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    Hi I haven't been in a situation where my CC is completely disabled yet (Usually i just end up dead when it's that bad lol), but you might try towing it to the nearest friendly station and docking. You might be able to begin reparing it then. I assume you can't dock with the CC yourself because launch control has no power? Hopefully you still had some life support or a good chunk of your crew is probably dead. Anyways good luck , maybe someone else knows better but thats all I have for suggestions. EDIT: I went and tested it out by badly damaging a cc while my AE was stuck outside in a shuttle. I tried towing the ship to the nearest friendly starstation but it didn't work. It only gives you the SC's logistix, and you can't access the CC's logistix that way. The only way I found to work was to fly near you CC in space, then eject your AE from the shuttle, fly over to your CC with your jetpack and get in that way. Then you can get your shuttle to tow you to a station, or if no one is left on the shuttle, call for a tow truck. my test ship had radiation all over about 15 dead crew members, a blown up FC and about 90% systems either badly damaged or destroyed. Have fun repairing [ 10-16-2004, 02:19 AM: Message edited by: The Corinthian ]
  2. The Corinthian

    Pacific Fighters

    well this game has gone gold according to the official site and it looks like it should be a great game, but SC, the link you have above isn't to the pacific fighters game website, that is some online store for WWII flight enthusiasts. The games site is here. pacific fighters
  3. The Corinthian

    Night in front of the telly - John Doe

    wow that is such a retarded plot! I've seen soap operas that had better plots than this lol. his "uberbrain", what the hell were they thinking? Just reading that reminded me why i stopped watching telelvision (except for the simpsons, the only good show on TV).
  4. The Corinthian

    October 2004 All Insurgent Roll Call

    Hi there sho! I went and registered in the fleet DB yesterday, so hopefully I should be in there. If you don't see me in there let me know and I'll try and re-register. If any of you vets have any tips for taking down other people I'd be happy to learn, after all people are a lot trickier than resnigs clones. Also, once I'm in the fleet could someone please PM the pass for the MP server. Talk to you guys later. Corinthian out.
  5. The Corinthian

    October 2004 All Insurgent Roll Call

    Hello Insurgents, I was wanting to get in on some MP action and I was hoping I would be able to join you guys in laying waste to those GALCOM dictators. *Down with GALCOM!* If I can join, I would like to be in the Spectre fleet if I could. I've been reading up on the fleet action you guys have in MP and it sounds like great fun! I'm new to the whole Battlecruiser series (I only started playing it with UC) so I still make some newbie mistakes sometimes lol. It's been a lot of information to take in but once you learn it all, it seems pretty obvious in retrospect. go figure
  6. The Corinthian

    Deploying FCs (with the AE as a pilot)

    You might want to check perscan and make sure that your flight engineers aren't inside the FC you want to launch. My AE wouldn't board the FC until those FE's got out of the FC. If they are inside the FC try assigning them to off duty and see if your AE gets inside the craft. When he does try launching it then.