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  1. BINGO! I think you are right. I had a lot of my Bridge officers off duty. I will try this tonight...thank you!
  2. I DID restock my missles and it didn't help. They remain red. Do I have to physically reload the missles? I assign pilots and flight crews, they stay red. I ran my fighters down to single digit charges, but they should still turn yellow when readying, right? I allocated power to the chargers and the fighters aren't damaged. The one that was, I had no problems repairing, but it wouldn't ready. I have to be missing something and I can't think of it.
  3. I would have posted this in the newbies forum, but it seems to be gone. Anyway, I am having problems readying fighters. If I run out of STS missles, they don't seem to want to ready. I have put pilots in the ships, they are 100% functional, thier charge is low though. I have made sure that the charger is powered in logistics for the ship, but I can't seem to ready the fighters. What am I missing? Thanks. Please don't be snotty, I have read the manual and two faqs. I can't find the answer.
  4. I lost the map/keyboard guide. How can I get another?
  5. First I am playing BCMG. march patch 01.04 I believe. Is this the latest? I have some overall general questions that I hope vets can answer. I have started playing a campaign, using a warmonger. There is no research officer. I see in the fourth or fifth scenario, I should have a research officer to make use of an artifact. Should I be playing with a carrier that has the complete compliment of officers? Also, what is the best way to play the game? Should I start from the top down as a commmander and progressing to grunt or the reverse? Are there campaign differences for each of the different levels? Should I play from the bottom up? Also, I found the bc3000 tutorial that someone recommended for newbies, but the tutorials don't seem to be the same. I mean for example. If I left click on a blank space on the bridge, a command menu doesn't open. Does the faq translate well to BCMG? Also, I need to register the game here so that I can post a tech question. How exactly do I do that? I have the number off of the CD case. I lost my map/command card and need to get a replacement. Also, the game exits out to the OS if I destroy a starbase. I am playing on a dell inspirion laptop with logitech attack 3 joystick. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yeah, I had trouble with this too initially. Just go into the planet view (name?), add a waypoint to deploy drone and use setpos. Then launch the drone. I've only dropped drones on moons and they drop the drone off quick and return...even if I am across the system. I tried deploying a drone to a planet once and it took forever. Also to recover the drone, do the same thing except use the Extract Drone 1 and 2 orders. Then setpos near the drone. Had a LOT of problems with that one, until I did the above.
  7. Noob here. I just finished playing in roam mode for about a week so that I could get the hang of the game. Now I am in the campaign and it's a lot of fun. What's the point of playing in roam mode when you have the campaign to play? I mean, are there still things to find in roam like artifacts and stuff? Just wondered what you guys that know how to play generally do in roam mode.
  8. Ah, that was it. I left my SC to loiter around, the mining site.
  9. Thanks, I found it. I just wasn't looking in the right place. I thought there would be a larger display showing the percentage. Dumb me. Sorry. Can you load more than one drone on a SC?
  10. Let me clarify the directions I got. tactical/loadout/sc/#/drone It says drone not on sc. Also, can I load multiple drones on a shuttle? I keep seeing 1 and 2, but it seems to just toggle. Yes, I removed the AFV. Thanks for the patience.
  11. I am able to deploy a mining drone and pick one up (after taking forever). Is it normal for the shuttle to fly past the drone multiple times before picking it up? Anyway, I was told that to see how full the mining unit is, is to check the drone button for the shuttle craft. But when I do, it says that it's not on the SC. How do I check to see how full the drone is? I can see the detailed inventory in the video, but I can't determine how full it is. Help me out, please.
  12. I just got this game and saw that the next iteration was out. Seemed like to me all the online reviews I read, were VERY unkind. Should I stick with BCMG that has been patched and redone or is it worth the upgrade to the newer
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