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  1. Hi, thanks for the quick reply, I have tried tractoring it, but the shuttle seemed to self destruct (or, more likely i was flying a tad too fast and crushed it). As you say, the best defence is to prevent it which I now do routinely. Not a big thing was just intrerested as to why the shuttle remained hostile when there were only my guys on boards. cheers gorbs. PS Liked the game since take two days (1997-8ish I think), and recently got back into it as my life is now less hectic.
  2. So, there I am, pootling about a star system (which one is irrelevant for this), and some spawny eyed wazzacks beam aboard (intruders ...), they do the usual, (leg it for the shuttle bay asap), and nick one of my shuttles (usually only one intruder boards the shuttle). ok, i know i should have locked down lauch control now, but, as a precaution against just such a thing happening, but I didn't ... so, intruder thinks he's going to be clever and launches shuttle, which now appears on radar etc as hostile (ie red). Now, it just so happens that I have two heavily armed marines just happening to take a tea break in said shuttle. Needless to say, intruder is killed, but the shuttle still appears as hostile (red) and I blowed if I can figure out how to reclaim it ... anyone have any ideas ? I'd hazard a guess that this is just one of the flags not being set from hostile to friendly as a result of the intruder taking the shuttle and then being killed, after all, I don't think my marines would want to nick the shuttle (I have a tendancy to blow things that are marked as hostile to pieces). cheers for any thoughts/help gorbags's
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