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  1. Would these Raiders be interested in some pocket money?
  2. Well EST differs around 6 hrs with my local time if I am correct, so the only time we would see eachother in-game is when I would stay up at night, which isn't likely to happen due to my study. It might be a good idea to have a few seperate divisions (or Wings if you like) within the fleet to cope with timezone issues. A European wing and a US wing for example? BTW I saw you got your eyes on the AAR reports too. Might be a good idea for the Insurgents to load up such a 'Joint Mission' system also? [ 05-26-2004, 12:03 PM: Message edited by: Mordax Blyrr ]
  3. Joined up today! How are the Bishamon members devided over the various continents (time zone's and such)? I also have the problem that when I am online, nobody else is.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope we can all kick some GALCOM ass soon! Let the preperation begin!
  5. Never thought those aliens would outsmart my goldfish! But now I have just become a little bit scared of them. Mighty long term memory by the way, sure beats the hell out of my goldfish! For real, never realised that the relations modelling in the BC/UC world was that complex! Great work, SC. As some other members have said earlier; "You get amazed again time after time while hanging out in the BC Universe".
  6. Is that a promise so I can fill in the form to ask for joining clearance? Bishamon would be the fleet I'd prefer to join so if you need help with anything, just contact me! For your info; am one of the clan leaders of Digital Nomads (http://www.digitalnomads.tk/, a Farcry clan and yes, I know the site doesn't look like much at the moment, but that's not my department ) and have almost completed a full fledged Clan Rules of Engagement and Operations Manual. If you want to take a peek at it I'll be gladly sending it to you. Maybe I can be of any service 'upgrading' the Bishamon fleet.
  7. I checked the website of the Bishamon fleet (among others), but the last update was in august '03. How are the fleets doing at the moment, are they organized like VFW of flight simulations with Operating Manuals, Training Sessions and the like or do they need proper upgrading now that multiplayer seems to get closer to be released upon the magnificent world of UC? I'd really like to join a fleet in which you can immerse youself along with your buddies into the world of UC, complete with hierarchy, rewards systems, training session and war ops.
  8. Can I be your sidekick Papi, as the first official member added to the 3000ad master friend list?? Well, can I, can I? *jumping up and down impatiently* No for real, this XFire thing is great. Thanks for creating the master friend list Papi.
  9. Like Blond_Knight suggested; it would very very cool if a massive assault force would be scripted. Each division with specific unique orders so in the big picture we all have a role in the battle going on. Maybe even script consequences if specific divisions fail their goals.
  10. Nice eh! Now we can finally arrange some good games without polluting the forum! One worry less for our SC
  11. Any news about when you will add the XFire entry into our profile page so we can all be one happy little family, SC?
  12. You got nowhere in the last few posts after a few retries; Now siddown and wait patiently as we all do!
  13. XFire is just an app like MSN, but then just for gamers. See the website for supported games.
  14. The sheer open ended gameplay in BC/UC is what attracts players to the game, but the same time also putting them in a position in which they ask themselves... where to begin?! I agree that this takes a little time to get used to, but just go about your business in this virtual world as you would in real life. Try things and you are very likely to be amazed what is possible in this game! And if you do need some guidance, play the campaign at first to get the hang of things, get upgrades and neat stuff and then when its finished enter roam mode. To answer one of your questions remaining; yes in roam mode, the artifacts and cool stuff are also present.
  15. Good point, Cmdr. Mala. Also make a good browse through the forum in general. You'll be busy trying all this in the game for a long time! At the same time don't forget to have fun along the way! Welcome aboard!
  16. C'mon man. That is info which is easily found in the manual or even here several times on the forum. 'Fing cities', what are they? A galactic form of China Town?
  17. Very, VERY nice indeed! Also checked out the new shots and I am sure UC will kick ass even more!! Let those reviewers come again and see if they still have such a lame opinion!
  18. I just wanted to point out to Pery that he might have made a mistake in typing his post that's all. I was already aware of the problem.
  19. Welcome to the magnificent world of UC/BCM!
  20. No that's correct I checked and indeed they tell us that RC7 should be available, but the link is set for RC1.
  21. Nice initiative. Will make the whole UC/BC community truly unite!
  22. Err. the topic does not exist (anymore), Pery. Maybe a typo?
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