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    1st Quarter 2018 Insurgent Fleet Recall

    Reporting in!
  2. Mordax Blyrr

    1st Quarter 2017 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    I am here!
  3. Mordax Blyrr

    June 2014 Insurgent Fleet Muster

  4. Mordax Blyrr

    January 2014 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Here! (pfew!)
  5. Mordax Blyrr


    Hi Sho, I still have tabs on the game. After watching a Let's Play series on YouTube I am a converted soul! I have bought the game and will be checking nooks and crannies for some time to come now. Thanks! Would there be a way to meet up in game? Perhaps you can show me the ropes a bit or take me to some cool locations? Cheers!
  6. Mordax Blyrr

    October 2013 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Here too! Albeit a bit late..
  7. Mordax Blyrr

    April 2013 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    I am here too. Just in time. Standing by for the May one.
  8. Mordax Blyrr

    February 2013 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Still here, now with a Son!
  9. Mordax Blyrr

    March 2012 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    I am here, boss
  10. Mordax Blyrr

    GBS-IV Scripting Tool Released

    Great stuff, thanks, SC!
  11. Mordax Blyrr

    Facebook Page

    Well it would be nice if its just that 'friends only', but you always tend to be running after the facts as FB always finds new ways to 'conveniently share' your stuff. Those new options are always 'on, unless you turn them off'. Besides, you never know what these kinds of companies will do with your data. Take for example Twitter. In the news just now, because if you use 'search for friends' in the app on your phone, the app will copy and upload all your contacts to Twitter. They store that data for at least 1.5 years. What happens with that data? Nobody outside Twitter-company knows. You have no way to track your data, stuff like that bothers me. The worst part is that its hardly any good to delete your own account because your data will be shared by unknowing friends anyway when they search for friends... Twitter doesn't tell you that, at least not the way they should as doesn't FB most of the time. That said, however, I can see where the benefits for companies like 3000ad lie, by using social media. I have decided to stop using them. To each their own of course.
  12. Mordax Blyrr

    GBS-IV Scripting Tool Released

    Rgr that! I overlooked the fact that v2 did not have MP support anyway. So I have now bought CE v1 as well. It does indeed come with the tools folder as advertised. Another question; Are we allowed to ask about and post parts of scripts openly on these boards?
  13. Mordax Blyrr

    February 2012 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Thank you, sir! ICV-Scavenger is ready to take new orders, sir. My Mission Report should be in your hands by now. BTW Having returned and bought UC CE 2 (which has some pleasant graphical upgrades and doesn't look bad at all, I might add!) I would like to play around with the GBS system, but I cannot seem to find a 'Tools' folder in my installation. A thread about GBS on the scripting forum refers to this folder. Or was GBS not included for CE 2? Does IV still work for CE2? If so, is there a way to obtain the GBS IV files? I am sorry, if this doesn't belong in this thread, but seeing as things are quite quiet around here I wanted to post in the active part.
  14. Mordax Blyrr

    Facebook Page

    I just deleted my account. Aren't you concerned about the constant privacy issues FB comes up in the news with?
  15. Mordax Blyrr

    GBS-IV Scripting Tool Released

    Sorry for necro-ing this thread, but I have returned to UC and ordered the UC CEv2 yesterday. I would like to play around with the scripting system, but I do not have a 'Tools' folder in my install. I ordered from Digital River via the 3000ad website. Is the GBS system available as a seperate download, please?
  16. Mordax Blyrr

    February 2012 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Loooong time no see, but Mordax Blyrr is reporting, sir. Oh and check your PM, please!
  17. Mordax Blyrr

    All-Insurgent January 2008 Muster

    Hail to all insurgents! Happy 2008! Hopefully we will purge the sectors of GalCom scum this year! Checking in. . . Still here, Sho. Long time no speak! How's everyone? By the way: is UC CE the current version every one uses?
  18. Mordax Blyrr

    Call Of Duty 4 -Modern Warfare

    Very cool game indeed!! Though I do not play it on a PC, but on the X360. Very nicely done missions in SP and MP, just, wow! The achievements to unlock are a very nice 'mini-game' type of approach, although I do agree that its nothing new. The special effects, sounds, graphics and action packed gameplay is stellar! Indeed a number one hit! :D
  19. Mordax Blyrr

    Vanguard - Saga Of Heroes

    So... anyone dared to jump into this one? If so, how is it. I see that there have been several updates already in a few weeks only.. promising I'd say...
  20. Mordax Blyrr

    EVE Online

    Yes, the latest Client download includes all expansion packs. If in case you just downloaded the Client pre-Revelations, next time you logon it will download it anyway.
  21. Mordax Blyrr

    Interplay developing Fallout MMO

    Current prospected launch: Q3 2010. I wonder what kind of hardware we'll all have.
  22. Mordax Blyrr

    new graphics card

    I agree case, although with my 6600GT I am starting to see games dropping to the 'medium/low detail' mark in many cases now... Having that said I must also agree that present day 'medium/low' detail still looks mighty good in many games, so I really don't have anything to complain. It's more an 'ego' issue!
  23. Mordax Blyrr


    Ah stupid to forget the link. Thanks lostinspace! Anyway its a tactical game set on distant worlds, however with familiar units and weaponry. The game claims to incorporate real life physics, armor penetration calculations, etc. There are 3 modes of play, Capture the Flag (self explanatory), a mode where one is the attacker and one is the defender and a 'kill the mammoth' style of play where the one team has a behemoth vehicle and the other team needs to track it down and destroy it. A typical game starts with the 'deployment phase' where you can assign all the players a vehicle to use (players can also be bots). You are free to position your troops instantly in a specific dropzone. Then the game starts and supposedly real-life tacttics should work like a charm in this game. You have a wide range of material: artillerie up to infantry. I have played the MP demo a few hours now and Sho is right. It's not everybody's cup of tea. Graphics are dull and sub-par, sound is as well, although the weapon sounds are quite nice. This game is more about teamplay, coordination and tactics as about eye-candy. You can view two 3rd party tutorial video's here to give you an impression of the game as well (needs Quicktime 7): http://tbgsoftware.com/tutorials/tutorialvideos.htm
  24. Mordax Blyrr


    This game is more like an ongoing project so it seems. Currently at version 1.2.1 if I am correct and in the mean time lots of stuff is added to the game; infantry, object mass, tracers to name some of the highlights. The forum only seems to be active by a few people though and I was wondering if anyone here plays the game and what their opinions about it are? I am currently downloading the MP demo (unfortunately no SP demo) to see for myself.