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  1. Sirs, How does one go about becoming a fleet member? Is it invite only or is there an application process? Thank you for your time.
  2. Thanks SC. I should have figured that - I actually researched that one thoroughly
  3. OK, I am wondering if there is a way to view weather conditions on a planet or moon prior to sending a craft down into the atmosphere. I have searched the forums for weather and atmosphere. I have read the appendix and the manual. OPERATING SYSTEM: winXP OS ENVIRONMENT: 1400 x 1050 GAME ENVIRONMENT: 1024 x 768 Windowed, 32bit GAME VERSION: 1.00.02 RC7 GAME TYPE: roam - no npc's CAREER/RACE/CASTE: CMDR / TER / MIL ASSET/LAUNCH BASE: Battlecruiser MK3 QUAD: TERRAN SECTOR: Alpha Centuri / Sector C8 REGION: CENTRIS TARGETS: CENTRIS or MOON-01 or MOON-02 PROBLEM With a planet or moon targeted, I am unable to see the weather in the NID / NIR while in orbit. I have reviewed the manual on page 19: "This provides access to various modes, including navigation, weather display, probe launching, etc." I have reviewed the manual on page 23: "NAVIGATIONAL INFORMATION RELAY (NIR) This mode displays your ship's regional location along with the current game date and time. If in a planet's atmosphere, it also displays your planetary coordinates. The local time indicated in the NID in a craft on a planet is consistent with its position on the planet and game time. The current weather condition is also displayed as well as a weather forecast mode that allows you to be aware of the next predictable weather condition." Two Questions based on this info: 1. does the weather and forecast ONLY display if you are in the atmosphere (i.e. after planetfall)? 2. is there any other way of discerning a planet or moons weather without entering it's atmosphere? Thank you. [ 05-01-2004, 04:28 PM: Message edited by: msteele999 ]
  4. Morning all, I recently had my fighters out on escort duty for a short period of time. I recalled them and the fighter indicators have been red ever since. They show as offline in the launch status. They are not damaged and have a well rested crew. Reactor charges are at approximately 83%. What am I missing? Thanks
  5. OK - I'm going to give my two cents worth. I love this game. I have been seeking a real time, real strategy, realistic game for a long time. I *enjoy* the time spent cruising towards a starbase after hyperjumping to it - let's me get the crew settled in, start repairs, check inventory, enter captain's log entries :-) I enjoyed losing my shuttles on a planet and then reading the manual and asking questions here to figure out how to find them. I think the graphics are awesome - and the interface completely thorough - almost everything can be accessed via the keyboard. AND - it actually runs in a window - so I can mine a planet for hours while doing other things - very realistic. I was not looking for a new quake-engine based first person shooter. I wanted something with depth - and I got it. Kudos to SC (hmmmm - did this come out too Fanboy?)
  6. Hope this one does not sound crazy ... but: - how do I feed my crew - I noticed that anyone sent to the medibay came back with a much lower hunger factor - is this the best way? - I cannot get my medics to stand down and stay OFF DUTY - they are getting fatigued - how do I get them to rest Thanks again!
  7. - Click in the SMD to select it. - use the , (comma) and . (period) to move between pages
  8. Quick question regarding mining drones: - what is the cargo capacity of a mining drone. - how does that correspond to the fraction displayed in the upper right hand corner of the SMD display? Thank you for your assistance. Mark
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