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  1. Hi Sho, I still have tabs on the game. After watching a Let's Play series on YouTube I am a converted soul! I have bought the game and will be checking nooks and crannies for some time to come now. Thanks! Would there be a way to meet up in game? Perhaps you can show me the ropes a bit or take me to some cool locations? Cheers!
  2. I am here too. Just in time. Standing by for the May one.
  3. Well it would be nice if its just that 'friends only', but you always tend to be running after the facts as FB always finds new ways to 'conveniently share' your stuff. Those new options are always 'on, unless you turn them off'. Besides, you never know what these kinds of companies will do with your data. Take for example Twitter. In the news just now, because if you use 'search for friends' in the app on your phone, the app will copy and upload all your contacts to Twitter. They store that data for at least 1.5 years. What happens with that data? Nobody outside Twitter-company knows. You have no way to track your data, stuff like that bothers me. The worst part is that its hardly any good to delete your own account because your data will be shared by unknowing friends anyway when they search for friends... Twitter doesn't tell you that, at least not the way they should as doesn't FB most of the time. That said, however, I can see where the benefits for companies like 3000ad lie, by using social media. I have decided to stop using them. To each their own of course.
  4. Rgr that! I overlooked the fact that v2 did not have MP support anyway. So I have now bought CE v1 as well. It does indeed come with the tools folder as advertised. Another question; Are we allowed to ask about and post parts of scripts openly on these boards?
  5. Thank you, sir! ICV-Scavenger is ready to take new orders, sir. My Mission Report should be in your hands by now. BTW Having returned and bought UC CE 2 (which has some pleasant graphical upgrades and doesn't look bad at all, I might add!) I would like to play around with the GBS system, but I cannot seem to find a 'Tools' folder in my installation. A thread about GBS on the scripting forum refers to this folder. Or was GBS not included for CE 2? Does IV still work for CE2? If so, is there a way to obtain the GBS IV files? I am sorry, if this doesn't belong in this thread, but seeing as things are quite quiet around here I wanted to post in the active part.
  6. I just deleted my account. Aren't you concerned about the constant privacy issues FB comes up in the news with?
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