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    Cartmanbeeps, After 3 days game time artifacts will appear at starstations. Some starstations have them and others don't. The starstations that have them, don't have all of them, so you must search for them. I don't want to say where they are because that would spoil the game. The only thing I will say is the more time that passes, the more availible the artifacts are. At least that has been my experience. Hope this helps.
  2. cadet


    Thanks again, Pugwash. I found it, the word LOC. The H.S.D. works fine. My CE now has an AI above 75. The T.M.C.D. is installed and all conditions are met. My clock time when from 5:?? to 22:??, but I can't find cloaked ships. Do I need to search for cloaked ships by activating something or using TacOps? I know there are cloaked ships because the CAS light is red, then several minutes later, an enemy carrier comes out of "nowhere".
  3. Kalshion, I know I can make it a lot harder. Thats my point. All on your own you can make starbase capture not to difficult or almost impossible, depending on how you attempt it. I am Happy with things the way they are.
  4. I agree with Dredd, I find station capture not that difficult, most of the time. The ODS is easier, just takes longer. Trying to take over a Military base on a planet without OTS weapons is very hard for me, I haven't been able to do it yet. To me, the game is good as it is. Not everyone will be happy with everything. Some people will think one mission is too hard and another mission is too easy.
  5. I have had a station launch them at me, but I used the EMD so they didn't get me. I have a related question (still learning posting). When you destroy a station, it changes to your caste/race. You can't capture an ODS, I think, correct me if I am wrong, but you can destroy it. Is there anything you can do about supply stations, I haven't been able to capture or destroy them. Then when I re-enter the the area I always get a flashing CAS light. I never know if a clocked ship is around, or if it's the supply station. Does anyone have a solution on how to capture or destroy a supply station? [ 07-21-2004, 11:58 PM: Message edited by: Stardate ]
  6. cadet

    How do I locate starbases on a planet?

    Thank you for the help everyone. Gordon, thanks for the freebee.
  7. cadet

    Commonly used repair items

    I have been all over the galaxy, just seeing what's there. Does the starstation tell you how much the repairs are or do they just take it from your finances? Asking because I repaired a FC and loaded some missles, an amount was deducted, but I was never given a price, like when you trade. If they do charge you for parts or repairs is it stated like in the bc3k game?
  8. cadet

    When people get banned.....

    Just my opinion, but Wolf57 sounds like he has multiple personalities. He's insulting and spamming one minute, then nice and asking for a patch. I agree with Freyar and SC, all he had to do was wait until things cooled down. If he did, even though he would still be banned, mabey he could have recieved the patch from another patch. The harrassment just got him banned from all sites, how intelligent was that
  9. cadet


    Pugwash, Thank you for you all your help. I was thinking no fuel for HJ, but the engine still takes fuel . Now I understand, all set on that. quote: The HSD works I've used it while testing earlier in this thread, if as you've said your crew / systems meet the requirements just select the destination from the LOCATION hotspot drop down menu. I Don't see a "Location" hotspot dropdown menu. When I did a HJ, I got a message "hyperjump configured". Please tell me exactly where it is, I know D*** noobs. [ 07-14-2004, 07:35 PM: Message edited by: Stardate ]
  10. Because I am new (under 50 posts) I think this is where I should post. I used the search function and didn't find anything. If the message is not in the right place, yell at me and move the message, just don't ban me. When I launch a shuttle and issue a tow order, the shuttle starts to goto the sos or disabled ship. Then it stops, the speed keeps going slow to fast (800 to 1700 m/s. The shuttle just "sits" in space. It does the same thing when I order a RTB. I fly to it and it avoids the CC. Sometimes it returns ok. I have the same problem when I order a FC to RTB. [ 07-12-2004, 08:59 PM: Message edited by: Stardate ]
  11. cadet


    SC, I have the KARANIAN MARK IV REACTOR and the ENM installed. It takes 10 units of radine to HJ. When I uninstalled the ENM the radine consumption is 5 units of radine. I have a Numega engine installed. Is there something I could be overlooking? Can someone else try this and let me know if they get the same results. I uninstalled the ENM by moving it into a shuttle, could this be why it used the 5 units of radine?
  12. cadet


    MY RE just reached an AI of 75 and configured the HSD and T.M.C.D. I can't use either one. The T.M.C.D. is because my CE has an AI of 73, but the HSD should work, I think. Is it located on the bridgeviewer like in BC3000ad or is it in another place? I can't find/use it anywhere on the bridge.
  13. cadet


    RamStone, the RE (Research Engineer) needs an AI of 100. Your TO (Tactical Officer) and CE (Chief Engineer) also need an AI of 100 to operate. Be careful asking questions, like this one, that is in the appendix manual under upgrades & artifacts. Doing this can get you yelled at or possibly banned from the forum. Hope this answers your question.
  14. cadet


    Thank you Pugwash and SC, going by SC's quote: This device enhances the ship's hyperjump engines. When installed, hyperjumps require only 10 units of Radine (regardless of the engine/reactor types) and the recharge rate is instantaneous. My ENM is working fine now; it's working just like Pugwash stated above.
  15. cadet


    Pugwash, I did hear the RE say those things. Could the problem be with my computer, like the cpu misinterpreting a few codes? Does anyone have any suggestions for things I should check on my computer? Thank you for your help. P.S. I am playing BCMG.