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  1. ah, to my knowledge I was using the one for gamersgate (which is where I got my UCCE from) but I will make sure of this and reinstall! thank you for your time! ~ dingbat91
  2. Hey there Universal combat fans! anyway to the issue at hand. currently my game has issues when viewing any form of land based facility from TACOPS (I mean when you select the sensor boxes on the planet like Mbase07 or City01) anytime I do this (on any planet, in any ship, and I even tested a clean install) the game locks up. I waited for a while and then when I went to task manager to close it down I found this behind it. http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/9163/errorsl.jpg I couldn't find any reference to this in the knowledgebase or the boards, so I apologise if I was just blind as a bat... ~ dingbat91
  3. now this is probably going to be a completly noobish question but i couldn't find/didn't see a definate answer in the manual/forum ( i searched gear,inventory,swapping,PSU ect ect so please forgive me...) when it comes to your AE's (mines a commander) optional inventory, ( i know the GUN is locked) is it locked after you make him or can you swap any items? (want to give my commander a PSU so i can keep myself safe during ground recons) sorry once gain if this is a noobish question -ding
  4. there is no mention of it in the installation file if anyone has a link to GPS 2 i'd be grateful and thanks BC_Vet i know it makes the game unstable but hopefully just using the money code (only one i want) won't make too much of a diffrence... i hope -ding
  5. just a quick question as i recently got my hands on the freeware edition of BCM and was wondering if any of the BCM playmod kernels work on the freeware version (trying to stock up on artefacts/parts/OTS missiles on my mess around roam game those insurgents must be destroyed!) -thanks for the help Dingbat P.S. thanks for making this freeware Derek it's such a great game!
  6. ok thanks i got playmod now and i got another problem sorry to all admins as i though this was ok but when i load up the playmod scripts it says it could not open bcsetup.ini which is stoping it from working ok thanks for helping though and sorry again
  7. playmod is not on the download page and i really wanted to get it to try random weapon (being the evil person that i am mwuhahahah lol) but its not available and i am not 100% sure so i'll ask does it work with uc
  8. sorry for the confusion whats gbs 3 lol but if i can i will make one
  9. anyhting thats towing something can't go through gates well i'm 80% sure anyway sorry
  10. i was thinking if they made a roam which you started with fleet c&c as then you can go get some men and capture a starstation lol alot fun then so you can do abit more quickly if you can't do 7+ hours just shooting randow enemys until you get fleet c&c lol i know some people won't like it but then make it a seperate download from a patch then just download it if you want it you know then i don't spoil the game for everyone starting to droneing abit too much but yeah would'nt it be good to add some more option in roam so people can have abit more fun if they want to
  11. ok i can blow up ebemy ground bases (which i do alot haha ) but is they anyway to actually capture/permanantly destroy the base's prefereably capture lol as i am fighting on a planet which i have no actual base and having a outpost on the planet would rock as i could get tanks ready there to blast other places as now i have been doing spec ops (dropping in with 1 tank 5 men and being trying to do as little noticible damage as i can (blowing up sam sites defense turrets landing pad) then coming in with my main ship and blasting everything i got and running off before the some fighters from the nearest base lol please help
  12. ok thanks can you tell me about the portable equipment like the supply station and rocket launcher is there any way to use them i can never seen them in any units diffrent gear sets
  13. i was wondering can you change any marines equipment like give him a rocket launcher or do diffrent troops have diffrent main guns but i've never seen one without a basic rifle + can you get those deployable rocket launchers and supply terms and how do you use them?
  14. i'm am really annoyed now when i get hit past the shield i'm normally got about 1 or 2 systems into 80% damage when i go get the repaired it says it will take 20 mins to repair it a a station and it just starts to irritate after so long is there a way to speed it up or at least make the lazey engineers work lol
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