause in contracts given to rebuild Iraq. Let's not even get into the plunging dollar or the loss of 3 million jobs. When Bush said he wanted to put willing workers (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS) together with willing employers (CHEAP ASS CORPORATIONS) that's when I knew he was no CONSERVATIVE. You that are conservatives should seriously take a look at policy (expanding government, loosened immigration, jobs shipped overseas) and determine if CONSERVATIVE is a term that even applies to Republicans anymore. I read these kinds of threads and the parroting of partisans and I am left to wonder, do people THINK anymore? Hang in their Race, I'm no Democrat but a few of us Republicans see the agenda of censorship and exploitation and we're not standing for it. Later
  8. Yeah there are around 6 maps, maybe one or two more than that. There is a lot of vehicular action on half of them and then the other half is more about transportation to battle and then on foot to cap territories. I think you'll be pleased. As for BFV, I like Eve of Destruction just fine when I need my Vietnam fix in BF1942. Later
  9. I liked both Tribes games and now you've made me want to reinstall those puppies. Damn you and your intrusions upon my time! Dunno if they added maps on the GC mod, this is the first I've played it with the release of client pack 21 a few days ago. In between multiplay of UC, racking up credits trading to build the ultimate carrier in single play and real life I like to pound a few bevvys and then whack a few prepubescents that have an incessant need to refer to everything as "gay" *laughs*. "You rammed me with the Millenium Falcon... so gay!"
  10. Like I said when it happens I just pick another spot and try again... no sweat... I didn't know what was causing it but did notice the probability went up on dark surfaces where I couldn't make out terrain. I've been around the forums on this game long enough that you'd think I would have read this before *snickers*. Oh hey gotta run, the little yellow schoolbus just pulled up and I haven't even got my helmet on yet! Later
  11. Probably going to skip Battlefield Vietnam unless major mods are produced for it. I have been playing Galactic Conquest the Star Wars Mod for BF1942 and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Anyone that hasn't played GC yet should give it a try. Peace
  12. Happens to me too occassionally. Usually I just set new waypoints away from where this occured and it wont happen again. I don't know if this is a problem worthy of fixing or not since usually just changing the waypoints cures it but it'd be cool if shuttles didn't do this.
  13. I've looked at the various fleets available to the average player and having always loved the Klingons of Trek I am considering the Gammulan group. That said I think there is room for a more business oriented fleet. I'm thinking of a kind of space "mob" with unsavory types that can abide a code of "Honor amongst rogues." Obviously, this kind of group would not be militaristic but instead would operate from a greed or need mentality. Ofcourse occassionally other fleets might have a need to be discrete about certain activities (assassinations, incursions into territory, etc.) and this new fleet might provide an avenue of opportunity for plausible deniability *snickers*. If I were to start a fleet like this and by some stroke of mad luck get it approved, I would seek skillful, like minded players that prefer a less regimented approach to the "fleet" thing. Obviously a prerequisite to joining would be that you be willing to get a little blood on your hands from time to time. I am certain that a spacing guild of this type might be hunted and or excluded from normal universal business... thus it will undoubtedly be thrust upon us from the start to educate established fleets as to the follie of such a decision. Is that too much a burden to carry? Anyway, if I have overlooked a fleet that offers this type of alternative to the militaristic groups let me know. Obviously, comments and suggestions are appreciated... I'm a noob Takvah
  14. *Snickers* Point taken and understood. Yes I SHOULD have surely known better. Well, I wish you minimal hurdles and multiple successes with these two titles and I'm looking forward to RC8 for UC which unlike most games in my collection will likely hold me over until your next installment Tak
  15. Am I the only one that feels sad for the fact that Derek made the statement that BCM/G and UC will be the last games of their kind? I know I'm late to the dance and I didn't even bring a date but this bums me out. It sucks to have TAPS played on this title when it's been out for a month. I know it's being supported etc., but a lot of the tone (sorry I know interpretation is subject to bias) seems to indicate a need to appease detractors of UC. I think that Edge to Edge will be a great game but I also believe it will face stiff competiton from the newest LucasArts title (Star Wars Battleground) set to be released in the coming months. I have always preferred Star Trek to Star Wars and find 3000AD's games (at least the one I proudly own) to be a mixture of the two (fighter combat and starship combat) that surpasses either of the franchises' scope. Regardless, I can't help but tip a hat to the end of such a dynamic pursuit as UC. Aside from that ... *snickers* ... a great and candid interview as always. Peace
  16. quote:I prefer to dive right into the Commander ROAM scenario. Trial by fire, the only way to learn. Amen to that. Nothing like sending an entire crew and ship's compliment to their deaths in a flaming ball of radioactive doom. What a fighter? Pfffft you just kill your co-pilot if you screw up! Where is your ambition man!? Bleeding to death on the side of a hill somewhere with a wound to the head the size of a cueball from some sniper? Uh Nuhhh, not for me. Now, learning how to bring my CC in stealthy... locked and loaded on an enemy Captain's aft, yeah baby now you're talkin'! I never played the game before UC, I started roaming the galaxy as a Commander, it gives you more room for error than you think (stay near Earth). You can learn to set waypoints and issue commands with fairly limited harrassment. Very little in the way of an enemy lives to fire at you when you're in the vicinity of Galcom HQ. When you're feeling frisky or perhaps reckless... venture away from Earth to another sector.
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