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  1. Couldnt you tell if it was a nuclear blast by all the radioactive material blown by the wind?
  2. 1.Didnt France, Russia and America give armements to irag in the first place, when they werent seen as a threat. 2.WMD's are easily availiable since the soviet union broke down (nuclear rods for reactors can be found in fields near bases, these can be used to make dirty bombs) So even if iraq had never started A WMD programme terrorists could still easily make a dangerous bomb. 3.Im not sure if those figures at the start included casualties or kills from other countries militaries.
  3. quote-Hm. Now there's an interesting implication. That it separates "power" from "output" would imply that the two quantities could differ. I never really paid attention to that detail before -- only the min/max/current/available numbers at the end. I suppose this means we need to define what those two guys mean. Since "output" is used also in "current power output" I would take that to be what power is actually dumping onto the electric grid. So that leaves "power". i found out the definition of power snd output (from bc 3000ad manuel) output-amount of power units produced by (nuclear reactor/solar reactor) Power-(nuclear/solar)reactors maximum configuration profile hope it helps, Harlequin
  4. hi,i have been trying to find the hoxdna server and i havent seen it on? do i have to log onto gamespy or do you just need to be logged onto the net?
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