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  1. Where did he code all this in? Darkbasic? Looks a lot (Adam Dawes, Highway Pursuit) like a showcased game on the DBP website.
  2. All the support I can send you is going your way.. which is not much... or basically, nothing material anyway But it's the thought that counts! Yeah! And I am sure everything is going to be fine! For real, though. Hang in there guys if it comes.
  3. Err sorry Denny! My name is Mordax Blyrr (LOL!). I have a multi functional personality! And I am a normal human, but a merc without mercy and without decent etiquette Damier, Yeah I know only POP3 accounts are allowed.
  4. Touchy, touchy... quote:I need your help I think, because I can't find the nonsense you are refering to.That does say more about your ability to self criticise than it does about anything else. quote:But since you forced me to think about it again, I thought of another reason why SD's think they are more into flying than the average pilot. This has to do with being in the air and feeling the air (and clouds and rain etc). Most pilots like flying in the air, they say, but at the same time they go through all sorts of trouble to make sure the air does not reach them (they build a cockpit around them to keep it out (sometimes even with A/C!)). Without feeling the air, you experience "flying" only in a reduced form. Hang-glider pilots and pilots of open cockpit planes would know about this. Flying has got nothing to do with feeling the rain, air or clouds, my dear friend. Flying is about conquering (or being equal to in level flight) gravity and weight, gliding graceously (not erratic like skydivers) through the air. Equilibrium is the magic word. Skydivers never come in a state of equilibrium, because all they do is fall. Yes, in the mean time do erratic maneuvers, feel the rain (why the heck do you jump in rain anyway?), feel the wind, etc...bla bla. It still is falling. You guys can never decide to go from a to b or stay longer in the air, just because you feel like it. Weight ( and gravity) will be your enemy and will always kill your party, how well your parachute glides doesn't matter, the global trend is "we're going down, boy". Only this makes it impossible for you guys to claim you're flying. You're gliding down at best. It VERY difficult (impossible for longer periods anyway) to gain altitude with a para. If you look at the way airforce jockeys talk about flight; "the energy game" you guys are definate losers. You don't have the ability to convert energy into altitude, at least not for multiple (longer) times. quote:As an afterthought: Maybe I should have put the sentence: "Wouldn't you agree that you would have more control than you have now?" in the post just before: "That is one reason why SD's...." in order to help you understand the point I was trying to make.Understand as in: "you're a fool"? Who's the fool I ask, claiming he's more into flight... quote: Somewhere along the line I get the impression that you don't like it when I call myself pilot. Why is that? Because of a dictionary? Well, half the terms we use in the sport are not in the dictionary (yet) but that's probably because skydivers usually don't write dictionaries. I suggest that you look in that book again though (or buy a new one) because it clearly states that I am a pilot.Sure, my dog even is a pilot, he likes to play flyball. He's getting his wing next week. P.S. Consider the fact that every object which is placed into an airstream creates lift... quote:I will forget about that throat thing. OK? And freak. And cocky. And birds.Err.. because you guys usually don't write dictionaries many words are not (yet) present in one... Cocky with a capital C, I'd say.
  5. Once in a while you stumble upon a game you've never heard from before, but is a genuine gem! I think Disciples 2 (and its expansions) is such a case. In Europe is has been distributed quite scarcely and thus depending on the country you are living in; you either heard from it the day it was released or you never have at all... The latter was my case. I first saw it on my uncle's pc. One thing shocked me though; the game could only be playable on 800x600 resolution! "What?! How's that going to work on a 17 inch monitor or larger... it gets quite ugly I suppose?", I asked him, but he replied softly that the in-game resolution is not that big of a problem and besides the expansion packs allow resolution up to 1280x1024 (or whatever that resolution is exactly), instead I should look at the awesome artwork in this game. I agreed, it was something that catched my eye right from the main manu of the game! "A lot of heart and soul has gone into the artwork(...)" a review stated and I fully agree! Now some months later I accidentally found all titles in the series on trygames.com! A nice initiative which offers games for strongly reduced prices, but you will have to download them yourself (in this case a little more than 3GB(!!) for the original game and its expansions). They come fully patched and when a new patch comes you can download a special one for your trygames.com version (as the original patches dont work because you have no CDs) so you stay current along with everyone else. The game is so 'drop dead gorgeous' that every Fantasy fan should have this somewhere on CD in my opinion. For more details go to: http://www.disciples2.com/
  6. Awwww.. you make me all melt over here, Dready! That last sentence makes up for all the nonsense you have put above it! No just kidding, *now grabs dread by his throat* but maybe look at the definition of the word "pilot" in a dictionary while you're at it. I hate to tell you this, but you guys aren't pilots! *let go of him gently*
  7. Err, SC I hope you didn't post this link due to your own experience with SP2?
  8. Yeah I got it sometime back too, but I still don't really know what I think about it. The setting does not grab me, but the gameplay itself does... its a "yes no" situation. I have uninstalled it because I got Spellforce at almost the same time which is a gem, but I will reinstall after I finished Spellforce.
  9. ... *shakes his head* Sky Divers are just cocky freaks who THINK they know why birds sing and claim to be more involved in flying than pilots are... A pilot knows exactly why birds sing. They respect, yes, they even worship birds for their ability to control flight in a way man can never accomplish. Sky Divers are just lamers out for the kick, they don't care about the finer things of flight... The adrenalin only counts. Anyways, like Marv said, falling has nothing to do with flying. Otherwise you're a great guy, DreadX
  10. Flying is the most beautiful thing on earth (not trying to open a discussion here, so lay down and shutup! )!!
  11. Gentlemen, Because I am not allowed to create a poll on these forums I will do my request with a normal topic (not much choice anyway LOL! ). We have entered a phase for some time now in which fleets prepare themselves for multiplayer mayhem and of course the Insurgents will not stay behind. Prime Fleet has setup their Academy and I am tasked to do a similar thing for us Insurgents, however before setting up our Training Facility, from now on simply called ITF, I would like to get your input, ideas, etc about this topic. In short: what do you like to see in the ITF or on the ITF webpage. What should really be included (Intelligence, Insurgent Profile, etc). Should there be a full blown training course, or more a module based system in which players can decide themselves what they need to learn to get better? Should there be a database section in which you can review and organize various assets (for example compare them on speed, shield, etc); in short an extended version of the operational ship info of the appendices. Send in mission details, document layouts, WHATEVER it is you want to see in the ITF system is welcome. But also what you DON'T like and what you would prefer to never see in the ITF system. Anything goes. The more info I get the better our ITF will get. Also note that the ITF might become a basic resource 'desk' where (new) players can find out all they need about the Insurgents. Furthermore I'd like to ask you to PM me if you want to help setting this up. It's a task I can clearly use some help with and any is appreciated very much.
  12. I looked into it... costs 70.000.000 credits or so... damn expensive...
  13. SC, I am sorry about the email address, indeed a stupid error and corrected now in the above post, however you asked me personally to send a report to the (correct) address; here's a quote from your PM to me: quote:Thanks, I will look into it but I need more information about the planet, the mzone, the scene etc. Please document it and send to [email protected] cheersLike I said ANY mission zone on ANY planet which contains a starbase resulted in a crash to desktop when viewed in TacOps. Cities on the other hand can be viewed without any problem in TacOps. One Rico has had the same problem and I got a PM from Omega reporting the same findings I had, however he seems to have removed the problem on his system. I did a reinstall already which did not solve the problem as I reported above, however this time I tried a thorough delete; I uninstalled the game, deleted all files remaining and reinstalled from scratch, redownloaded the patches and updated from scratch... The problem is indeed resolved. Sorry for being a pain in the ass, but after spotting several users with the very same problem I figured it might be a bug introduced somehow in the latest patch. So I investigated further, isolated the error, reproduced it several times, checked again with others and contacted you. All in the best of helping the game, though, but appologies for creating a possible misunderstanding.
  14. One thing is forgotten in my opinion; Manuals! In the old days you would get a nicely done flight manual on hardcopy. Now they just put a PDF file on the disc for you to print yourself. I don't have the money to print a huge book after spending 45 euro's on a game. I like to have these docs on hardcopy because I don't have the luxury of a second computer with the PDF ready, besides searching through a PDF is more tedious than turning pages on your hardcopy and leaving it in a convenient place to review the section you need. Of course, you will use the manual less while your experience rises, but a hardcopy is important, at least I think so. I would pay 10 euro's more if they included a hardcopy, without hesitation at all, even more given the fact that it probably costs me far more when trying to get my own hardcopy produced (either at home or at a copy house)
  15. "DennyMala Solo" how original?! LOL! I am sure we will meet in the SWC world, Denny! Again thanks for pointing out! Say, do you know if people can create their own factions?
  16. I see the most results are for the "Let the ROE define the timelimit, but no more than 1 hr." which is good. No timelimit might make people play the hideing game too much killing all the action. Indeed the ROE should define a time in which the task should normally be able to be accomplished plus a penalty to cover unforseen items, different playstyle, etc.
  17. I have found the same problem during MP play and confirmed this in SP also with any given planetary base. Cities do show correctly, though. I have emailed the info as requested by SC to [email protected] The solution Omega gives doesn't help me as I have always installed the patches from within the game folder. [ 08-26-2004, 11:27 AM: Message edited by: Mordax Blyrr ]
  18. Ah nice... Denny, thanks for pointing this game out. Seems very interesting. I signed up yesterday, received my login info today... Though I was stomped at first; you know what? My password I just received didn't work! I entered the lost password procedure and I got my pass again... what do you think?! It's a whole different one! LOL! Weird things happen sometimes...
  19. Me too. Is there going to be a dicussion about the results or pro's and contra's for each option after the 'timelimit' (LOL!) for this poll has been passed, or can we start now?
  20. Ah so it was your server! Well thanks for putting it online, had quite a nice time over there!
  21. Hmm this sure is interesting. Sounds like we can become a real Commander now and give orders to our crew. Anyone experienced the same problem BoPRoX had with Shoot not working anymore while a few mins in-game?
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