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    No more time for fun, got get cracked on tha book.
  1. SpacePhish

    BCM is officially GOLD!

    Little late but congrat S.C!!!
  2. SpacePhish

    College drop-out sues game companies

    LOL ! this dude tripping...
  3. SpacePhish

    Summit of the Americas

    Burn baby BURN!! -------------------------------------------- I know the law hate me dearly, comin' for me We Outlawsz, thugged out, runnin on E.
  4. SpacePhish

    Wierd General Thoughts

    2Pac is Alive, he faked his death. He might come back in 2003. Not saying HE IS , he could be tho. Alot of his lyrics supports this theory... who knows...
  5. SpacePhish

    USA Vs PRC Part Deux: The Aftermath

    How can American be critical of countries for their BAD human right abuses when the racist police in this country kill/beat/target the minority every single day? I take back my comment the other day about American teaching China a lesson. That was totally wrong, America have any right to do that, who's going to teach the U.S about human right abuses? I'm pissed not just at the crap in Cincinnati. People need to wake up and realize the country they're living in is not as perfect as they think. "I believe that everything you do bad comes back to you. So everything that I do that's bad, I'm going to suffer for it. But in my heart, I believe what I'm doin gi sirght. So I feel like I'm going to heaven" TGupac Shakur, June 1996 [ 04-14-2001: Message edited by: SpacePhish ]
  6. SpacePhish

    U.S.A. versus P.R.C.

    Hey at least the crew is comming home. Quick comment about Chinese goverment: "they suck ass" Forcing crap down the throat of the Tibetan people, killing their own people etc... I hope the U.S will teach the Chinese goverment a lesson. Well, other than that... not much to say on the subject...yeah, I will give Mr.Bush a B+... Peace...
  7. SpacePhish


    Right. I see, don't give me any details, but ARE YOU GUYS actually playing MP!?? It's that under the NDA? Wish I was still in the beta, hey if I didn't have my case study to work on I'd still be on. Damn it all to hell.
  8. SpacePhish


    Just wondering, the internal beta team already playing MP?
  9. SpacePhish

    Guess whos birthday it is today?

    HAPPY Birthday S.C!!!!!
  10. SpacePhish

    BCM pre-orders page at Electronics Boutique

    When can I order with my discount(since I have the beta) or can I pre-order with my discount? Sorry, I'm not in the known since I did not sign up for beta phase ii Doh!! Just figured it out... [This message has been edited by SpacePhish (edited 03-15-2001).]
  11. SpacePhish

    Picture taken from the new spacestation

    NICE!! quote: Would agree w/ most of the dark spots, the one that I wonder about is China.... 1/4 to 1/2 the population of the world is supposed to live there yet, they seem the darkest. I think Tibet is located in the Dark spot. It's a not very modernized, I know I been there. My guess it's the majority of the population are gathered on the east coast, not outa to prove you wrong, just my 2 cent. quote: But when you look at the populous India... Don't they have the highest people per sqr miled density...??? I LOVE EARTH
  12. SpacePhish

    BCM Beta Preview at Computer Games Online

    GO S.C GO!!! Damnit, I got jet again... peace, always with ya... P.S Don't care how busy it may get, I'm buying a copy!
  13. SpacePhish

    Request Political Asylum

    Weird but VERY COOL!! Welcome!
  14. SpacePhish

    dev diary update

    Yep. I'm too busy this semester to hang around but you know I'm still with ya... Can't wait...
  15. SpacePhish

    I be back in a few dayz...

    I'm quite busy right now so I don't have much time to spend on this board. things should settle down in a couple of days. Till then I won't be playing or testing the beta, so DON'T kick me off the beta just because I'm not around PLEASE... BTW I got a Geforce2 ULTRA for Christmas Peace...