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    Demo Installation issue

    quote:Originally posted by daagon: But I have two copies of the demo, both from the last two issues of PCGamer (the normal one and the PCGamer special). They both do this. I always choose the smallest installation, and I have 1.05Gig left on my Hard Drive. Any more ideas? I kinda had the same problem, the install said I was out of room when I had 16 gig left on the drive. I went into my "windowstemp" folder and deleted everything in it, then the install went fine, don't know if this had anything to do with it but it worked for me
  2. Nostromo

    Discuss the ACM missions in v2.09 here

    Very good SC Grasshopper now in tune with nature.
  3. Nostromo

    Discuss the ACM missions in v2.09 here

    ok I'm up to tod 3 mission 2, I whack 1 zel fighter,2 unknown contacts and install the K. reactor, as the mission ends there's no success message, no fail message, the mission just ends and soon the next mission starts. I replayed tod2-5 and tod3-1 succesfuly to make sure and get the same results on tod3-2.What am I missing to get this one right?