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    A Blast From The Past

    I first bought BC3000AD when egghead software was still in business in IL. I was about 10 years old then. Here i am now still playing Universal Combat at 21. Wow. I do say, while i hated the fact the original silver box BC3000ad was so buggy, If it werent for that i would have never learned so much about computers at such a young age. I spent a looong time trying to get that game to work for more than a few hours at a time.
  2. ruffryder1167

    Battlecruiser Millennium FREEWARE

    darkling u play eve-online? if so my name in game is ruffryder1167 and im in Supremacy look me up
  3. ruffryder1167

    You know you're a NOOB when....

    ...when you used your CC like a fighter to shoot down other fighters completely ignoring the PTA system and your own FC.
  4. ruffryder1167

    Ramming speed!!! (w/pics)

    nice surgery dude. They should hire you and your megaron at hospitals
  5. ruffryder1167

    UC 1.01.00 Patch Status

    yeah vanetian great job on the music