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  1. Sure why not. What time tho (school's over but I still gota work )? Anytime after 11 is fine. Yeah, the SP rocks! These planetmoon guys are hella funny, they crack me uuuppp...
  2. COOL! This game rocks. MP kind buggy right now hopefully the patch will fix it.
  3. Citizen Kabuto, anyone want to play? Contact me...
  4. damn that's some funny **** (re: photo) In a none offensive way... Peace. Update: I really respect the man! He risked his life to fight in the war. I respect that, it's the fact in that photo he is pointing the gun at himself, it's kind funny looking, that's all. Respect! [This message has been edited by SpacePhish (edited 10-17-2000).] [This message has been edited by SpacePhish (edited 10-18-2000).]
  5. Nice debate you all quote: rattler were you a national guardsman? He was Navy...
  6. Everybody CHILL OUT! Respect each other's POVs. We are on the same team you know! BC3K baby! See ya, I'm going out for some fresh air. Nobody is wrong! Respect that...
  7. quote: SpacePhish, don't even begin to try and define what's happining with a trite song by a drugged out rasta from a little island in the Atlantic. Jumping a too little quickly to conculsion there now aren't we. I mean if I actually said a BOB marley song could *define* what is happening I would have said so. But I did not. You know how sometimes songs just pop into your head, and in this situation it was apporiate because there is actually like a war going on. I enjoy his music, but in this situation I don't see what MUSIC have anything to do with it. I mean if everybody judged other people like you just did then we would have this middle east crisis all over the world... I also get the vibe that you think I'm NOT taking this seriously. This thing is very damn serious, people are freakin dying... quote: a drugged out rasta At least he was a happy drugged out rasta. why you mean the beatles were not drugged out? What about Henderix? The rolling stones? I like BOB's music so much better, with the exeception of Henderix. Hell, I rather listen to rap. They talk about killing and stuff *shock* what does that make them? We live in a shocking world, live with it. I don't like what's happening in the middle east, but what can I do? NOTHING. I'm sorry, this post is suppose to be about "war in the east...". Well if you are offeneded, well you offeneded me. Again, I'm sorry. quote: little island Yeah with lots poverty and violence. whatever man... [This message has been edited by SpacePhish (edited 10-13-2000).] [This message has been edited by SpacePhish (edited 10-13-2000).] [This message has been edited by SpacePhish (edited 10-13-2000).]
  8. I agree with both ShoHasi and Gallion. This whole middle east *crisis* is wacked. But then again it's been that way 4000-5000 years(I'm been studying that of the world in w.civ). Condolances to the famillies of those deceased aboard U.S.S Cole. Violent Terriosts suck. For some reason this whole things reminds me of that bob marley song... "War in west, war in the east, war up north, war down. Everywhere is war."
  9. Sorry a quick off topic qustion. How's the AntiAlias with B.C??? Does it make BC3k look better or what? If so, I must get v5!!
  10. DeusEx rocks. I'm haven't finished it yet. I got all the way to the Paris level, then some-how my winshz got wacked and I had to reformat. Maybe I'll get around going back through the damn levels again. It's a long GAME, well worth the 39 bucks. Theif2 must get... For now, it's back to the Pacific, steel panther rocks!
  11. Guess I better pitch in before any spoilers are posted... I'm on the 4th level, the one after the tomb-robbin level. Cool stuff, glad I picked it up . I been screwing around with old school game lately, switching bettween bc3000, steel panther WAW(this game is da bomb!), thief gold, and openGL prg guide 3rd edition .
  12. Yo check this out. In the game design fourm on gamedev.net under the name When will I find a game like this available. I posted something about BCM and the responses is pretty good. If you want get in there and say something postive...about da game yeah baby I ain't got no class today and drinkin hella coffee... perfect way to start the day. http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/to...&M=False&S=True
  13. Yeah I heard about Combat Mission, it totally rocks... going to get it soon.
  14. Hey any heard this before? World War Online Sounds cool, nice screen-shots, but could they really pull it off? 1000 player in a persistent universe, 4 different career path, one hugh-ass world. I will probably get down and dirty as an paratrooper, maybe a marine. I'm keeping my eyes on this one ya'll.
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