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  1. Great to see that Fleets are being re-structured now. With MP coming up and all we need those fleets to shape up! Congrats to Marv!
  2. Of course I am (but you already knew didn't you ). Due to the timezone difference you probably don't seen me online very often. Don't worry, I am, I am!
  3. Yeah and it gets even worse when TAB is binded to something important in the game AND your "Push-to-Talk" button for Teamspeak is set at ALT because other games don't ever use TAB for something important! Damn.. we're getting off topic here so I'll be brief.. Oh and eh... not talking about UC! But I am talking about FarCry (multiplayer). I have banged my head on my monitor more than is good for me already! Lucky me, that I still have a CRT and not a TFT.
  4. Captain, I don't think the description of a 'simple and honest hard working man' is applicable to you. I usually know better than to let a seemingly 'harmless' Raider continue going about his business while he has had the nerve to insult the Insurgency. They are usually up to far more... I will let you go for now, but I do hope for the sake of you and your crew that I don't ever stumble upon the UCV-Tokuyama again earning its 'honest' living... You have been warned. You are lucky I am an officer in the Bishamon Fleet and my priorities lie elsewhere.
  5. Nothing to worry about. I apologize if I may have sounded a little harsh. Smack me if you want.
  6. Have it your way, but don't expect us to reconsider once your 'work area' doesn't prove to be as rewarding as you thought. And I don't think you can keep all the attention away anymore, Captain...
  7. Why would that be so? The master friend is only a central point for all players. Doesn't matter if its on or offline. You can always check the profile of 3000ad in XFire to see what members have registered to it.
  8. [RP]I am not talking about dirty work, Captain! Don't insult the Insurgency. Thwart a generous offer like this again and image how hard it would be for a bunch of unorganized Raiders if they would get hunted by an extra third party, huh?[/RP]
  9. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Good stuff. Looks like I may have to put in some sort of captain's log feature into the game.I really like the idea of the Captain's Log option! Write your own fiction WHILE playing the game. Doesn't get any better than that! Er, I am sure actually it will, but nevertheless! Sure beats the hell out of plain pencil and paper and then having to rewrite the whole thing again to get it digital.
  10. Cmdr. WeeGee, I hope the ship served you well and will have a decent and respectfull ending of its service. Congratulations on you new shiny ship! I hope it will serve you and the fleet admirably.
  11. Guys, every one knows that only his body sleeps in some sort of Cryo chamber, his mind is detached from it at that point and carried by one of his most trusted crewmembers in a special "Mind Preservation Box", which, in turn, is brought back to his desk so he can keep on working... Geez, old news guys, where have you been??
  12. OK well, I ordered two Marine squads to guard the mineral compartments. If they spot someone even pointing their finger at my Radine stock they are obligated to use deadly force AND bring the ashes to my desk personally!
  13. just press the little + icon at the bottom left of the XFire console. Then type 3000ad in the 'Username' box and press search, after its found press "send" button. To delete the common friend, just rightclick on its name and choose delete.
  14. In aviation fuel planning is one of THE most important things when preparing a flight. In an AAR I saw a fellow Cmdr. speak of "enough fuel to make it to(...)", suggesting some sort of preperation has been carried out (probably meaning he just loaded up as much minerals as possible ), made me thing about this issue. Because the distances in space are even more then on earth just like the amount of remote locations (not even mentioning the hostile ones ) I was wondering how you can plan your fuel for a great navigation trip. In the appendices there's no such thing as fuel consumption tables for specific engines, nor does it show in your navitron. Any suggestions, maybe from veterans who have calculated some custom consumption tables based on their experience?
  15. Newbie is not present anymore if I am correct. Anyway, thanks Reno, I did find the thread: quote:Anyway, a copilot handles threat assessment and improves the overall SA of the pair. A copilot can - depending on AI and skills - pilot a fighter after the pilot dies. It is common practice to rotate pilots to different positions during sorties, this way, they can all eventually perform well as either pilots or copilots. And no, there is no gender bending going on, so, male and female pilots are subject to the same AI rules. One gender isn't more superior than the other. -------------------- President, 3000AD Inc. Designer/Lead Developer The Battlecruiser Series Warmonger SpecsThis is the part we were aiming at. [ 05-27-2004, 04:08 PM: Message edited by: Mordax Blyrr ]
  16. Do you know where to find what it is exactly, Reno?
  17. Papi, what are you doing as an intruder on our forum?! Guards!! Guards! Take that man into custody and bring him to the darkest and coldest cell we have on this station!
  18. The way I understand it is that the Pilot concentrates on flying and the Co on weapons, though if only one Pilot is at the craft it still can fire, maybe then it's at a decreased rate and or accuracy? Maybe someone else can provide in-depth details?
  19. http://www.falconchile.cl/modules.php?name...wdownload&cid=3 BMS 2.0 still available here. Grab em fast!
  20. Patrik, it might be a good idea to also include members of the Insurgent Fleet. This has two benefits: 1) The Insurgent Fleet get involved and 2) The story becomes more realistic in relation to the UC world. The gamemaster would then be some sort of "all seeing eye" (maybe if he wants to play you can assign a new gamemaster from time to time) and let's a story unfold Nice, count me in then! I mean we have good guys and bad guys. Maybe the newly created Raider Caste wants to take part also and this would very well be THE prelude to MP kickoff!
  21. Usually I read manuals in bed (if the girl doesn't feel like *being cute*), but heck, with these kind of font sizes I get tired as fast as when the girl WOULD be in *being cute* mode And then to remember that my yearly medical shows no eye problems at all...
  22. Of course I wouldn't want to take over someone's hard work either, but if they are away or more or less inactive it might be a good idea to expand the staff... If the Insurgency wants to get as active as the GALCOM fleets we all have to take our part with this. Not in any way insulting other members of course. I am not undermining authority or something, I'd really like to see the Insurgency become active, that's all. Keep us informed!
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