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  1. Back to the EVE topic after some time now. If anyone cares to chat and is still playing seriously. Look me up in-game under the name Luguberus I've applied for my 2nd 14 day trial (my first about a year ago) together with 4 friends. It appealed to me then, so I am merely continueing and probably will open an account after the trial.
  2. Er.. I dunno. I read about the gameplay with the german version in well... german.
  3. Apparently they are getting somewhere regarding an english version of the game, f i n a l l y! The germans are very happy with their version after the patches, so I am looking forward to the english version if it will ever see the light of day. Oh er, maybe that's a bit awkward to put it for a spacesim. Check this and see the second post, last comment: http://www.parkan.ru/p2f_en/viewtopic.php?t=58
  4. Correct, that annoying to say the least. Sometimes it is even plain fatal! But overall I am enjoying it very much.
  5. And how are we coming along in-game? I had a hard time getting even into the Back Alley. The first mob kept kicking my lights out. A bit of reshuffling with Elanee's spells and stocking up on health potions for Khelgar and me did the trick. I am now wandering in the warehouse, kicking butts and steal... err taking some minor equipment... all for the good cause, of course.
  6. Tip: Biggest influence on frames per second are the shadow setting (low or off don't really make a difference, but medium and full do) and water reflection. Set these respectively to LOW (and turn soft shadows OFF as well) and OFF and you should get very decent framrates with other settings maxed.
  7. Many are complaining about the UI right now. I do agree that its a little awkward and in battles you tend to fire things off at the wrong character, but I also think its a matter of adaptation. Thing is, you can right-click on a character to select it, but if you cast a spell it will autocast on your target and does not give you a targeting cursor first. So, if you want to heal you party for example, you have to target the one, heal him/her, target the other do it again otherwise you will heal the same person twice. While this right clicking to select function works well in other instances (you can open a dropdown menu with action while holding rightclick a bit longer) in combat it seems counter intuitive. Anyway a lot of whiners as expected with a release. Give it a few weeks and you'll remain with the players who do enjoy the game. I already do.
  8. Isn't this more like a dual-boot thingy or do I get it wrong?
  9. A warm welcome, Commodore! Glad to see you're still alive
  10. You got me all worked up here, but you would have done well to state that it's only for the X1000 and up series of cards... Oh well, at least I can play it as it is.
  11. priceless! See, we all get our share of horse horror! Now I am really glad I locked the sucker up with the sheep across the stables! Wonder if he's still there wishing for my blood! I should check...
  12. LOL! I had the same issue, Wolferz. I was in Weynon Priory, but did't talk to all the priests, so I didn't know they would give you a horse, anyway with the journey ahead I really needed a horse and I thought they'd understand... Once I mounted a horse the stablemaster came running at me, yelling murder and fire! "But I really need a horse", I tried to explain, but he wouldn't let me so I decided to slap some sense in this guy with my rusty axe, but this farmboy had an agility of a woodelf and dodged right as I swung my axe which resulted in me hitting a horse... End of story is that I had to lock the beast up with the sheep to get rid of it! Oh and by the way: the stablemaster now runs off the premises fearing for his life every time I come to the priory! Gotta love the AI!
  13. Well it is on my system Denny But that's because the framerate drops significantly when I run around in 'Vanity Mode'. Oh and another tech tip of the day: Set the shadow sliders on one notch before lowest setting to keep some nice shadow effects, but improve framerate significantly. After doing this I am even able to run on 1024x768 (been on 800x600 before) with view distance at 75% (instead of 15-25%) which results in almost no popups anymore! And to be honest I don't see to much difference in shadows, still dynamic shadows in relation to the sun on characters and buildings...
  14. I am running the game on a laptop! On a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 vicard with the slowest 2.0 shader tech you've ever seen, but.... With the helpful (and now overloaded) forums I've managed to tweak the settings so that I can play quite comfortably on 800x600 res. I know, ancient ungly resolution you'd say, but you're wrong: the game still looks very good on this res! Not kidding. Very cool game so far. I've played roughly 4 hours with the focus on the main events, no side quests yet, except the freeing of Kvatch. Very good atmosphere, much more so than Morrowind which I found quite 'brownish' in general. Gorgeous lighting effects and characters. If you like RPG's I am sure you will find Oblivion is a game that should definately be in your collection, though be prepared to do some serious tweaking if you're on an older rig; even guys with radeon 9000 series vidcards and GF4 Ti4000 series cards are now able to run it after tweaking settings.
  15. On another note: it does look cool Both games I mean, hehe. But I do agree it's getting a bit cheap, coming up with the exact same game but in a different jacket, 4 times when this comes out, but then again.... most games coming out now are a clone of another game one way or the other. That's one of the reasons why gamers in general tend to shift from game to game more quickly than before.
  16. Well I decided to buy the game too, being a GalCiv 1 player and I must say that I do like it! I tend to go with Cruis.In though on the beginning part of a newly started game; it is a bit slow, but what do you expect on the other hand? I mean, these races are on the brink of a new era, just give em some time to settle ok? Sho, I think you might have stumbled upon the detailed battle view. There's an option in the game's options menu where you can define if you'll always want 'full battles' when player ships are involved. Keep it ON, it's great eye candy. Still I am wondering what the best settings are to get a sort of quick-start galaxy to prevent the beginning from being too slow
  17. Yeah but HOW is it! What are the battles like for example?
  18. I would be very interesting to know how the new 3D engine is put to use? I saw screenshots with in-space battles now available to view in 3D instead of just moving a unit in the square of the other and it either disappears or takes the square. Also there are supposed to be gound combat sequences in the style of Panzer General (two sides show up and you actually see units battling it out). Of course modular ship construction already is a huge improvement over the first game.
  19. Too bad most of the active guys around are on the other side of the 'big men's bath'...
  20. If people say "I'll try it" do they generally mean they'll get the demo, or are most actually buying the game and trading it in if they don't like it at a used-software store? Because if the latter is true I'd really have to talk with those people to see where they get all the money from! I mean so many guys say: "I definately going to try that game!" with every new title topic that gets erected. Cheers and keep on playing!
  21. I also got B&W2 and I do agree on what seems to be your biggest point: less miracles. However, the interaction of these miracles on the land and on the objects is far better than it was in B&W1, but still: more would certainly make this game better... In the new game everything is influenced by the game's physics. You can pile objects on top of eachother, roll then, nudge them. You can even smash them with your hand! The creature is so much more intelligent now and is easier to put to good (figuratively speaking ) use. Also the tribute thing is exactly one of the things I agree upon. It's a bit over the top having to play for every single thing. But all in all a nice game, but still loosing interest quite quickly eventhough the interview with the creators seems to claim lots of replay value... I don't think I will return to it after I've finished the story...
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