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  1. spamllama

    Shuttle Follies

    Easier said than done, I think. Maybe it'll work if I have my Megaron up at full speed while all this is going on. I still have that saved game, I think I'll try it...
  2. spamllama

    Shuttle Follies

    >Why not order SC-4 to return to base when it has the SC-1 in the tractor beam...? Will it dock with your cc and deliver the SC-1 too...? Just guessing.... Tried that. SC-4 released SC-1. SC-1 took off again. >Or maybe have the towing shuttle stop and position your CC infront of it by a fair distance before having the tractor release. Well, that might have worked. I was getting pretty frustrated by then though.
  3. spamllama

    Shuttle Follies

    >Couldn't you kill the power to the engines and use the cruiser to retrieve it for repairs? Oddly enough, no. I shut off the engines and it would still go running off at 700 kph. I suspect it had to do with how trashed the computers in the shuttle were. My final solution was: 1) tractor it with SC-4 2) Go EVA, enter the tractored shuttle and lower the shields, leave the shuttle and 3) shoot the shuttle with my rifle til it exploded. I tried it once using missiles from my CC, but forgot to lower the shields...so i ended up damaging the shuttle that was tractoring it.
  4. spamllama

    Shuttle Follies

    Ok, I'm deep in Credian territory and I blow away an enemy Megaron. It spews a cargo pod, when I check it's contents - whoopee! a bunch of junk and an OTS missile! So I order a Marine into SC-1 and send him out to pick up the pod, which he does. He heads back to base, then a cloaked carrier opens fire, disabling the shuttle and killing the marine. Apparently, the poor leatherneck died with his foot stomped on the accelerator pedal, because the shuttle takes off at 700 kph. The cloaked Firestorm apparently decides it has better things to do and slinks off. So I take off after the shuttle in my Megaron. Knowing there's no way I can keep up with SC-1, I send a Marine down to SC-4 (which is a Shuttle Mk3, much faster than SC-1) and launch him with orders to tow SC-1. After a long chase, SC-4 finally catches up to SC-1 and tractors it. I order SC-4 to deliver SC-1 back to my Megaron, thinking I can tractor the wrecked shuttle into the bay. When SC-4 releases the tractor beam, SC-1 takes off like a greyhound. Crap! The dead marine still has his foot on the accelerator! So I order SC-4 to tow SC-1 again. He does and halts. I bring the CC up to about 10 km away and order it to halt and turn on autopilot. I launch all my fighters as an escort to the CC, just in case something happens. And then I take my first EVA. After a few minutes of fumbling around like Resnig, and flying myself into my Megaron's fins, I finally get the hang of EVA and jet over to the tractored SC-1. I board it, shove the dead marine into the copilot seat, and order SC-4 to release his tractor beam and to return to base. It takes off like a greyhound again, and apparently the shuttle is so trashed that I have no steering and no retrorockets. So the shuttle is condemned to flying at 700 kph in its current direction, forever. I load the OTS missile into a cargo pod and eject the pod, so I can at least get something back on this evdeavor. Then I exit the shuttle, order SC-4 to halt and start jetting over to him. Halfway there, I figure there must be an easier way to do this, so I check TACOPS, and sure enough, I can order SC-4 to fly right to me, which I do and board that shuttle. I get frustrated, save my game and quit for now. Now I'm wondering what to do about SC-1. It's trashed and out of control, but I can't replace it unless it is destroyed. So do I have to have a fighter catch up to it and destroy it? Or maybe when it runs out of charge, it will stop, and I can recover it? By the way, I love the fact that this game is so open ended that I can get myself into stupid situations like this.
  5. spamllama

    Fuel planning

    SC is right - buy enough Radine that you don't have to worry about it. HOWEVER, I also want to emphasize the importance of upgrading your engine and reactor as soon as possible. It makes a real difference in your fuel consumption. Sorry that I haven't actually figured out the numeric difference. Personally, I think that engine and reactor are the most important upgrades. But thats probably because I once got stuck in Gammulan territory with 100 units of fuel left. (Don't explore fluxfields until you've upgraded!)
  6. spamllama

    The Fog of War

    Or, how I inadvertantly helped in the destruction of Wraith station in Sirius. I was feeling very pleased with myself as a commander. I had a hold full of minerals mined from the moon, the wreckage of several insurgent carriers had left me with several ODS and SDM missiles to sell. My back of the envelope calculation estimated that I had at least 7 million in cargo to sell. I turned on navcom and set course for Wraith station, to take advantage of the 30% inflation rate. After an uneventful trip, I arrive in Sirius. I aim my Megaron for Wraith and jump when the HD recharges. En route, insurgent forces attack the station. This was the biggest insurgent attack I'd seen yet. First, 3 cruisers appear and make a beeline for the station. Hoo boy! I think...more salvage. Then, a FIRESTORM, an AESTROM and a MEGARON decloak, launch fighters, and cloak. All of the carriers were within 50km of Wraith and had just launched a total of 12, yes 12 fighters. The carriers open fire on the station, while cloaked, just as I emerge from hyperspace. I launch all my fighters (big mistake) and cloak myself (GOOD IDEA). The enemy fighters and PTA turrets took out my entire fighter wing in 10 seconds flat. So , cloaked, I set the PTA turrets to 10% for the machinegun effect, and start maingunning and missiling the carriers. In about 5 mins, I took out all 3 carriers and 12 fighters. I heave a sigh of relief, decloak, and start examining the damage I've taken, which wasn't much at all. When I get back to the bridge screen, I notice my PTA turrets are STILL FIRING. WTH? I check radar...no enemy targets. I cycle through the camera views til I get to the top camera - and MY PTA TURRETS ARE RIPPING WRAITH TO SHREDS. The station has no shields, and the lasers are cutting right into the hull. I turn off the PTA system. I figure what happened - I think. An enemy fighter must have looped behind the station and my PTA turrets fired. Wraith must have fired back, and my computers identified it as an enemy. As I'm pondering what to do next, two cloaked carriers sneak up and open fire on the station. BOOM! And then they start shooting at me. Irk. Time to get the heck out of dodge. I slink back to the Terran system to regroup.
  7. This has happened several times now...I've been tooling along in my Megaron, and Kendrick will pop up on the screen. "Navitron Computer...is damaged.", he says, in a voice that tells me he's addicted to Nyquil or something. I check Logistix, and the Navitron is down to 50% capacity. Ok. No reason for the Navitron to just suddenly be damaged. No intruders, no escaped prisoners. There IS a cloaked carrier somewhere in this system, but I can handle that. No alerts in particular. So I assign some sysengs to work on the Navitron. And wait. And wait. Checking on the repairs progress now and then. And when the Navitron gets up to about 95% capacity...Kendrick flashes on screen. "Navitron Computer...is damaged." He drones. Grrrr. Navitron is back down to 50%. So did Resnig spill coffee on the Navitron, do I have gremlins, what is going on here? Also, I STILL have a rotting corpse in Detention. Tis getting MIGHTY smelly down there, since it's been three days... Maybe I have a haunted/cursed ship?
  8. spamllama

    Ramming speed!!! (w/pics)

    Well, I was patrolling in the Centauri system in my Megaron when some Insurgent cruisers showed up and started to act all big and bad. So I launched all my fighters and engaged the closest cruiser. While all this was going on, a Raider Megaron decloaked, and an Empirian Battlecruiser MkII engaged him. Well, I finished blowing the cruisers out of the sky, and took a look to see how the Empirian was doing against the Megaron. Come to find out, the Empirian had decided to ram him, and somehow they both survived! take that! Well, after being greatly astounded and amused by this, I decided to give my ally a hand and hit the hyperdrive. About halfway there, the empirian somehow managed to unimpale himself from the Megaron, and the two of them started shooting at each other in earnest. Then, the empirian rammed him again! Ouch! Well, this was just stupid. I was forced to start major surgery on the two ships...scalpel, please! scalpel [ 04-04-2004, 10:09 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  9. spamllama

    How do i get rid of dead prisoners?

    Nope, SC. I've docked at either GalCom HQ or Wraith probably a dozen times since the marine i keep in detention apparently shot him while trying to escape. The detention hold is now worse duty than the galley, coz of the putrifaction in cell 1.
  10. It's getting kind of stinky in the brig.
  11. Ok, I'm commanding a Megaron and I found an Omicron engine upgrade in a cargo pod. Yay. Had my engineers install it, not going any faster. So I checked on the forums about it, and discovered that I have to "reset the Max Thrust Factor" while I'm upgrading. So I go back to my game and have my engineers downgrade my engine back the old one, then reupgrade (is that even a word?!?) to the omicron. This time I basically keep hitting the 9 key to increase thrust as the engine is repaired. And now...I have an engine that's no faster than the one I originally had, again. Could someone please explain in more detail how to upgrade an engine and have it be faster than the bargain brands? Thanks in advance.