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  1. hmm.. well.. the whole protecting of INIs by putting encryption and stuff at the top seems really weird to me (and tantalizing.. since so much of it is right there, just can't be changed) but it's true that many games don't allow you to mod them so I don't see why it's particularly surprising that this one doesn't either. I just thought that since all the info on the assets and stuff was sitting right there in the game folder, and looked (on the outside, altho I'm sure it's not really) fairly simple, I thought that meant it could be modified (like Freelancer's INIs, for instance - of course Freelancer was a very simple game, but it had much data just sitting there in INI files) anyway, I'm a little disappointed that the system is closed up so I can't tinker with it (since I love tinkering with things), but mainly only cuz it looked like I would be able to. Thanks for the info. I will probably continue to try to mess around but since I now know I shouldn't expect any help from these forums, I won't bother asking
  2. Yes well that's because I modified it Now the question I have is, how do I get the game to start even though I modified the assets.ini? (I modified a copy I put in mods folder, not the original) Also, is there any infos available at all on mods? I haven't seen any docs or anything on it yet but I am still looking around the site (and the manual, and the docs in the game folders...) the inis look interesting but it doesn't help if it tells me it can't authenticate after I mess around with it ^.^ Any info at all about mods (including whether or not this is actually doable yet) would be greatly appreciated..
  3. Cobras2

    I can't repair my ship

    and of course get Resnig out of the way while you're at it...
  4. Cobras2

    I can't repair my ship

    lol why... as proof that you're not the worst dinner company in the universe?
  5. Cobras2

    I hijacked a landing pad..

    that happened to me once when I was a marine and I drove a tank over a.. umm.. now I can't remember what vehicle (edit: building, not vehicle..) it was. but that was like 10 minutes after I started playing the game so I didn't know what I was doing then (I didn't get a shot or anything.. that was also before I patched it so I don't know if it would still happen now) [ 03-25-2004, 03:32 AM: Message edited by: Cobras2 ]
  6. I see, I see. By the way.. about this mods folder. is there actually much that can be done with mods (code-wise) or is that for more cosmetic things? Is there any place I can read up on the possibilities? Right now I am going to go search the forum so if it's easy to find info on it then just ignore this post, no need to flame me )
  7. Cobras2

    I can't repair my ship

    ok so one question about the Solar panels though.. mine are currently running at 95 (in Logistix, it says "Solar Rector Output: 95" and I have half my stuff turned off so I won't be using all of the power. I also have my nuclear reactor turned off. Now, the only thing is, despite the fact it says I have plenty enough power (95) and I have my "Tactical Systems" "Communication" and "Navigation Systems" turned on, I get "Malfunction" on my displays. Does that just mean that 95 is not enough to actually keep my tactical systems on? If not it's okay since I don't really need them, it's just it's more fun to mess around with my tacops and stuff while I'm sitting there doing nothing (It just seems odd to me that the "maximum power required" is only 82 and my current output is 95? but maybe I'm reading it wrong wait.. I mean.. *probably* I'm reading it wrong haha ) Another related question, and I believe the answer is no but I'll ask anyway, is can you adjust the amount of power your nuclear reactor pumps out? like, setting it to give only a little bit of power and therefore use less radine? It'd be cool if you could but again there's other ways of doing it I guess. (If it's in the manual tell me to RTFM but I didn't see anything about it )
  8. aww man.. now I'm sad.. lol. Is it at all likely that a feature like this will be added some day (maybe even in an expansion pack) or will I have to find one of the myriad other ways of amusing myself in this game? Also, I was looking around the forums and read where some people were suggesting things like being able to put gunships, vehicles, etc into your cargo bay if u have enough room.. is that at all likely to be added or is it just a fond hope? Just wondering.. not as though there aren't already lots of cool things to do (and of course I know dev is plenty busy enough to be taking time adding new features now..).. but I think that would be sweet ---EDIT--- Oh yes.. and one more question.. about the commander; can he fly gunships? ^^^ never mind.. I found a spot where it says he can't no problem that he can't, I was just wondering. ---/EDIT--- [ 03-24-2004, 05:37 PM: Message edited by: Cobras2 ]
  9. Ok so I am wondering, is it possible to dump one of the fighters or vehicles your ship starts off with, and then pick up a different one (like, steal one from a planetary base or something) to replace it with? I know you can tow vehicles, and I know the shuttles can also tow and/or pick up vehicles (as long as the vehicles are part of the ship) so can they pick up vehicles which don't belong to you? especially if you drop off one of your own vehicles to make room for a different one I see no reason why they shouldn't be able to. Also, if it's not possible to just get rid of a vehicle you already have, is it possible to pick up any old vehicle if one of yours is destroyed (therefore leaving whatever facilities were used for that vehicle on your CC empty)? If it's in the manual, please, tell me to RTFM but I have been doing just that since I got the game last saturday and so far I haven't found anything about it And in a somewhat related question, whose answer I think I already know, but will ask anyway, is it possible to have a gunship based on your CC? For planetary ops? I don't think so but I thought I'd ask cause it would be cool if you could. Anyway, just my two cents, so far this game looks absolutely amazing.