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  1. Just ran across a GUI alignment issue in the Steam release of UCCE 2.0/3.0 Lyrian Conflict (is installed). In load option, I selected UCCE to play (other option is Lyrian Conflict in the steam dialog). At first I was getting a black screen with nothing but the V2.00.03 showing in bottom right corner. I "guessed" and was able to enter options and change my resolution from the default to 1920x1080 and save which reset and then properly showed the visuals for the main menu. However, all the 'hotspots' are off for all commands. Screenshot included.... or not... I am unable to get a screenshot using the prt sc, FRAPs or any other tool I have.. comes out black.. Basically when you mouse over the commands in the main menu screen, the hotspot highlights but it is not over the command rather skewed to the right and down... I am running currently on an ASUS G750vx Gaming laptop, 32 gig memory, Nvidia GTX770m graphics card, Intel 4700HQ i-7 core. (normally I run on a power system, SLI based top end screamer but am currently living the life in my '38 RV so the big rig is stored at the moment) The laptop is recently upgraded to Windows 10 (the ONLY machine I have that I am doing so, sticking with Win7 otherwise). All drivers are current as of this writing including install of DX and other .Net library requirements. My resolution default on this system is 1920x1080 native, 60hz. Let me know if additional info is needed... UPDATE: This problem occurs ONLY if you run UCCE 2.0 and not Lyrian Conflict. I went ahead and ran LC and it runs perfectly, no issues. Not a biggie but wanted to make you aware of the issue if running UCCE 2.0. LOL just got my ass handed to me by insurgents boarding my ship.. Been so long I forgot all about how they love to steal shuttles and load them up with loot etc....
  2. This forum descriptor says general customer support so that is why I posted this message here instead of elsewhere. A day or so ago I posted an issue (in the UCCE tech support forum) when installing the latest patch... and apparently it was deleted. First, I do not appreciate it when that happens and there is no reason given. I have very limited time and access to the internet where I am currently located and wasting my time looking for any advice or information regarding the issue I had became a big waste of time for the limited access I had because it was just deleted.... No reason, no reply. Just gone. I could have better spent this time talking to family instead of wasting it not knowing my valuable access time would be treated with no more importance than an annoyance. With no reason given, the post was deleted. I am not some 12 year old kid. I am 45 years old. If I responded or treated anyone in my unit or ignored or 'deleted' a message to me no matter how trivial it may seem, people would probably not make it home. Sure this is just software and a game to you and I understand you want to control things. But just maybe it is also an escape for some of us from the reality we are facing everyday right now in a place you can only imagine. So when we have an issue, it affects our ability to relax and escape if even for a short time. Having been a customer from day one and being one that only posts when absolutely necessary, I do not like being treated like a child or insulted when my intent was to simply inform and bring to attention an issue. My post was clear and concise in exactly what the problem was AND I posted how I was able to restore the function and use of the game for the purpose of helping anyone else who might run across this issue. I do not care if I am the only one seeing some problems with the current patch and although I have seen other posts about the latest patch I am not worried about them. I am looking only for a resolution to the issue or suggestion about what may cause it because I tried everything I could think of for MY issue I came across... And no matter whether it is something I did wrong or something wrong in the patch/software etc. Even that does not matter. Customers still deserve to be treated with some intelligence and dignity when they buy and support a product and developer and are simply trying to find an answer to a problem. Obviously this not being the tech support forum, I am not going to repeat what the issue was nor the resolution I did use to be able to continue using the software until I could get some help or suggestions. My profile is up to date. The information I posted was clear and contained all information so for what reason it was deleted?! At the very least, it would have been nice to know that. I am sure you can tell I am a bit irritated by this and instead of this post being off offhandedly deleted as well, I would at least appreciate an answer to my comments. I do not hold anger or grudges and I will get over this incident. But I also know being treated with some respect can and will go a lot farther than what happened this time. I have way to much more to worry about here than this. Yet I felt very disrespected by what occurred and for someone like me, honor is something one stands up for no matter how big or small the issue may be. My time on air is almost gone... .I hope I did not waste it again by writing an honest letter and hoping for a reasonable answer. I will not be able to check back until Wednesday night your time, Thursday day where I am located right now as I will be , shall we say, on patrol and will not return from that until then. Sincerely, Malakie-USN (Todd
  3. I re-read all the info on violations. I think you are right in that something got messed up earlier. *grin* Yea I know how far that is. But they do make it. As mentioned, they do come into the sector in a bit and if quick enough, I am able to prioritize them then lock on and follow them. They just never launched anything at the station during the entire scenario. I did go back to previous saves and start from those points. Same result. So now I have started over completely with this campaign. I am following everything exactly as it is supposed to be. Since I already completed most of the campaign, I downloaded a walkthrough and am going to follow that along as well to see if there was anything I missed or did wrong the first time through. It will take me a while again but I will post results when I get to this point again... BTW, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year SC.
  4. That is what I was not figuring out.. The ships that dock in the sector are still counted toward the total number and that is why it seems nothing spawns after a while, if I understand correctly. So to have constant action, one would need to script it specifically. Yea I found the appendix just the other day. I read every manual and could not find any information on the artifacts spawning. Then I happened to glance at the appendix for something else and noticed an artifacts section with the bit of info I needed... In ROAM, artifacts will come available after 3 days game time. Thanks to you and SC for the answers..
  5. And for all of us who have been around since day one, you did and you have. After getting my CE edition, I found myself installing all the older versions for a trip back in time. It was a blast playing the original release again after all these years. It is amazing the progress you made with each successive release. I am not sure how the new titles you are coming out with will fit in my play universe. I am more of a full blown simulation Commander player like BC/UC is. I like controlling fleets and then controlling the assets of those fleets more than I like flying or doing myself. So it will be interesting to see what the new titles bring. If there were two things I would have wished for in UC, it would have been the ability to capture bases on planet. The second thing which did exist for a bit in one of the titles, cannot remember which off the top, was the ability to have space marines fight in space around stations.. that was so cool. Why was that feature ever removed? I never did find out. Watching stations launch marines to counter your marines was actually some of the hardest battles I have played in. Malakie
  6. Crates are great for making money, especially at a critical time. I had one campaign where I was out of parts, out of fuel, miners were only 2% filled and pretty much in a situation. Luckily some enemy cap ships appeared and I was able to get a couple crates. Imagine how glad I was when one of them carried an STO! Millions of creds in value... it saved my career! Yeppers crates still drop! Malakie
  7. Hi SC, Sorry my post ended up in the wrong section. When I posted I actually debated myself whether to post it in Tech support or here.. Was not sure what category to use. I must be missing something though... As I wrote in my message, I have 0 violations but end up with over 11000 of them and ALL experience earned gone. Because the ships never decloak and never attack the station, I have just let my battlecruiser sit there and let time run by without doing anything at all to see what happens for the whole scenario. Same result. I am not attacking anything, nothing gets attacked, pretty much everything just sits there. During the campaign I have pretty much followed the scripted play and have not done anything outside the ordinary. If the mission calls for capture, I capture. If destruction, I destroy. If protect, I protect. I have successully completed all scenarios to this point albeit with a lot of saving and restoring to get there. I am not as well versed with the scripting as you are but from what I can understand after looking at it, I too do not see any glaring problems. This is really bugging the hell outta me now... The script clearly shows the command for the cloaked ships to attack the Starpath station. Yet they don't. During this latest replay I tried something. When you first reload the cloaked ships appear visible for a short time. I was able to add them to the priority list. Using that, I locked each cloaked ship up and followed it. All three move toward the station. When they get to a certain distance they change course to avoid, fly out a ways then turn and approach again. They do this for the entire scenario but not once do they uncloak, open fire or launch any fighters. I have also gone back to the manual but I am not able to locate the information about violations you recommended. Do you happen to remember the section of the manual it is in? Even so, I cannot imagine any way of getting over 11000 violations without doing anything. I cannot even imagine that even if I blew up everything around me, friend or foe in one scenario. But I am not doing anything at all. Just sitting there waiting for time to pass. I know you are extremely busy so don't waste a lot of time with this.. If you feel like it, give me some things to check or try out to isolate this and I will. To be honest, if it were an issue somewhere in the campaign scripts, I just thought you might want to know about it. For the life of me though, I cannot find or figure out anything I did to cause the ships to not decloak nor can I even come up with any idea why I go from zero (0) violations at scenario start to 11000 + at completion of the scenario. Remember also, it DOES tell me I successfully complete the mission, gives me +5000 exp points and a medal. It just adds all those violations, erases the 200,000 exp I already earned and drops my rank. Thus my inquiry into this. Thanks for the help.... Todd
  8. Hi all, A couple questions I have not been able to find answers for.. 1) How does the random ship generation work? It seems that when you enter a sector, for a bit you get quite a bit of random ship spawning. (Both Roam and Campaign) but if you stay in the sector for any length of time, it slowly drops off until nothing spawns at all... Also, does the game engine only spawn in the sector you are in or will it spawn in all sectors, even those you cannot view? & 2) Is it possible to get artifacts while in ROAM? I started a ROAM campaign with the thought I would travel the universe, wipe out all enemy bases including on planets and patrol for any insurgency. Obvioiusly this task is taking a long time. However I have yet to find or locate any of the artifacts at all.. I notice they are listed but greyed out in any stations I visit. Do they become available or are there certain roaming ships that if destroyed will drop them? Thanks for any answers to these...
  9. Hi SC, Finally getting to the point of near completion of this Campaign for the first time ever! Talk about tough.. About the only thing I wish was that there was much more time in between scenarios for 1) getting to the next start location, and 2) more time in between for a bit of repair work or just doing other things... may sight seeing on planets etc. Regardless, I ran into a show stopping issue for the campaign. Stats are as follows: Campaign "The Future is Now" TOD3 m4/5 Sector: Mars/Sol Mission Class: Defense Shield Success: Prevent Starpath from being captured or destroyed. During mission my stats are as follows: Experience: 218708 Violations: 0 Rank: Supreme Commander Onboard guests: Dr. Myan Rolne & Randy Karynia Status: All ships systems fully operational, Full crew compliment, FC3 under repair for faulty computer. Problem: First the cloaked ships that are supposed to uncloak to attack Starpath never de-cloak nor attack the station. Note that I AM in the sector for mission start. Even more serious is at the end of the scenario. When it ends, I get the successul completion message. Then the stats change big time. Upon completion message, changes are as follows: Experience: 5000 Violations: 11529 **HOLY COW Rank: Commander Onboard guests and ships systems remain the same. When this first happened, I had to check to make sure I had not somehow blown up the planet Mars or something by accident! LOL Seriously though, the problem is consistent. The cloaked ships never attack and if you just wait for scenario end, you always end up with 11529 violations, 5000 exp and loss of rank (and fleet command if you have it). Nothing else happens. You can move on to the next scenario at this point.. no court martial or other issues appear from what I can tell. Let me know if you need additional information. I have saved the scenario and started a different career for now until we can get this fixed. Thanks.. (Todd)
  10. Did you ever figure this one out? I am playing UCCE now and on this campaign and I am now in this situation.. I am unable to get the Doctor no matter what I do. Any ideas on this one?
  11. See I got so excited in playing for hours I forgot to come back and tell you it worked! LOL. Thanks again.. Been playing with no problems. Quick question.. when and how often do "random" ships spawn? It seems sometimes the spawning gets real slow until you 'zone' to a different sector then it starts again for a while before falling off again. Most 'red' ships that spawn also seem to be on a bee line to RTB instead of battling it out.. even after you attack them.. Is this a script design issue or the game engine? Starting to try and learn the script language and want to create something that is all out war with a target rich environment that keeps you busy managing not only your battelcruiser but all the stations you control as SC. Including any stations in other sectors from the one you are in... Thus you will need to make smart use of probes to manage other sectors.
  12. I have not tried the Space Marine scenarios... didn't think of those as I am more of a Commander/Fleet player. Since you helped confirm my issue, I try that scenario on my machine and see if I get the same thing.. [EDIT/UPDATE] SC, I can confirm his error as well. A system requester pops up in the background with the exact error as he described for that scenario/mission.
  13. I caught the DX thing.. updated my system.. Been playing for a few hours straight now.. game really is smooth. Love being able to go back and play some of the old campaigns... Got my ass handed to me twice already.. *sigh* I will keep watch here on updates for that campaign/ACM issue.. All others load and run great so it is probably something in the script. If I can help further or notice anything else that might isolate that, I will let you know...
  14. Hi, Just got my copy of UCCE. Looking forward to spending some time with this as I have been with the series since V1.0. Anyhow, runs great with one exception.. Upon loading the ACM, 'The Future is now...' the game CTD's. The point of the CTD is within a second of the loading text saying 'Loaded Ok.....". No warning or errors... Just CTD to desktop. ALL other ACM's seem to be running fine. Possibly a script error in the ACM files? I also cleaned, reinstalled and repatched just to be sure I did not get a bad install the first time around.. Same result. SIG is current, fully updated my system using the DX that came on the DVD.
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