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  1. Congrats guys! Rattler, you will be remembered!
  2. Good read. I am curious how things are going to turn out.
  3. I wish you best of luck, sir and I look forward to communicate with you in your 'advisory' role. I will do my best to live up to be a worthy replacement.
  4. Sweet! I have just gone to an Asus P4P800 mobo, Geforce 6600GT and 1GB RAM, on my already not-so-slow rig (prices here in Holland are great at the moment for getting new hardware). Let the new revamped capital ships in shiny new DX9 livery roll out the galactic hangar, because I am ready!
  5. I wonder what mister Gates tries to think of to put into the XBox now that E3 went by with a possible 'monster kill' on his little machine. I would go for the XBox if it comes with a built-in microwave. Getting your food near where you're gaming is priceless!
  6. I own both too (great Sho, we share interests!) and I think it all depends on what you want. Like Mano said; the whole type of warfare is different in WW2 compared to DW's setting. I do think, though, that DW wins at the end of the day due to its flexibility; more platforms.
  7. Indeed.... waiting... *pulling hair*... waiting... *gaining weight*... waiting.... ARHG! Stop the pain!!
  8. I get a 'Not Found' error currently. Should they still be ok?
  9. Do you guys also experience occasional graphic anomalies, like weird textures ons parts of buildings, strange solid spikes sticking out from lights? I have them occasionally, like the beach house in the first mission (not were the thugs live, but the big one on the left) and the lights on the stairs towards those thugs' house..? The rest of the graphics are normal however, even when those anomalies show... Also did anyone notice that in the intro the people float away instead of walk (the first shot that shows people standing up and getting out). The cutscenes seem kinda rough to me with inappropriate timing of fades and blocky/clunky animations sometimes.
  10. Gotta check this one out for sure... Is it also possible to change form, like a bat or a wolf?
  11. Already reported in at the Fleet DB. I thought it was stated that Rollcalls like this were now obsolete and we had to use the DB feature? Anyway Present.
  12. I had that problem also, but indeed reinstalling the programs, then deactivating the taskbar utilities will solve the problem and let you have them installed the same time.
  13. Sorry man, it's not what I expected, nor what I like... I am inactive in the Combine from now on. Good luck, though, with your quests!
  14. Just on a sidenote; maybe it's a good idea to open a seperate sticky thread with an agenda for fleet matches, just times and dates, nothing more, updated after each match or when new info is available. It would be easier to keep track of than a thread with 7 pages!
  15. There's no problem with software that cannot be fixed Kung-Fu Massa. Could you PM me with a specific rerun of your problem, maybe I can help getting the game to work for you.
  16. If you like spacesims... why you ask that on a BC/UC forum?!
  17. Ok guys, my final day at school was today, so now I am officially unemployed :-) Good thing: heaps op time again for UC and the like! Bad thing: where's tha money?! :-P
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